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  1. Thanks, I was just thinking the walking speed of Karkinos and golems is pretty slow....and the magmasar is rated pretty good on Dododex for gathering. For a noob a golem might be easier to control versus double wielding with a Karkino.
  2. Just curious if they are affected by them? They both are relatively slow so I’m reluctant to take them into the ocean. And if also taking opinions which is better to grind Gates with ....Karkinos weilding a doed and beaver, a golem, or even a magmasar. Thanks
  3. Thanks....So if my weight is 200, I can load up almost 400 in ingots, and then drop all....the bag will give me 5 minutes. And then, I use the whip to scoot it around? I’m not encumbered (no tek leggings yet) now, but how do I shuffle around with infinite weight.....sorry still confused.
  4. Stupid question....just learned about body bags after a year of ark, and it is patched......IS there a better way of transferring a vault of metal onto a tame? Transferring a chest of metal takes me forever....chest inventory to my character’s inventory into tame inventory etc. IT always goes thru the character inventory correct? So if my weight is only 200lbs, I have to only pull one metal stack out since I’m maxed out or encumbered, turn to tame and deposit in its inventory? Is there a way while riding a tame to go up to a vault and transfer directly into the tame?
  5. Anyone ever see this? 30 days is a long time to wait.....
  6. Lol.....I knew a joker would say just wait it out .... Yes, official....it also seems to be acting as an “enemy foundation.” There were metal gates that demolished/disappeared....but this industrial cooker wants to stay around forever! Lol. It is embedded in a rock....so the one thing that doesn’t get anti-meshed ....meh Have to laugh...but it is confusing....thanks.
  7. Demolish timer 31 days! Hi, A mega base left the server.....all his vaults timed-out except there is still an industrial cooker with the timer counting down...31 days! This must be a glitch....any suggestions? Thanks
  8. Thanks....but unfortunately I don’t think it’s a connecting issue since I get 300% until the secondary green house ceilings are out far above, whereas if the secondary greenhouse ceiling is only 4 walls above....it is fine. Somehow above a certain height ark reads glass as any other ceiling type....maybe it’s similar to the indoor rain glitch with a large tall barn?
  9. What did the false ceiling do? I’ve got a different issue...tested it on single player and it’s different on official. I built a greenhouse on top of my barn....300% with all glass ceilings. I decided to expand my barn up and up....built a large extension of 8 x large walls......so 32 normal walls higher. One big square.....I put another greenhouse ceiling at the top, thinking not to block the light.....everything went to ZERO. If I put a greenhouse ceiling 4 walls above the existing greenhouse ceiling....still 300%.....I don’t have the mats to check on official.....but there
  10. Crossplay official Xbox No server in list Hi, I thought crossplay worked now? I recently purchased the Microsoft version of ark (not steam) and the official server (not nitrado) I use doesn’t show on the list....many other servers do....most valguero and small tribes do.....but not my official server 186 the island. I have set up a dedicated server on my pc before and played on Xbox....I can play on any official server that shows on my pc......so are officials not enabled for crossplay from pc? Thanks.
  11. So do we try to do anything this weekend, or are they going to do a weekend rollback?
  12. Not worth it to complain, but it is frustrating....
  13. Yep still getting dashboard every 10 minutes....after the update....
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