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  1. The new trike looks awesome! Agreed it needs to be bigger though and I really hope it gets new animations. Keep up the great work!
  2. I try to respect people's opinion but holy crap... I absolutely cannot believe a couple people think the old raptor looked better... the old model doesn't even come close to looking good, let alone better.
  3. The new raptor looks absolutely amazing! I hope all raptors can use the vocalization on command without a pack and its just the alpha that gives the buff. Allos need to be this way too.
  4. Agreed, I'm fine with the rex, but Spino, Allo, and Carno are literally unusable for me because of their ridiculously loud footsteps. Carnos got changed a while back, but then the loud ones got brought back for some reason. This is game breaking for me and some of my friends seeing as these are some of our favorite creatures but they're too annoyingly loud to enjoy. If we can't all agree then I again suggest a footstep volume slider, which is needed regardless because while a lot of other creature footsteps aren't as bad as these, they are still a little overdone and annoying at times.
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