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  1. Maybe this ... But it is a per dino type thing so quite tedious to set up ...... DinoClassDamageMultipliers=( ClassName="<classname>", Multiplier=<multiplier> ) TamedDinoClassDamageMultipliers=( ClassName="<classname>", Multiplier=<multiplier> ) classname = string multiplier = float Default 1.0 Multiplies damage dealt of specific dinosaurs via classname. Higher values increase the damage dealt. Dino classnames can be found on the Creature IDs page. The examples provided here are split into multiple lines for space considerations. In the configuration file, an entry must be placed on a single line. Multiple DinoClassDamageMultipliers and TamedDinoClassDamageMultipliers entries can be specified in the file, but ClassName values should not be repeated across multiple entries.
  2. The peeps that build around / on a character spawn point should be strangled at birth - not drowned! This is the #1 reason I gave up trying PVE on official. I cannot count the number of times I have spawned in a new character to a new (to me) map, and spent the next x hours respawning and respawning and respawning because I could not walk / jump / crawl / swim my way out of sprawling huge bases into the bigger map.
  3. LOL - it dont look very promising do it !!!!
  4. ESP and Aim Bot is very difficult to "prove" ... If you guys went through 3 months of being Ok and then got messed up - Is it no just a case of "They found me" and came hard at you? Multi tribe having a go at your lot all at once is a clear "broke" of the small tribes plan. But were I still on official I would have no clue on how to proceed that!
  5. This! Small tribes is HARD, and you would do better on a normal PVP server (even as a single guy)
  6. OP is no so much interested in the history of the game: OP is talking about buying a game (new), and playing the game NOW. And achieving the "objectives" of the game in a reasonable time frame. Most games on the market, one can fight through that lot lot in, lets guess, like a month of Real Life time. Brilliant - good game, good Return On Investment in the game. Ark - specifically as it is marketed as an On Line game - with official servers - really does not fit this footprint. There is NO way that a new purchaser of Ark can do all that ascendant stuff within (like) a month and then say "cool, I had a good game" . So to blather on a bit, Ark for peeps that bought into the beta stuff a million years ago, and lived through all the enormously exciting map change this and dino release that is a very different person to a relatively new "kid on the block". NO disrespect intended to any peeps including OP !!!!!!! its a game and it is now what it is - the question that (I think) OP is asking is "Why is this game so difficult to WIN when one starts from scratch" And that is a legitimate question - disregarding all of the years of breed this and sell that and etc.
  7. The simple answer of turning down "render distance" for stuff (like trees and leaves and etc.) on a client machine is the fist way to "cheat". After that is fiddling with .ini settings to remove a bunch of that same render stuff. None of which is really a cheat - because maybe your machine cannot deal with the complex rendering for a "full game" experience - so WC allows it to happen. And then one gets to real cheats ..... Very difficult (from a victims POV) to draw a distinction. My personal (like a year in the past) experience is there is no where to build an undetectable base. Overground the .ini "hack" will betray you, and underground (in a cave or whatever) is too well known. It is (was) possible to have a cache of stuff stowed well underwater that you can kick start from - but base or really significant kit - No!
  8. @SarahMonette I guess this is a "game balance" kinda thing. Given the really MAD levels of bred dinos out in the official realm, maybe the timers here were not set long enough :) - But I wholeheartedly agree - this is the one aspect of "doing stuff" that is waaay beyond a casual gamer, and maybe beyond even a dedicated single dude trying to make their way to ascension on official!
  9. This !!!! To be sat waiting for a bunch of pixels to become randy is just wrong Brooding fowl can be quickly induced to breed again if their eggs are removed, mammals can be quickly nudged back into estrous if their babies are removed ... The timers in relation to hatching times are silly.
  10. From the article (which I admit to scanning and not really reading) I don't believe that the "plan" is to be able to re-import the NTF stuff to Ark? There was explicit talk of exporting kit to a new kind of server / world / whatever. So more like @GrumpyBear's idea of a digital photo / video record of achievement and not so much introducing $ transactions to the base game Ark. May have the wrong end of the stick here though.
  11. There may be some merit to this for a new game that is built explicitly such that each contributor to creating a level 3000 Giga is written into its history (or digital ledger). So Wild Card (maybe) deserves an entry because they created the model and animation and etc. Although one could argue that having sold and taken money for the game, Wild Card no longer can claim any entry to the ledger. Then the guy(s) that tamed the thing get an entry. Hang on though - if its a team effort, with one bloke doing the feeding and another doing meat runs or kibble fetch, who gets what and which proportion of "ledger entry". Or lets say one guy shot the thing with 42 arrows, but another guy shot exactly one arrow, which knocked the creature out..... Then there is breeding and mutating and so forth. Once again, does the guy that only does meat runs for the hatchlings get an entry? Is it a tribe share kinda thing? Or only the dude that actually imprinted the baby. And so on .... To take kit that has been out in the wild (if you pardon the pun) for many years and try to now reverse implement a chain of ownership on current stuff in the game is impossible.
  12. My first port of call is doing a "Validate Game files" .... Stuff inside of Ark often gets corrupted / lost - and reacquiring the damaged or missing programs often fixes stuff. The detail in your screen shot seems to be on about network stuff - are you trying to run a sever or a normal game, because if a server you may have messed up your nat / port forward stuff. That has broken me prior to now.
  13. If that is at "hatching" stats before leveling then I guess you will WASTE all of the Island bosses.
  14. Different strokes for different folks: I hated Aberration (with the next "least favorite" being Gen 1). But its all around $. A season pass used to give access to upcoming maps, and for Ark 1 that ain't a thing any more. So if you really want the map - see how the $ works with what you have and want ....
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