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  1. everybody welome as long as rules are being followed. still some spots open
  2. invisible ferox ??? I run a server on Ragnarok and i have edited some of the spawns, so i have some extinction and Genesis dinos that spawn here. All goes well, exept for the Ferox. When i walk around with element in my hotbar, after a while i can hear them next to me but i cant see them. Is there anybody else who is having the same problem? grtz lord thanatos
  3. Ragnarok slightly boosted with some extinction and Genesis dino's PVPVE and dino shop Server name: Lords of the kingdoms PVPVE server Map: Ragnarok Server has 10 slots Only mature people who follow the rules (who are more based on common sense lol) witch are: - ADMINS ARE NOT GETTING INVOLVED WITH RADINGS, AND CAN NOT BE RAIDED!!! ADMIN RAID= INSTA BAN!!! - No blocking off important entrances or mass resource spawns ( metal, crystal, obsidian,...) - No killing of passive tames - PVE players need to set a white flag and set turre
  4. server has been renewed for a year.
  5. Hello, go to your game ini files and put this command in bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=True
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