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  1. Those pesky stealth jellyfish! I can relate. Happy days on the Basils.
  2. we normally walk a spino down there and get one of the first couple of easy eggs, level not so important, and then use that drake to go and grab some higher levels.
  3. Max level 150 is as per official. 250 base is a high base melee and a very good starting point for mutations. You could do nothing but kills low level wild gigas and tame high levels for the next month and maybe not find one better, or find one marginally better, but in that time you could have mutated past that point anyway. That makes assumptions on the server settings though. On our server the time between egg laying is 0.001, so we can throw out lots of giga eggs at a time, and the mutation time for a giga is approx. 20 hours. With official settings it could be a day between eggs and many days to mature. For rexes. First off, don’t bother using them for the dragon. Use Theris. However, rexes are a good all-rounder for bosses. When I’m starting a rex line (with the settings I’ve mentioned) I’ll tame a bunch of rexes until I’ve found at least 10k health base and 360 Melee base. Then I work on 2 separate health and melee lines. Again you could spend weeks and weeks taming rexes to find one with 400M base, but it might not happen, and you could have mutated to that point by then.
  4. I do that everytime i want kill desert titan, just hard to farm sarco skin for summoning it Yeah, I tried with a 270 meg. No option to feed it unfortunately.
  5. there's no cap on the number, but once a dino has 20 mutations it can't mutate again. it can be mated with another dino that has less than 20 and there is a chance that the baby can then have a mutation. but only half the odds off this happening. if both dinos that are mated have 20 or more on their counter, then there's 0 chance of the offspring having a mutation, yet the counter will keep going up. 20 on each dino, gives the baby a count of 40. mate that 40 with it's 20 parent, and the count goes up to 60, and so on.
  6. That's true! I farm then down where all the Megasoreasses are, but sometimes you can be an hour or so clearing it out waiting for sarcos to spawn in.
  7. Had fun farming the desert titan recently with a giga on the back of a quetz.
  8. Yeah, you can switch chibi and keep your level, or just not use a chibi at all
  9. 2 days later and another female dust gacha popped out, happy days. I didnt leave this one's side. Also tamed a bunch of squid on ragnarok. More cave sharks spawned inside my island base as well. All water dinos on neutral now.
  10. Well, that sucks, presumed resistance would be on the breath too.
  11. yeah, you're better off with 25k health and the rest in melee. you lose 25% health per fire breath. Theri's take less fire damage and with the addition of cakes are the better option. I'd take a pig as well. I remember our first go at the dragon. having done spider and ape on alpha, we just jumped straight into alpha dragon. Good rexes that did the other bosses on alpha no issues. dragon wrecked us. Don't believe the dragon has been buffed, maybe your rexes just avoided the fire previously.
  12. Hi Mate, with regards to the depth of the trench on Rag and not using Basils. Going squid taming there later and was going to take a basil to clear the place out first. I have no problems with any depths on the island using my 50k health basil, including the caves. HP loss is negligible. Is this trench much worse for them as I've only ever been in it on a baryonyx before. thanks.
  13. OP, hope you don't mind me jumping in on this, as I was about to post a very similar thread, and it seems sensible not to clog the board up. I've used nitrado on ps4 for a while but am now looking for PC server hosting. I'd like to be able to upload my single player world as well as both mine and my daughters characters (created on LAN) if possible, and also be easily able to install mods to match what we're using at the moment. I plan to cluster 2 maps.
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