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  1. With people using the transfer exploit they have managed to bring over all sorts of op dinos and stuff (namely Tek and Black pearls) to SE on both PVE and PVP although impact is minimal on PVE devs should either come to servers and wipe the illegal dinos by checking items transferred in or open transfer for all of us to be able to bring our stuff as well. Rolling back PVP servers affects those who have not exploited a loss of 11 hours grind it is not the solution it is not fair. Change your stance on reports received on both types of servers. Let players report those who have used the exploit and treat it as against CoC, taking the necessary action against the selected few who transfered stuff over than the masses that did not!
  2. That and it favoured asian players it didnt favour any european player at all 5am for us it was released. More servers required asap!
  3. We need more servers all current servers full of pillars foundations everywhere queued for over an hour played on one server 1 hr and couldnt find anywhere to build i spawned in all locations its impossible. Bring in more servers so us european players can enjoy too as release time did not favour us at all!!!
  4. This morning just after the update I got the last explorer note on the island. The achievement shows as 99% but I have no more notes to get. I have checked and double checked in game and I have none missing. Helena walker 30 notes Edmund Rockwell 29 notes Mei-Yin Li 31 notes Gaius Nerva 30 notes Guardians 4 notes from killing all bosses ??? 5 notes plus prologue and epilogue Total 125 notes plus all dossiers (got that achievement before update). None of the above are greyed out. What am I missing? A couple of us on the same server are experiencing the same thing. Now we can not gain the plus 10 levels we are missing to max character please help.
  5. Why are there so many rollbacks? What causes rollbacks? 3 in 30 minutes is really bad 😭😭😭😭
  6. Its a ridiculous change i cant even see my own dinos in my own base and my base is not big at all. Also, I landed in an area i thought was safe to regain stamina to find i landed next to yutys and carnos i was so lucky to get away. You cant tame asyou literally need to be in the dinos lap to see it. Put it back to what it was originally.
  7. Has anyone else noticed the amount of levels 5 to 50 there are compared to any over 100 to 150? Green orb is flooded with phiomas no higher than 50. Puny raptors lvls 10 to 35 and parasaurs. Also, on ASE there were areas packed with dinos, now there are many barren areas. Too many ichtys and megladons, hardly any rexes, megatheriums, spinos. I ran around the red wood earlier literally on foot and made it to the other side, (east to west) without a dino in sight. ASE was a different story, the risk was alot higher. Hardly any fish in lakes, rivers, pools. Caves have dinos falling through the floors. The game feels empty 😔😔😔
  8. I find it hard to see dino levels, not bright and font too small
  9. They dropped 3 hours ago crossplay ones only. There is a post by cedric with a list of all servers but none for console only players. According to a moderator there will be no pve only xbox servers, I hope this is not the case. I personally refuse to play crossplay with pc players and their hacks 😔
  10. Well has it stands there are no xbox only pve servers, in another post a moderator is saying there are only pvp xbox only servers ( cant find yhese either), i hope this is not the case and they bring pve xbox only servers as i refuse to play with or against pc players and their hacking.
  11. Even on xbox and ps only servers? 😳😳😳😳
  12. Pve xbox only servers please not interested in playing with hackers
  13. Not interested in crossplay for the same reason, hackers. There is a button in the join game menu that states xbox only online multiplayer but no servers come up as pvp or pve. Message on screen says no sessions found.
  14. Boycott all crossplay servers simples. If you are a console player do not join a crossplay server as the PC advantage will be unreal. Apart from the head start October 25th, they have evolution rates each weekend, making their lead unreal. Console players stick to console servers and to be fair par it with the release of PS5 so none have the advantage over the other. Crossplay sounded a great idea when all 3 platforms were to be released at the same time, this is not the case and therefore the only 2 platforms this can still happen on should be released at the same time to keep it fair,
  15. As beautiful as the game does look, I must admit, there is no way in hell I would I go through all that again. At least we had scattered dlcs and not bulk drops that would make too much too do in a short time, very overwhelming. The fact there are no incubators, cryopods and fridges nor the most helpful dino the nurse to begin with is very off putting. I can not be asked to hand rear dinos for stupid amount of days on end to get them boss ready etc again. I was a day one alpha version player. Restarted numerous times i.e when alpha went to beta and then full release and all those servers became legacy we had no choice to restart. But to restart just because its looks nicer no way Jose, espevially in alpha dtage again, for what for those servers to then go legacy and another restart in the horizon? Nope not for me. I fully recommend this game to all those players who have yet not played, but from this old player no thanks. Good luck and farewell. Ark 2 being soulslike it not my cup of tea so will also give that a miss. Farewell Wildcard, hopefully we meet again on another project in the future, all the very best x
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