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  1. So devs are okay with copying/stealing artwork? That "raptor drawing" is just a shady drawn trough of this (and no, I don't know the original artist) https://wallpaperaccess.com/full/1235235.jpg
  2. Players on my server said that when they upload dinos to obelisk, they disappear right away. These are my settings; PreventDownloadSurvivors=False PreventDownloadItems=False PreventDownloadDinos=False PreventUploadSurvivors=False PreventUploadItems=False PreventUploadDinos=False NoTributeDownloads=False So what could be wrong? This happens on Valguero map and I have Extinction in cluster with it.
  3. Will be a great release of new DLC when people can't build their bases.. Some of the players can build but some can't and I am part of those who can't. And there is no help. I tried verify my local files, restarted PC, log off/log in, flew away from my base and back but no. I can't place any pickupable parts/stuff. Thank you for making playing stupid, since I can't make new narcotics even because I was stupid enough to try to remove my mortal and place it again, since it worked with my S+ bed. But nope, can't place anymore anything. So thank you. In waiting of repair of this mess.
  4. We need ARK movie about events with Helena, Rockwell and others. Oh how I wish they would make it! And if yes, I really hope it looks as badass as those live action trailers ♥
  5. No Halloween event? Seriously? The first year events were epic, after that all you have done have been crap. I was waiting for the Halloween event and if I remember right you promised some changes on that last year.. Is there option/command to add the first Halloween event at least?
  6. Please give us at least a command to continue this event a week or two more. On my server we don't have much time to play since we all are working at week and have only weekends free + this heatwave in Finland has this "great" side effect that people are too tired to play! We like these colors and want to keep up with them a little longer!
  7. K4LLA

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    Direwolf says: Drawings, stuff.. You know (;
  8. Oh my, thank you for this honor! And I really love that Freyaloi's artpiece ♥
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