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    No it's not cause even after a dino wipe it just takes half an hour or so to go back to the numbers that are there. For now I can't play Genesis until either our admin managed to lower/control the spawns or there is something from wildcards side, but I assume he is faster I also think that people with a crappier internet (like me) are affected stronger than people on fiber etc. My tribemate does not crash/dc/freeze however we wanna call it. But certain people on the server do. Mainly those who have weaker connections (i have 30mbit down, 10mbit up).
  2. TiiaAurora


    Actually tried on 2 different ISPs and 2 different routers with the same result. Lot of other players also disconnect. So far we figured out that ammonites, basilos and anglerfish and coel overspawn. we had about 2500 ammonites in the ocean. nearly 800 anglers, 200 basilos. coels where about 5k.
  3. TiiaAurora


    Same problem here. For about 2-3 weeks I disconnect from the ocean biom almost as soon as I enter the water.
  4. @SASYou tried bringing them to Ragna before anywhere else. I heard that might work since Ice Wyverns are native there
  5. Eco is such a wonderful person. I enjoyed all the mods a lot. Making all servers I played on more alive and individual. I am always amazed which new ideas Eco has and puts into mods. I will never forget how Eco took a lot of time helping me setting up the Mods I wanted. Was super helpful and patient with me.
  6. That Wyvern is most likely gone. You can't transfer certain Valguero animals over to other maps. I did a post on this and also try to warn everyone visiting our Valg Server to export. But unfortunately it's not super known.
  7. It's not only you. All Creatures somewhat exclusive to Valguero will cause issues.
  8. Edited my post up there to also add that Wyvern eggs vanish in the upload, referring to
  9. You could also always switch to an unofficial server. Those are often heavily monitored by admins who take action and enforce rules as soon as they see them being broken. then you have the multiplayer part + boosted rates and a monitored server.
  10. Remove collision on Deinonychus tails Deinonychus are 90% tail that pushes you around when trying to pick up eggs after breeding and 10% body. I know you can put them on catwalks but when combining stats I often have reorder the breeding pairs and so i keep them on the ground. It would be nice if I was able to pick the eggs without getting stuck or pushed through half the base
  11. I don't believe there is an option doing that. Also keep in mind, your animals will only be uploaded for 24h. After that they will get deleted out of the "cloud"
  12. I feel like its worth to mention that instead of using rexes, a bunch of tamed high level rhinos with decent saddles, a yuti and some imprinted deinos will get the job done with gamma and beta. for alpha you might need decent bred rhinos aswell. Biggest issue in that bossfight is killing the manticore. everything else dies rather quick to that combination.
  13. We are close to the end of the River in Chalk Hills and have them spawn in our frontyard.
  14. Transferring these animals from Valguero can break them (list) With more and more people checking out Valguero now that the transfers are open, please be aware that these creatures are broken and cause problems being transferred. Ice Wyverns Golems (both Chalk Golems and Ice Golems) Polar Bears Deinonychus (sometimes, transferring eggs seemed fine) Wyvern eggs vanish in upload Eggs on the body sometimes vanish, sometimes get through, thank you @Mavrick88 Don't bring these animals on other servers cause the cryopod data will be corrupted after and you can also not unpod them on valguero anymore. I heard people managed transferring Golems successfully to Ragnarok. But the majority of people have lost their tames trying to bring them to other maps.
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