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  1. I mean tylosaurus is a really close relative of mosasaurus so ofc its bound to look similar. But in regards to the tylo art it looks pretty different to the ingame mosa. Also i mean carchar irl looks the exact same as giga but ingame they look really different so i wouldnt exactly worry about that. But if your not a fan then your not a fan and thats fair.
  2. It is able to breach with the saddle yes. I forgot to add that bit to the main submission so i added a little TLDR at the bottom.
  3. i may have missed it but is it able to swim like blue crabs and stuff or is it gonna act more like the karks ingame?
  4. Forgot to mention it but all art was done by Sophocles Common Name : Tylosaurus Species : Tylosaurus necrodon Time : Late Cretaceous Diet : Carnivorous Temperament : Aggressive Wild: Until recently I thought I had seen all the oceans of the ark had to offer. That was before I came across Tylosaurus necrodon. While in real life Tylosaurus and Mosasaurus were near the same size and rivals, the Tylosaurus of the ark seems to have taken a different approach to things. It is significantly smaller and has a body plan more suited for speed rather than the mosasaurs' brutish size and strength. I have also found some evidence that Tylosaurus seems to have some sort of venom which could be attributed to its close relation to modern day monitor lizards and snakes. Domesticated: A tamed Tylosaurus is a necessity for any survivors who plan to venture into the depths of the arks oceans. Its sturdy slender body makes it the perfect candidate for a primitive submarine saddle. I've also seen some tribes collect Tylosaurus venom to use as a substitute for narcotics when taming creatures. Taming: To tame a Tylosaurus you must show it you are able to handle its speed. It'd be very similar to how you tame Equus and Andrewsarchus where you have to feed it a certain item then wrestle it in a rodeo scenario. Submarine: The Tylosaurus would have an industrial looking saddle similar to the Andrewsarchus’s. It would fully surround the survivor and provide oxygen that can be replenished by surfacing or beaching the tylo. The saddle would also have 2 propellers that can be powered by gasoline which would allow the tylo to increase its speed even more and build up to a ram attack. Venom Tylo’s primary attack will increase Stamina drain, and cause torpor gain based on how much they move and burn Stamina. However the real use of it comes with taming other creatures. Survivors will be able to collect venom and use it as an narcotic version of sanguine elixir where it will automatically fill half of the target's torpor bar. It only works on creatures already knocked out though. Alternatively you can use the venom to make a special type of dart that has the same effects of tylo’s primary bite(stamina drain/torpor gain based on how much they move and burn Stamina) which would be especially useful against flyers. Raming: In real life Tylosaurus was thought to use its blunt shaped head as a ram to ambush and stun its prey. In game you will be able to charge a strong ram attack while using its saddle's propellers. The more momentum the tylo picks up the more damage the charge does. Stuns: The rubber in the saddle cancels out all stuns from eels and jelly fish. However and unsaddled tylo will still be vulnerable to stuns. General Things to Clarify: Ive seen some people comment about a few things so i just wanna add a couple of ideas here that i may have forgotten to add in the main submission. Firstly the saddle will allow you to breach the surface of the water. Also in case you end up landing on land tylo will be able to beach itself and return to the water in a similar vein as modern day orcas. This art is just concept stuff and i imagine the ingame tylo to be more around basi size. Also i imagine the saddle to be more of a sleep capsule type thing.
  5. ima be honest i didnt submit this again for ab cause imo it conflicts with drakes to much. Anyways tho thanks for not stealing the art. Last thing is making an abelisaur be able to climb just doesnt work imo, ik u said its arms were larger or something but at that point it starts losing what makes it a majunga in the first place.
  6. Its because you have the early bird effect on your account which makes it so you cant upvote submissions. To get rid of it you must have at least 12 posts on your account. These can be anything from comments on submissions or posting your own submissions.
  7. i mean i kinda get what ur saying but thats a very limited way to look at these submissions. Over half the top 10 is just variations of different creatures that already exist in this game. Also carno fills a completely different niche in the game than majunga would fill removing one to add another would be much more detrimental than having both in the game filling different niches. But at the end of the day the votes up to you and if u like the idea of the abilities the best way to get those in the game would to be upvoting what u like.
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