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  1. They’ve been radio silent on the next round of voting since announcing the hiatus. My advice is to take some time to think up a good submission while waiting.
  2. See, that’s the neat thing about wildcard incompetence: more often than not adding one thing breaks another. The only difference now is whereas before with ASE being the only game meant they had they had to fix it (or simply say they’ll fix it and put it off indefinitely) now they can default on saying they planned to offer no more support for the old game and leave whatever mistakes were introduced courtesy of their screw up in the old game. They don’t have to maliciously and intentionally break AsE to try and force players to move, they can simply keep on the course they’re on and no one can call them on it because they said no more support.
  3. Nonsense! That right there’s prime warm up material for a full range upper body day. Just throw an extra scoop of pre workout in the smoothie and you’ll be fine.
  4. Pretty sure it was a joke, bud. The player count screenshot was the clue. I don’t think anyone here genuinely thinks they’ll pull a cyberpunk and animated series their way back to success.
  5. You’d think someone at the company would’ve sat them down and explained that the whole bob’s tall tales thing would just remind everyone that they promised an animated series and just went radio silent on it.
  6. Now Joe you leave my poor jet engine noise simulator of a console alone. Sure it sounds like I’m standing on the tarmac at take off when I let it run literally anything for five minutes without dusting it out and chanting in binary to appease its machine spirit for an hour first but by god it’s trying
  7. Weather machine broke. And the map machine. And the dino machine. And the…
  8. Why of course. Why improve and innovate when you can just let others do the work for you and take a slice of the profit? Better still if a mod doesn’t give people what they want that the game itself should be providing they can just blame it on the mod rather than their own incompetence. We’ve reached the point where wild card’s gone from dangling shiny keys in our faces to keep us distracted to dangling other people’s keys instead. What a time to be alive.
  9. Jesus I stop visiting the site for a few weeks and come back to a complete circus. Map’s not being released on time for the poor suckers that bought ASA? Not shocking in the slightest. What is shocking however is how they doubled down on making the pay2win dino even more busted to try and tempt folk to buy it. Resurrecting dead dinos? Seriously? So now we’re just completely removing a very crucial risk from the equation if players throw out some extra coin? I never thought I’d say this but I pity the pvp players, poor bastards are going to be trapped in a downright hellish loop of trying to fend off mega tribes with more money than sense with a nigh endless stream of tames. Manage to kill someone’s imprinted carcha after burning all of your resources and nearly every tame? They come back with that exact same carcha and finish the job while you’re licking your wounds. How’s that going to be even remotely fair to the average player?
  10. “Buy the map, play with the creatures on it” is still the basic business model. Once it turns into “buy the map and get everything but this one creatures unless you give us more money” you’re working with an altogether different situation. While having access to creatures a player that doesn’t have the same map would not creates a sense of powercreep it’s still fair enough in that those that DO purchase the map are all on equal footing by virtue of having the map. Once you reach the point where players who should be on even footing aren’t because player A shelled out more money for an extra creature the dynamic shifts. Either you’re blind or willingly ignorant of this.
  11. It stops being merely a cosmetic pack once creatures exclusive to the pack are added. Not skins, creatures. Unless they can be claimed by people who haven’t purchased the pack this opens the door to far more predatory p2w features and microtransactions. Prior to this the game’s system was merely a case of ‘buy the map and get access to all the dinos on it’. Now there’s a chance that it’ll be ‘buy the map and get most of the dinos except these exclusive ones that we want more money for’. How on earth has this managed to escape you?
  12. “Don’t ask questions, just consume product and get excited for next product”. This is you. This is how you sound. You don’t reward a company for implementation of practices like this.
  13. Yet it stopped at simply buying the map before. If buying packs for Dinos becomes a thing and players can’t access specific creatures without buying a pack regardless of having the map things get real out of hand real quickly
  14. Quite frankly if it has zero problems on implementation I’m going to take that as a sign of the end times and start counting my canned goods and ammo supply
  15. So we’re all in agreement that the modder’s track just boils down to “develop mods for us on the cheap!” right? Some food for thought ladies and gents: any time a contest says win “up to x” amount in rewards you should never expect the reward to even get near the value of the top amount. Unless the prize is cash with a hardset agreeable minimum winnable amount don’t waste your effort.
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