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  1. why is everyone surprised its 50gig and shocked that it can't be preloaded? We knew that would be the case. It's like smoking all your life and being dumbfounded when you get lung cancer. Get some world perspective, all the crap that happens on this planet and these are our biggest worries. Anyway, my download starts at midnight GMT and i'll be online when I wake up in the morning. In the meantime i'll smoke a ciggy or 2, and read some salt online.
  2. Fed my Basil a box of chocolates half way through the hard water cave. Insta killed it. Ark
  3. Beat Alpha dragon for the first time. Only tried alpha once before and lost badly with 45k health rexes. Went with 17 theris this time, + yuty and 2 pigs. 25k health and 1135 melee on the theris. Got our revenge. only lost 1 their because it fell over the side. most had more than half health and the end. 5 cakes each plus the 2 pigs did the trick. Left the arena and realised that 2 of the theris hadn't travelled with us, so we'd done it with 15. Prepping for the alpha tek cave now. Hopefully get that done before genesis drops.
  4. Healing up 18 or so dinos can take a fair bit. A few pig fulls. When you fill the pig with food, fly out of draw distance and back, he will automatically eat all in it's inventory. If I'm doing multiple boss fights I'll cook up several fridges of meat first. Cooked meat is better for pigs. As for the dragon. Yeah, mistakes, we all make them. Need full health going in, and I take 5 cakes per theri. Pigs aren't rare though, boat loads of them in the tundra. Yuty, yeah pile points into stam. I would breed both pigs and yuty though so you've got a mating pair.
  5. Theris do wreck though. Big advantage for boss fights is their size, means more can get hits in on the bosses. We levelled some theris last week just to get a friend through gamma dragon. Had 25k health and 800m. Took plenty of damage even with a pig and yuty but none died. Then just for kicks we did alpha spider and alpha monkey and they breezed those fights. Thought the health might be on the low side for them but they eased through. Good luck mate.
  6. What are the stats like on those theris?
  7. Those pesky stealth jellyfish! I can relate. Happy days on the Basils.
  8. I do that everytime i want kill desert titan, just hard to farm sarco skin for summoning it Yeah, I tried with a 270 meg. No option to feed it unfortunately.
  9. 2 days later and another female dust gacha popped out, happy days. I didnt leave this one's side. Also tamed a bunch of squid on ragnarok. More cave sharks spawned inside my island base as well. All water dinos on neutral now.
  10. been ark'ed so hard the last couple of days on both pc and ps4. PC - hatched 300 rexes eggs yesterday, no melee mutation. fair enough. Ran the easy water cave and an eel glitched inside my basil. Unable to move or attack it died. Sweet dreams level 302 Basil. PS4 - hatched 150 rex eggs yesterday, no melee mutation. fair enough. Took my mana up to Scotland to check for gigas, went via the shore near the volcano. the volcano began to erupt. I touched the brown hardened lava on the beach and my mana died. This wasn't flowing lava, that hadn't appeared yet, it was the normal dormant brow
  11. in single player you can go anywhere that suits you. Build a starter base and play some, then scout the map and see what suits you in terms of your goals/playstyle/resource locations. I'm on the west beach this time as i'm working with water tames a lot. Previously been located at the hidden lake which is a great location for breeding an army. Always have something set up on carno island as well for taming, as well as basic places outside of all the caves. As a previous poster mentioned though, google is your friend. so many related topics, I've referred to them a lot in the past for ide
  12. The best bet is to let the Megapithicus come you rather than crossing the bridge. Or worse, getting stuck on the bridge and having rexes fall off the side. Standard practice tends to be to keep the pig following the yuty and have the yuty a little bit back not taking damage. When me and a mate duo though, he'll ride the yuty and I take the pig. he'll command the rexes from the yuty. I have a good few bullets on me for using after the pig runs out of food. I tend not to bother filling the pig with meat or kibble as the fights on the island are generally over pretty quick and the time spent
  13. yeah, they fit fine, no need for cryo
  14. How about Basils for the water caves? I always used to do them by sitting on a Bary and commanding an army of about another 5 Bary's, whilst a mate did the same. But I've converted to Basils of late as there's no need to ever worry about Jellyfish.
  15. new year, new start:) I had a male and 5 female gachas permanently on mate (0.0001 cooldown between pregnancies) and it took at least 500 babies before I got an element gacha, then another popped out the next day. male and female though which is sweet. Then my mate found one first night on extinction.
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