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  1. I got this right as recently as June this year. It was however on my private server that I could shut down when I got tired of the wait! As above, cryo of the babies is the answer to on-line. One pig is mostly enough - although their healing is glitched, so I generally have 2 pigs, with one being an emergency reserve if babies are close to death and the active pig is not doing his business. As above the more babies being raised, the more the pig will deplete his food so a high food stat is the answer. And better try this only with high level babies so that there is a margin of error in th
  2. I lodged a ticket (with no response after like 3 weeks time). For me if I went into the "Transfer to another Server" dialog, and then cancelled out the engram came back. BTW I I was on an official Rag server, so it ain't to do with the map.
  3. Spawn Dino is a "cheat" or admin command and so should not be available on Small Tribes - if you talking official "Small Tribes"? In all events (if I remember correctly) you can only give a level to the Spawn DIno command - there are no stats involved in the spwan command. So you gets what you gets ......
  4. I guess you got the MS version - not steam ... Ask Microsoft!
  5. I agree!! (I speak under correction - but I think the big difference between raw sockets and steam is that raw sockets talk directly between the server and client. With steam there is periodic connections to steam server to "verify" the server client validity)
  6. Yeah, but it the actual gain is still much too small to get a Dimorph anywhere near what they used to be able to do. I have put ALL levels into an imprinted Dimorph (sure not specifically bred - but still a lot of levels) , and a sprinting Arget still leaves them in the dust. Not useful.
  7. My view - but I ain't been online for a loooong time time! I've done OK for a while on Rag with a raft - but eventually got wasted. Rag is nice to play, but I think the Center is a better map for hide and seek (the up and down terrain makes looking for a base a mission, not just a fly-over). Never thought as far as as a Qwetz base on-line. Ain't those guys too big to do the hiding thing? Purlovia's are damn useless since detectors (like Paras) were introduced. And foliage / trees / hidden spots are damn useless cause of the .ini hack that sjskdjkfa talks about. I got wasted nigh
  8. In the bad old days those guys out flew turret targeting. Untouchable!
  9. Speed - can't level speed .......... (not so as it counts any more)
  10. The dude in the video sez it wrong - as the peeps here tried (a lot) to point out, the 0 level female can contribute (at a much lower % chance) a mutation TO THE BABY never mind the Male's stats or mutation count. This is possibly (probably) unintended - but get over the video statement the the Parent gets mutated! That's dead wrong and does not occur! Further - whether or no one views this as an exploit (yeah read "unintended game mechanic"), as I said above - there is no good way for WC to fix this short of an Ark fork with clean servers. It has gone on for too long to just stop the mec
  11. Problem is (as many people above have said) it takes a very long time in the real to get your super dino. And by the time its out there, how can the developer fix it? Stop the mechanic, then anyone with an existing badass line is king. Stop the mechanic, and nref all the bred dinos, I can hear the screams from across the world without needing headphones! It would make the months of forum shouting when flyers were nerfed look like a sunday school picnic. Unfortunately I think Wild Card painted its self into a corner. Also unfortunately, OP is lost before he started - because the
  12. Yeah I agree the red letter shout don't much help his cause! However - none of us has sight of the specification that defines breeding and mutation in ark: So it is opinion - and not a fact like 1+1 = 2. As per my first post there is reason to believe that this is an "unintended" game mechanic, and can therefore be classed as an exploit.
  13. OP is not delusional - he simply has a view, which clearly differs from your view :)
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