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  1. You say this as if every ark player has an account here and complains and comments on every thread.
  2. It seems to vary from person to person. I never have issues with crashing during transfers, play or bosses. However for some godforsaken reason recently I've been crashing every time I exit to the main menu. Wildcard needs to iron out its primary issues rather than doing the gaming equivalent of putting a broken transmission in a new car
  3. If he admins solo it'll be days before burn out if the server is full. Getting even a single server to fully cooperate is a Sisyphean task if you try doing it alone. Getting a team of admins would help, however it comes with its own risks. Power has this nasty tendency to go to people's heads after all. Pick the wrong player to help and suddenly people are coming to you about admin abuse because the person you thought could be trusted gm flew into their base with a blink rifle, shot them, shot half their tames, and claimed the other tames before wiping the base.
  4. Unless you literally do not log on unless they do an EVO you do that anyway.
  5. Have you tried deleting and redownloading the game? If not, upload a save of it onto your system and give that a go
  6. After I quit pvp but before quitting officials in general I found myself a quaint little official server that actually served me pretty well before I had to accept that I really didn't have the time to do officials any longer. Minimal pillaring around the rare spawn and resource locations for the most part and generally pretty chill aside from this one clownshow of a tribe that tried to gate off/pillar and foundation spam everything they could near me and the neighbor tribe that was willing to tolerate my base (at the time I always kept my bases small and efficient, only tamed things I could fit in my established area, and was generally polite so I guess I was easy enough to accept nearby) being just out of render because the aforementioned clownshow tribe wanted the area we were in for themselves. Funnily enough them doing that hurt them in the long run because my neighbors apparently were well liked in the server and the second they piped up and it got heated every other tribe that played there all came to the unanimous decision to constantly pillar near them or kill or at the very least use as a meathsheild against aggroed creatures whatever they caught them trying to tranquilize until they gave up and destroyed the structures they put near us. It was probably the best example of toxicity and pettiness being used as a force for dubious good I'd seen in a good while. Finding servers like that on official is one part luck, one part trial and error, and one part server hopping. Lots and lots of server hopping.
  7. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but that is definitely a giga spawn point for that particular realm.
  8. This is one of many reasons why I just up and started my own server with a welcome banner telling people that pillaring gets you an automatic base wipe no questions asked. It gives my petty little heart a sense of satisfaction and joy whenever I see someone blatantly ignore the warning or think no one will notice and wait until they're presumably done building to just zap it all away with a single command prompt. Getting messages complaining and shooting back a response as to why their hard work was torn down is a close second in the satisfaction category.
  9. Pointing out that one already happened and you're not cut out for official if you constantly whine about EVO is white knighting now? I rip on wildcard for things that make sense. Not having a constant boost when there are servers with a permanent boost ain't something worth ripping on.
  10. They did one last week. Not their problem if you somehow can't survive without one every week. Either get off official or learn to make due rather than fussing about handouts.
  11. Not sure why you're agreeing. Anyone that needs a breed boost for every or every other EVO shouldn't be playing official, period. They need to find a boosted server and leave official to the players that want ark as is
  12. I feel nothing. They know what they did. You should be doing that anyway.
  13. Not going to lie; that diplo pic activated my fight or flight response. Years of being in the tek era and diplodocus still manage to trigger my "get the hell away from me" mode.
  14. Oh make no mistake, I'm not saying that in defense of WC, I'm saying it to mean that it's sadly business as usual for them
  15. Considering how much is wrong with ark 1 they'd genuinely be better off doing the sequel from the ground up. If they didn't it'd basically be the equivalent of trying to put a transmission in a twenty+ year old car with 300,000 miles on it rather than buying a new one.
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