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  1. NA-PVE-XboxOfficial-Valguero1095 Transfered level 135 character to above server and keep getting error messagejoining failed connection timeout. Can someone advise? Have i lost my character? I cant get into server at all.
  2. Make all current servers across the board legacy getting rid off all low populated servers . Release new ones, its been nearly 2 years. Ive been playing since day 1 beta. Accepted the migration although it broke our hearts but came back on new servers in an instant we are currently bored on our server just refreshing timers. Better than wiping. Those who want to carry on legacy so be it. others want to start again and newbies want a level playing field.
  3. The 15th January. The extinction of extinction! Our server now from between 40 to 60 players has gone down to 9!! 9 people online since u released the news of transfers. Many have cryoed all their new tames, as they will be bringing better. Others have killed off their kibble farms as they are no longer required when u have a kibble farm on another server. The breeders have cyroed their babies and are waiting to bring over eggs and full grown dinos on the 15th. Titans are not being tamed lol since day 3 at least 2 titans always active on the map. Now none! New players are leaving, lik
  4. for the love of god leave extinction has it is. dont activate the transfers. titans will have no use other than to kill them and that will now be a piece of cake. no more taming on extinction has we all have the highest stats out there including myself. it has been fun starting again. NO TO TRANSFERS!
  5. this has just happened to a friend of ours too they have submitted a ticket
  6. So they are including servers of ragnarok for legacy servers correct?
  7. Ok so the pve server im on wikl bevome legacy whivh is great however am i able to trsnsfer to my scorched server still and more importantly ragnarok?
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