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  1. my question is why don't you just play the game constantly and get all the updates
  2. I think the Carchar would be slightly smaller than a giga and would rip flesh out of their prey. They could probably pick stuff up with their mouths as well as do a tailwhip or ground stomp.
  3. when can we get news on the Carchar its bean a month or two since it was anounsed
  4. how do so many people think this game is dead it has near 70,000 people on the game and plus if you play on console or pc the number of people on servers is different because the game is not cross console so there could be more people on console i play PC and Xbox and whenever i look for a server i cant get into one because they are full.
  5. Also there are thousands of servers across the 11 different maps that ark has not to mention the fact that there are people that play host/local because they don't like playing multiplayer.
  6. I'm glad to see another person who thinks that the game is still alive and well cause i think we can all agree it is a grate game that only gets better as time goes on.
  7. a dead game is a game that has very few if any players ark has thousands of players and with every new update more and more people join the ark community. Ark is a pretty popular game and ark 2 might build upon the sucsess of ark 1 bringing many more players and being an overall more popular game than ark 1.
  8. Ark is far from a dead game just because you dont like something doesnt make it dead
  9. lets do it i think its a great idea
  10. The alamosaurus is a giant herbivore that lives in redwood forests and ocasionaly feeds on beehives and is compleatly amune to their stings. they can get on their hind legs and then come down on the ground with enough force to disorient people and creatures and send stones flying into their enemies. Their saddle can hold up to 7 people and you can set up different turrets on the turret attachment points on the saddle it also has multiple smithes and a small industrial forge. They can use the spikes on the sides of their bodys to slam into any creature beside them. They can be tamed with honey or rare mushrumes that grow on the sides of red wood trees.
  11. Deinocheirus Time:Late Cretaceous Diet: omnivore Temperament: docile...? The deinocheirus is the largest omnivore that I have ever seen.They are slightly larger than a rex and much bulkier. They have two extremely dangerous weapons: first they have their sharp boney beek that can rip through flesh and bone; the second is its massive bulky arms tipped with razor sharp claws. They will eat anything from berrys to fish, they especially love prime fish meat. They can roar that stuns anyone in range and buffs any allies in range. They can run relatively fast for their size and can run faster than rexes. They have feathers on their arms and tail. Males are much bigger than females. The biggest difference between the one on the ark and the one from the fossil record is that the one here on the ark is much bigger and bulkier. They are not particularly aggressive unless a predator the size of a rex or bigger is neer any dino smaller than a rex is scared of this guy. After you tame this guy you can equip a saddle that can hold 4 people and has a pair of small machine gun turrets on the sides.
  12. thanks. plz share with your firends and post dinosaurs.
  13. You have to pay for the story Dlc'S Scorched earth, Aberation, Exticntion and gen 1 and 2. The Dlc's like Rag, val, and Lost islands are free and so will Fjiorder
  14. I understand that but i would like this to get popular so mabey they will see it and take it into consideration.
  15. And the torvasaurus which would live in forests and jungles. They are bigger than an allo and faster than the fastest rex while having similer strength. They can be tamed by earning their trust which you can do by protecting their nest, protecting their babys, or helping them hunt. Once tamed they are great war mounts being fast but strong. They have a nerower jaw so they can bite faster as well as dash tward enemys/prey. They work well with rexes and other large carnivores and gives them a damage buff when around them.
  16. The first creature i will suggest is the Wiehenvenator. This formitable dino would live on islands or coustal areas mainly feeding on any mediam or small dinos. They would be a bit smaller than an allo and would be as faster than a rex. They would have the ability to do a bite attack that could be charged for more damage as well as a claw slash. They would have a saddle that would refrigerate meat. You would tame them by putting prime meat into their mouth when they charge up their bite. They would have two saddle types the normal saddle that refrigerates meat and an armored saddle that would have a machean gun turret mounted at the back of the saddle that would be controled by a second rider.
  17. I miss when WC would add new real Prehistoric creatures every few months this is a community vote. This is a suggestion system you can up vote the dinos that people submit and hopefuly WC sees this and does it.
  18. This is my last sugestion but i think the dino that needs a tlc the most is the dilo. I would love to see a dilo that is the size of a carno and can be ridden. Honestly i think the dilo needs some love so wildcard please give it to them. Mabey a slightly changed model and a size up is all they need.
  19. Well i get that but we havent even gotten a dosseir for them and Im exited for that.
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