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  1. Accidentally killed my prized shadowmane with my god mode gun while clearing abandoned and/or rule breaking bases from my server, got salty, contemplated shooting the offending players highest level giga, began a new breeding project with the shadowmane's sire and primary mate instead because a destroyed base is already a massive set back and punishment, redid my servers welcome message to tell people that pillar/foundation spam will result in a flat out ban because its already against my rules, clearing foundations is what led to the mess, and I was still very, very salty.
  2. I'd actually like to see them as well as other boss chibis, or at the very least the remaining two of the original three. We have the broodmother, now it's just a matter of the megapithecus and dragon
  3. I'd hardly consider pointing out an inaccurate statement staning but go off sis. He made a blanket statement (the game is dead) and people disagreed, one of which even posted statistical data. If you want to get into specific game modes then have at it, perhaps official pvp on your platform of preference is dead, lord knows that they all certainly have a number of issues that need addressing. But assuming everything goes a certain way because of what personally see is just not smart.
  4. Having just shy of two years in game to make some attempt at appeal to authority doesn't make you the foremost expert on in game analytics. Mentioning something that silly in a forum where there are likely people that have been playing since day 1 does nothing. Furthermore you assume that because you see a trend one way it must be universal. You fail to factor in different platforms, unofficial vs official, PvE vs pvp, and the varying times in which people may get on in your assessment.
  5. The issue with that is that so many of those creatures have overlapping niches that you'd only really be taming them for a palette swap unless wildcard were willing to go whole hog with giving each one a unique ability. Sure there are cases where they make creatures of the same group unique (deinonychus v raptor, trike v pachyrhino, calico v megatherium) but overall they'd just be hitting the same notes after a point.
  6. You know going from the picture presented with the fjordhawk nest I'm kind of hoping that wildcard will take some inspiration from falconry in how they're acquired. In America at least only passage birds (I.e. Left the nest but still under a year old) are allowed to be trapped for use in falconry. Perhaps if they do a similar mechanic to dinopithecus by making them spawn in a variety of ages they could impliment a taming mechanic for all but the adults- egg/baby/juvenile theft to adolescent taming. Would help players get a leg up that way were imprinting allowed in that regard.
  7. You don't have to rent one yourself. There are plenty of suckers like ya boi here that have undertaken that particular task. The trick is finding one that is A: Not filled with cancerous rules/banal junk like mandatory discord attendance/toxicity and nepotism, B: not liable to disappear without warning because the owner decided randomly that they're done paying for others to play for free, or C : Being helmed by an unresponsive admin team that makes no effort to assist in server issues. I'd advise testing the waters on a few that have your desired rates, maybe stay for a week to observe the goings on to see if they fit your tastes. Word of advice though, avoid the mandatory discord ones like the plague. Inevitably it will turn into a cesspit as drama gets ramped up to eleven and favorites are played.
  8. I'd really rather not get invested in this. I, and I'm certain many other players pay for server services to play the game. Occasionally I accept donations directly through the rental service to rent a new map so my players know that it goes directly where I say it goes. That's the extent of my monetary ties to ark. Trying to add cryptocurrencies or nfts to what's supposed to be just a survival game just screams "grift that will kill this game". That sort of stuff has nothing to do with ark. General negative association with nfts aside eventually someone will call for the wagons to be circled because "the dinosaur game just tried to scam muh chillin!" and it could well be all downhill from there. Wildcard can ill afford that kind of heat if it's to continue surviving. If the project is to take off then it needs to be seperate entity, elsewise it could jeopardize the thing that's actually guaranteed to draw revenue.
  9. Mod wise I believe their ice coat ability is supposed to work like a natural armor with a bit of a damage boost at the cost of speed. Whether or not that will make it to official remains to be seen, however it would be a nice way to further add to the thematicism. You've got the shadowmane: The venomously barbed lion that can close the gap between itself and its target in a blink or creep up on them without being spotted before it's too late, all the while being harder to pin down than a greased pig in an oil spill. Quick, silent, lethally elusive. Then there would be the fenrir: The ice wolf that stoickly bears down on the enemy like a collapsing glacier as it slowly trudges forward, weathering the hail of munitions until its enemies are close enough for it to get its jaws around them. Stalwart and unsubtle in its power, and near inevitable in its conclusion.
  10. Personally I'd prefer they didn't give the fenrir a saddle. Assuming they keep the abilities initially introduced in the mod creature the thig bit get a bit too tanky. By nice to see if they tweaked it a bit to act as a counter to the shadowmane. Would be pleasantly thematic; big tanky canine vs big tanky feline.
  11. Not entirely certain about how I feel about the desmodus having a full on cloak ability and how it'll effect the pvp meta but overall I'm fairly pleased by how the creature came out. Keeping the roosting is a nice touch, it'd have been a shame to have another bat that doesn't even hang in a rest state. To that end I honestly think more creatures could do with a sleep animation. It'd probably be a tall order to request that devs go through ALL of the creatures in the game and rig their models to sleep, but at the very least those with unique tranquilized animations (thylas, deinonychus) could use a sleep function akin to shadowmanes.
  12. I'd be genuinely surprised to find out that you can eat soup without floaties on if you actually believe that a niche forum or social media outlet is an indicator of player count.
  13. Unless you have the analytics of ark for steam, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and epic games that statement has absolutely nothing backing it to make it factual.
  14. Eh, my memory ain't the best so unless I'm actively going back to reread the ccs many of the details in them are pretty much forgotten within a day or two unless I receive notifications. Years of rum binges have really done a number on the gray matter. The only reason things like desmodus managed to remain in my mind is because I was an active participant in the vote. I just feel like these sorts of things could be done better. Rather than retread old ground in some attempt to dredge up hype better to just say "Hey, here's new art, here's a link to a previous thread detailing what the thing is". Elsewise it just feels like fluff. Then again maybe I'm just a touch biased in this instance since I believe the creature that players had an active stake in getting into the game should be prioritized in the having its in game model revealed department.
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