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  1. "And then he turned himself into a remaster, funniest thing I've ever seen!" Heyo, ZCI5250 here! You may recognise me as one of the artists for The Sunken World. Our beloved amphibious writer ashgcy is off on vacation at the moment, so I will be your host for this edition of the Sunken Scoop! In this scoop, we will be showing off some sneaky screenshots of our delightful aquatic friends frolicking about in ASA! These were taken on our private testing branch, and some things may change with the official release! As mentioned in the previous scoop, we do not have a planned release date. However, we have gotten past the major hurdles that came with porting, so all that's left to do is playtesting and bug fixing. As long as the creatures dont come up with another escape plan, you can expect to see TSW Additions on the in-game Mods tab very soonTM! If this is your first time diving into the deep end, we are a dedicated team of individuals who are looking to spruce up the ocean biome in the same way that Scorched Earth offered a unique, biome specific challenge to survival. With new creatures, resources, structures, items and more, all set on a huge custom map, we're looking to give ARK's oceans the TLC they deserve! The main goal is to bridge that huge gap between early and late game ocean exploration, and make it much more viable and more fun to live a life beneath the waves! This is unofficial content and is only related to our mod. It is in no way related to the official game and its content releases. Let's dive into the scoop! ASA SCREENSHOTS While it isn't ready to be played just yet, we do have a couple of teasers for what to expect in the TSW Additions mod's ASA debut! From the living SCUBA tank Anomalocaris to the gentle giant Henodus, we mainly focused on porting over creatures which would be greatly beneficial to aquatic gameplay. Oh, the chunky proto-whale Ambulocetus managed to sneak its way in too, but we decided to let it stay. I mean, how could you say no to those puppy dog eyes? Anomalocaris What would TSW be without these iconic and (oddly) adorable arthropods? While feisty in the wild, tamed Anomalocaris will gladly provide survivors with oxygen while underwater... at the cost of slurping up some of your blood! Just be prepared to repair your chestpiece every now and then, their graspers are mighty strong for their size! Henodus Paddling gracefully through the billowing bogs, one can find the charismatic Henodus! These odd sauropterygians are an incredibly important tame for a life beneath the waves. When submerged, a Henodus will release air bubbles from its back, which you can build on to create an early game underwater home! Ambulocetus And last (for now) but not least, we have the Ambulocetus! Found up north in frigid waters, these peculiar mammals are a perfect exploratory mount! Not only are they able to traverse land and sea, but they can even invigorate themselves with a metabolic rush that makes them move and attack faster! You can even pet them, which is not only abso-friggin-lutely adorable, but will also give allied tames a boost in XP gain! COMMUNITY CORNER We haven't received any submissions for the community corner this week, but we're certainly keeping an eye out for anything you want to send us! In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us yourself! Send us anything from screenshots, artwork, videos and the so on, and we can feature your work in the next scoop! The submissions channel in our Discord is always open, or you can tag us @ARKSunken with #sunkenscoop on Twitter! That's all for this issue of the Sunken Scoop, thanks for tuning in! We hope you're just as excited to play with TSW on ASA as we are, and we will have more to share in the next one! Come to our discord to share in the excitement, or just to hang out! Have a wonderful timezone! If this is your first time seeing TSW, check out the links below to find out more! Please note that if you want to play our mod, you need both the map and creature mod active. Discord: https://discord.gg/BAkvgc7 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArkSunken Map Mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2182740759 (ASE Version) Creature Mod: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2182770728 (ASE Version)
  2. YOOO SUNKEN SCOOP YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. thank you! Unfortunately, darwinopterus is gonna be going off to a barn upstate if it doesnt win, like my other subs. I tend to make my submissions one-and-done for the map theyre on, so that they fit as well as they can. Unfortunately, or i find fortunately, this means that they are not reusable. Unfortunate as it seems darwin is pretty popular, but fortunate as those pesky reposters cant steal anything for other maps
  4. id imagine theyd spawn around the edges of the city too, yeah. Definitely super high elevation tho. But theyll mainly be found in the wastelands and rarely in the forbidden zone
  5. thank you! Darwinopterus was a middle jurassic pterosaur which was most likely pretty good at flying so i wanted to make it a flyer. Fits the gimmicks i had in mind for it too! Also the element addiction level is already a thing
  6. this is the first time someone has told me it was small haha, trop/tapejara size may work but it was a very small creature irl so i kept it as small as possible
  7. oh nope, i dont plan on submitting anything more than once. My submissions are usually very focused around a specific gimmick of the map that i submit them on, so it would be weird to repost them anywhere else. I find it much more fun to make an entirely new creature for a map most of the time. For example, my Metoposaurus from the last vote was centered around hazard spores, this darwin is centered around corruption, and a Rhomaleosaurus im planning for Gen1 is centered around the whirlpool mechanic
  8. by default all vote winners will be exclusive to the map they win on, although in later stages of the game darwinopterus can be used outside of extinction with element shards!
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