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  1. The last part is the worst. Its actually a great game but 80% of the playerbase wants to play on week of release of new DLC and have to spend 50% of the time just waiting on the menu to get into a server
  2. Its crazy how normalized this has become.... I reinstalled the game this morning cause scorched looked really good only to find every single server was full and after 3 hours of waiting I just cant put myself thru this again. Idk how you guys do it but when you are spending more than half the time looking at a "joining server" screen it doesn't matter how good the game is because its mostly just a menu simulator at that point
  3. I have the same problem too I thought it was because servers were updating but its been over 15 hours
  4. For me server went down 10 mins after my eggs hatched and havent been able to join for 2 hours... rip
  5. Same for me man, game was running just fine all week and now on Extra Life every time I join server its "connection timeout" for the past hour. Did it ever start working for you again?
  6. So ASA released on xbox today and the game looks great, no problems with crashing or lagging or anything at all it was the most fun on ark I've had since I first started in ASE 4 years ago. I was lucky enough get on right when the day 1 servers came on and played for about 3 hours, got a base setup and farmed a good amount of metal and I decided to log off for an hour to walk my dog and get some food. I have now been spending the last hour just trying to log back in with no luck at all and I cant help but feel I wasted all my time progressing on that server that I now cant even play, unless I want to spend the next few hours simply trying to log back on to the server. Something as simple as a server que would help this process DRAMATICALLY. I love game so far and am really impressed with how it looks and plays like a high-end game, but when you cant even play the game because of this archaic server system it really creates a lot of unnecessary stress and just heavily cheapens the experience.
  7. And ppl wonder why others use pillars on official pve all the time
  8. To be fair it wasnt promised, they know better than that by now
  9. PVP zones actually sounds like it could be a really fun idea. I only ever played PVE because I dont wanna start from scratch 100 times but if everything outside of the PVP zone was safe I would definitely try it out
  10. 5500 is not low at all. Unless you are building a 50x50 mega base then 5500 is more than enough to put as much detail as you could ever want in you build
  11. Doeds are one of those creatures you see all the time until you want to tame one
  12. How about you read the comment right above yours 🤣
  13. As an xbox player who always had to deal with playstation getting updates and releases from other games ahead of us, I say thats karma 🤣
  14. On ASE "console specific servers" meant xbox and playstation separately. Crossplay will be a feature eventually, but I imagine the definiton refers to xbox only and playstation only servers for the time
  15. Xbox player too, I booted up the island on ASE and tried to figure out routes from spawn to good building spots to get there before they are all pillared off 🤣
  16. Played ark for 4 years on xbox and so never used any mods and only played official so server providers dont meant anything to me. Most people I know are like this as well so when you say stuff "we" loved about the game, know that its only true for some people.
  17. Im only speaking from years of experience on ASE official servers. I play on xbox so I havent been able to play ASA yet I thought the same rules would apply but apparently not since everyone seems to be having issues with servers on ASA. The times I experienced outages like that on ASE official servers is was usually because someone was duping and crashing the game, people griefing by throwing all their tames out, or having too many bases and players within render distance. For ASA it sounds more of a stability issue than an overload one so I would just try and find times that the servers are most stable and try to play during those times. Once we get ASA on xbox I'll see for myself what its like and if I can give any useful info then
  18. The amount of traffic is probably the biggest problem that effects official servers, other than that they are the most reliable so if you pick a low pop server you should be fine
  19. What an emotional day it was for us Ark players. You guys really did close the servers with grace and it was very much appreciated by us who spent long hours over the years building up our little worlds. Just wanted to thank you for that, it really shows how much you guys care about us ❤️. Looking forward to ASA and what's to come 🙂
  20. They will be on single player cause that would make the most sense
  21. So if I am a xbox player my save file will be on single player yes?
  22. As long as we get to keep characters and bases I wouldn't mind paying for a (new) remastered game. But $60 is too much, half the price would be fair, and DLCs should carry over as well.
  23. The transparency is appreciated!! It might be a little disappointing that the game release got delayed, but not nearly as disappointing as it would be if Ark 2 was released in a bad state. An ambitious project like this takes time to do properly, especially with a small studio. Take your time!! We ark players are here for the long run
  24. If we can choose to mate we should be able to choose to abort
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