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  1. feed, jump on, then feed immediately again. then the taming starts and you'll get the icon for future kicks.
  2. Seen many over the years on rag. Anywhere a rex can spawn, so can an alpha. Viking bay I've probably seen most.
  3. yeah, ps4 prices seem a little off the mark. it's bizarre how something so simple can be overlooked.
  4. You came to a forum to state why you wouldn't buy I game. bizarre. There's a million games I wouldn't buy, but also wouldn't waste my time venting about. And to necro a 5 year old, irrelevant thread in the process. Either this is intended comedy or a horrific tragedy.
  5. DaveH

    Loot crates

    I got a 115 sickle bp. 41 ghillie top bp. 110 pike bp. terrible got better gear from missions
  6. really enjoying this. perfect for our group as we private server pve. Set up in the bog, tamed, bred and imprinted Baryonyx and not starting to venture out further. done a couple of missions. PS4 - lag in mission frustrating though.
  7. Well, you've picked a good time, there's a sale on. Asides from the new dlc (which he could wait for as he's just started playing) everything is dirt cheap. The base game + all the previous DLCs is £26 in the uk. You can buy all the previous dlcs without the base game as well, for less than that. Sale is on for another week.
  8. Hmm. My Gportal account says it's all good to go. Who's your server provider?
  9. DaveH

    Bug Report Bingo!

    Lets look for the positives. Gachas that spit out high end ascendant gear every second. Dragging level 300 dire wolves out of caves to tame them. Hopefully Genesis will be just as broken as extinction and i'll be riding a space whale with my turtle on follow before we can say 'devs don't care, this game is broken'
  10. DaveH

    Download Size for PC

    why is everyone surprised its 50gig and shocked that it can't be preloaded? We knew that would be the case. It's like smoking all your life and being dumbfounded when you get lung cancer. Get some world perspective, all the crap that happens on this planet and these are our biggest worries. Anyway, my download starts at midnight GMT and i'll be online when I wake up in the morning. In the meantime i'll smoke a ciggy or 2, and read some salt online.
  11. Set everything up yesterday. all at 20k health and 780m - 120 saddles. had 18 of them, so yuty and pig alongside them. Then a mate called asking about a quick couple of pints. 9 pints later i'm doing the alpha fight blind drunk, which wasn't the best idea. i'm sure I put the pig on passive heal before the fight but could be wrong. Spend most of my time doing a courage roar then jumping off the yuty to try and put the pig on heal, but due to the beer this was never successful. Ended up getting the yuty killed to a spider and spending the second half of the fight on the pig. Took me ages to whistle the megas onto the broodmother as in my stupor I was pressing all the wrong keys. I did beat it but lost about 10 of them in the process. The megas with a yuty and spider boost were hitting for 2.1k which was good. Will stick to my rexes and less beer from now on though.
  12. I'm currently raising some as an experiment - 6808M 367M base. Imprinted and with 73 levels in the ones I've levelled up so far I've got them at 20081H 781M. I've got 3 more to level up tomorrow day and will be running broodmother tomorrow evening. Will post how I get on.
  13. 10,340 H and 337 M were the base stats. after imprinting and putting 70+ levels in each they were all at 35k health and 650-670M. Yuty and a pig with 100K in food. These were the start of the breeding line but I wanted to get a tek rep so levelled these with the intention of just doing gamma. Ended up using them for alpha, as well as alpha ape. Did alpha ape with just 15 of them and no pig (i'd lost 4 off the cliff on beta).
  14. Beat Alpha Broodmother recently with lower base stats. Of course had a yuty and a pig. I did however have 100 armour saddles. Lost 1 rex in the process.
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