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  1. Beware the packs of 100+ raptors on Valguero and huge flocks of Fire Wyverns on Ragnarok. Not sure the was intentional , but they are there.
  2. kaazoo71

    Ark Alien

    Ark Alien Just a thought on a new Ark game. How about one based on another planet. The story could be "sent to this ark with alien plants and animals to see if life could survive if earth was not able to be taken back." You could use the same format but have all new animals and plants and buildings. Maybe even new tools and harvesting equipment.
  3. I'm glad they actually used this idea and made it so we could craft them in drops, supply crates, and obelisk. Thanks for putting this up and Thank you Wild Card for listening.
  4. I love this idea. Refrigerated Metal Trough that shows a range. Yes Pleas.
  5. I was thinking maybe they don't want to add it to make it more difficult for players on PVP to advance to all metal structures. Either way, I would love it the Anklyo could be used like the Doed.
  6. Undo Last Placement Option I appreciate the item pick up option you added recently and improved in Homestead. The issue I have is placing an item when it's highlighted in green but once placed it snaps where another item is and breaks the other item. So you have to pick up the item you placed and remake the broken one. I can't count the number of stone walls I've had to remake.
  7. To both your post. Yes, 100% with most of it. The Icthy doesn't just steal from the last slot like the pego. It takes what it wants and it usually wants all your narcotics. I carry them in split stacks just to avoid losing a stack of 100. My daughter would like a command to kill them all, all the time. She hates them also. I like them in the game but I think they should not eat what they take. I think we should not only be allowed to hunt them down (like we can) but also recover our stuff after we destroy their cold dead carcass. Also, I would love an option to remove any dino we don't want in the game. We would only remove this one, but the option would be nice.
  8. I agree with you on this. I've died right by my tribemate and they couldn't find me. It would be really helpful with a locator also as someone else suggested. This would help if the game crashes and boots you (but you are still alive) and a tribemate could find you and protect you until you got back on.
  9. Also, if it's a PVP thing, maybe just make it work on Single Player or PVE.
  10. The region painting on Dino' would be awesome. Like using the Paint Sprayer on structures. We could use the Paint Sprayer on Dinos.
  11. I see you are investigating the Trike Charge. I hope you figure it out soon. It DOES work on my Aberration Server. It doesn't work on my single player Island, The Center, or Crystal Isle. I didn't try it yet on my Ragnarok server.
  12. Not sure how to vote but Random Colors. Would love the have the Fear Event this year.
  13. I agree. I've always wondered why this is not part of the Ankylosaurus. It would be a great help. At least on Single player if they didn't think it fair on PVP or PVE.
  14. I would 2nd this. I hate throwing down a mount to check it's inventory.
  15. In the past I've played Mod maps on Single player and they created a separate save files. Months ago after an update (not sure which one) the mods started saving in "The Island" save folder. It would be nice if the did separate folders like The Center, and Ragnarok as well as the paid expansions (Extinction, Scorched Earth, and Aberration). If someone else suggested this or noted this as an issue, I'm sorry. I'm not great a digging on this site to find them.
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