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  1. So devs are okay with copying/stealing artwork? That "raptor drawing" is just a shady drawn trough of this (and no, I don't know the original artist) https://wallpaperaccess.com/full/1235235.jpg
  2. Players on my server said that when they upload dinos to obelisk, they disappear right away. These are my settings; PreventDownloadSurvivors=False PreventDownloadItems=False PreventDownloadDinos=False PreventUploadSurvivors=False PreventUploadItems=False PreventUploadDinos=False NoTributeDownloads=False So what could be wrong? This happens on Valguero map and I have Extinction in cluster with it.
  3. @Larkfields I can not do those, I have the server now on Host Havoc. And we just started fresh on HH, because I thought the problem was with Nitrado (though I didn't like that I needed to wait answers from support +24h) I updated the first message
  4. I would have posted the crash stack, but it doesen't give any. The server freezes and I need to force the restart. Today it crashed while it was saving (or at least the game continued from where we crashed). I don't think any of these mods are incompatible with them, or at least they don't affect the same things. Though I decided to remove the potion mod since it doesen't work like it should and it hasn't been updated long time.
  5. UPDATE!!! 21.01.2021 I removed ArkPots mod and changed SS to S+. We are now having crashes less, but they still happen and without any warning. I bought more RAM to my server, but no use. There is no crash reports. I update every mod manually. Mod order is: Ultra stacks, S+, reuseables, crystal clear. What I should do? ------------------------ Original message: Hi! I have my own server and we are having some crashes 2-3 per day. They come without any warning, no high ping or anything unusual with CPU or memory usage. Have you had any issues with these mods making this kind
  6. Will be a great release of new DLC when people can't build their bases.. Some of the players can build but some can't and I am part of those who can't. And there is no help. I tried verify my local files, restarted PC, log off/log in, flew away from my base and back but no. I can't place any pickupable parts/stuff. Thank you for making playing stupid, since I can't make new narcotics even because I was stupid enough to try to remove my mortal and place it again, since it worked with my S+ bed. But nope, can't place anymore anything. So thank you. In waiting of repair of this mess.
  7. We need ARK movie about events with Helena, Rockwell and others. Oh how I wish they would make it! And if yes, I really hope it looks as badass as those live action trailers ♥
  8. No Halloween event? Seriously? The first year events were epic, after that all you have done have been crap. I was waiting for the Halloween event and if I remember right you promised some changes on that last year.. Is there option/command to add the first Halloween event at least?
  9. Please give us at least a command to continue this event a week or two more. On my server we don't have much time to play since we all are working at week and have only weekends free + this heatwave in Finland has this "great" side effect that people are too tired to play! We like these colors and want to keep up with them a little longer!
  10. K4LLA

    K4LLA's Art

    Direwolf says: Drawings, stuff.. You know (;
  11. Oh my, thank you for this honor! And I really love that Freyaloi's artpiece ♥
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