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  1. Yeah - surface area - so like the floating islands with land underneath count double ....
  2. Looks like either your disk is silently failing, or you have some kind of virus. The message "Entry Point not found" in any executable indicates that this .exe file broken/corrupted. And something in your case is consistently breaking it. Either because the OS persists in writing the newly downloaded .exe to the same faulty sectors on your drive or because you have a virus that is busting this .exe. Maybe try a CHKDSK /f on your drive (you will have to boot to let it do its business)
  3. It could just be a preset on your toon that makes YOU look fast and furious ... Or as JoeBlow sez - Advertising PAYS!!!
  4. As above AFK is real - thats like 5 Years or working life ..... And the game ain't that much older than 5 years
  5. 2 weeks = 336 hours - Whats wrong with you dude, why you sleeping 11 hours in a fortnight? Thats just not up to scratch
  6. Change the "keyboard language" in your OS (I assume windows and cause you type english pound sign, I assume you are conflated between having a UK & have a defined US keyboard)
  7. On the action wheel (again in english) there is a "Behavior" & there you can set "Wander" on or off. That will allow the dino to walk freely in your enclosure. Be aware if he can walk / fly out of your enclosure he will!
  8. What maps you have? I've stumble across a good couple in the Scorched Earth and the desert in Crystal Ilse (which is weird cause there ain't no big trees there). But Island Red Woods is almost guaranteed - just lay waste to whatever you see to force a re-spawn (not just thyclos) (If on single player - cheat & do KillAllWildDions)
  9. What dino & what saddle? What Map? What platform (PC, X-Box ...)? Note you must put the saddle in the special saddle point in the dino's inventory, not just in its main inventory. (Sorry dude I can barely read french and not write it at all)
  10. 7 votes .... Maybe all are waiting for Ark 2?
  11. online - This is the answer ..... Private or Single player - either the Vulture or the dragonfly - cause they do random stuff that cannot be predicted!
  12. The list was built (and updated) a while ago......
  13. You both wrong - it aint killed by 123, it's killed by Lvl 450 Mana!!!!! LOL
  14. 60k / 1400 rocket damage = like 45 rockets ... Something is wrong! Either you missing (looks like you on single player - have you got damage numbers turned on?) or something else is messing you up!
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