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  1. i caught two tek qwetzes on Valguero - around the green beacon. They were low level though, like 50 - so not worth the effort if you looking to breed.
  2. GiveExpToPlayer PlayerID xxx 0 1 Get player ID from the admin screen - ShowMyAdminManager xxx depends on your XP multiplier setting, for me on x 3 x XP 46000 gets you to roughly level 70
  3. Let slip the turkeys of war :) (sorry you lost all your stuff ... but it is kinda funny)
  4. My hardware, my internet, my electricity, my knowledge that enables setting up an ARK server(s), my TIME adminirtating the server(s). Sure I can (and by the way do) give it away. But I can also charge a fee. This is dodgy though - "Or harass players into paying a surcharge for protection against trolls and/or being kicked after they have well established on that unoff server? " State a fee up front, not hook a guy and then hold him to ransom! Unfortunately, probably also legal - just not very ethical.
  5. I guess you will have to "hack" the .ark saved game. To my knowledge there is no parameter that you can set anywhere in the startup or .ini files. There is on the web a java app that will decode the .ark into a huge jyson string - you coould start there - but it may prove to not be worth the effort.
  6. I also have been playing this game since June 2015. And yes despite the glitches here and there, despite the changing game mechanics over time, despite the waking up to a respawn screen, and despite the really different way that a raided party will now come at you , it was and is FUN!!!!
  7. Pumping speed on a Ptera and flying accross the island before my coffee got cold The time when my cluster of 6 Dillos wacked a rex with one of they still living :) Before breeding when wild caught things actually meant something
  8. PS Valguero is OK and fun because of a lot of new bits to explore, but Rag is still probably a better map to kick off from
  9. True, but then you don't get to interact with other peeps - good or bad ........... Yeah the bad is bad, but the good is pretty fine!
  10. I ain't played "real" online for a good while (like a year), but I like the comment by ForzaProiettile Been running my own cluster of maps for mates and family. Small Tribes is cool - there is a way forward withouth the bad old grind of making progress. And whilst it is a much more competative environment than the official open servers with mega this and alpha that(where you just get stomped - no questions asked), its a bunch of fun. Also there are happy people on Small Tribes that will help a new starter despite all the posts around "Toxic" Depends on what you want - to mess around a bit after work and get some joy, or to build a magalopolis to beat all on the server ............ My answer, Small Tribes. (actually, I may even join up with you if you decide to go there - pm me)
  11. Griffin works most times if you got enough stamina .... Except when the Qwetz finally goes to sleep over water, in a Gigas mouth, somewher else bad. Tappie with the whistle commands is waaaay too much like hard work
  12. No Idea, but I imagine LOTS. I ain't played in the sea for a long time, but Megladons were very squishy. A barryonyx could and would take flocks of them, and Megladon vs Sarco was always the Croc that wins ............ Maybe a whole bunch od Megaladons with high stats? but even then, maybe not. Its kinda like sending raptors to go a Giga - no way (unless things have changed a lot)
  13. Sounds like firewall / networking issues: Has your ISP, router, means of connection changed over the while? You say messing around with Anti Virus, have you tried to join with the AV disabled? There was a comment in one of the change logs that talked about Overhaul of Networking Code (think it was v 301?) Maybe that has broken stuff for you, in which case a ticket might help ... but given my experience with tickets - maybe not :)
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