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  1. It's actually good it shows all 6 because you can get color mutations on unused regions and that way you can see that. + Not all regions that are said to be unused are actually unused. Some regions do have color splatters on the animal which became official Regions in the end. Like with the Snow Owl. Not showing them would take away helpful information.
  2. @SASYou tried bringing them to Ragna before anywhere else. I heard that might work since Ice Wyverns are native there
  3. Eco is such a wonderful person. I enjoyed all the mods a lot. Making all servers I played on more alive and individual. I am always amazed which new ideas Eco has and puts into mods. I will never forget how Eco took a lot of time helping me setting up the Mods I wanted. Was super helpful and patient with me.
  4. Edited my post up there to also add that Wyvern eggs vanish in the upload, referring to
  5. Transferring these animals from Valguero can break them (list) With more and more people checking out Valguero now that the transfers are open, please be aware that these creatures are broken and cause problems being transferred. Ice Wyverns Golems (both Chalk Golems and Ice Golems) Polar Bears Deinonychus (sometimes, transferring eggs seemed fine) Wyvern eggs vanish in upload Eggs on the body sometimes vanish, sometimes get through, thank you @Mavrick88 Don't bring these animals on other servers cause the cryopod data will be corrupted after and
  6. Very hyped about the announcement. Spent 4000+ hours in ARK and wouldn't be mad to spend the same in another game made by you.
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