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  1. The Turkey Trial Update not only put Tamed DInos in the list, it put my Rafts and motorboats. Very odd and Broken. You can click on each Tamed DINO or ITEM and they will go away until you turn off the game and turn it back on. It Pulls the data from your entire Tribe. So any dino you have out, will show. This is a very ANNOYING thing. I hope Wildcard will fix this soon. I did a Video on my Youtube channel, Kaazoo71 Games but this is just a TEMP Fix.
  2. Liopleurodon Increased buff timer from 30 minutes to 6 hours If anyone cares about this, I wanted to see if they actually updated this on 7/30. My game ran the update and my server ran the update. I got on Ragnarok and tamed a Liopleurodon and the timer immediately showed 30 minutes. Don't waste your time on this as it's still pretty much the most useless dino in Ark and now it's got an "non update" that still makes it just as useless. Maybe what they meant was it gives you the buff after riding it for 6 hours. That could be possible but I wouldn't know because after it did its van
  3. Lilmill I play single player or with my daughters on our own server. Playing PVP with a bunch of griefers is no fun. If you want to play with others on official. try the PVE ones. Those are not bad.
  4. I'm so mad that Wild Card changed this I totally forgot about rare flowers. Thanks.
  5. Side effect of increasing their drag weight, as it affects both being able to be carried and being able to be bola-ed. We like to tame the Procoptodon for fun. I'm not sure how to do that now except chase it around and hope you can drop it. Very Strange concept for a Wild Card Fix.
  6. Now to top off this madness of not being able to carry the a Gallimimus or Procoptodon ,Wildcard decided to add the special feature of not being able to BOLA them either.
  7. Please Wildcard fix this. You keep fixing all these Genesis bugs but have still not fixed the events that broke when you release Genesis. Or did you do this on purpose?
  8. It's just the S+ Feeding Trough. Darn Wild Card update messing something we use up again. Had to change them to normal feeding troughs as that Green is ANNOYING.
  9. I just got on and went to three glitches and they all work like they are suppose to work. Odd.Yesterday none of them would work.
  10. I will let you know. Not on Genesis right now but will get on and try it later today
  11. I'm having the same issue on my private server. One glitch finally showed the E so I could fix it. Dazz what does SPAM E mean?
  12. I use arkservers.io and this is 100% a Wild Card Issue. I tried several events and even loaded the command line myself and none of the colors are showing up. I emailed arkservers.io to see if they knew of this and got this response. Events are pretty much broken currently. Wildcard pulled out almost all of the assets for them with Genesis' release.
  13. Just so you know, Wild Card broke the events when they released Genesis. I pay for unofficial servers and asked them about this yesterday. Here is their response. Events are pretty much broken currently. Wildcard pulled out almost all of the assets for them with Genesis' release.
  14. Same on my unofficial servers. I left it on and up until yesterday, Raptor Claus was still working. I did a Dino wipe and Gacha Claus is there, but no raptor Claus. I bet they took it out with that very small update this morning.
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