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  1. If you take your best tame near lava, you are taking a risk...
  2. Was pondering of demolish timer on a stone pillar with a wood ladder is the same as a wood pillar and wood ladder? Isn’t the wood ladder 7 days and then a pillar by itself times out in a day? So would a wood ladder and stone pillar be no better than a wood pillar and wood ladder? (wondering why people us the stone pillar combo with a wood ladder if my premise is correct) Thx
  3. is the search function glitched now? Like if you have an inventory and type a word in the search bar...nothing happens
  4. The new bleed effect makes the megs more potent, but I still prefer a pack of Barry’s...
  5. Can you warn people to avoid this server? Is it rag, the center, etc? Next you can breed 100’s of dodo’s ....lol
  6. I hope this dude isn’t on my server....
  7. Sorry I think Turkey trial is lame, I seem to recall the first ones had fall trees and ore color varieties.....the turkeys were also way more aggressive...lol. official Xbox island....many turkeys....but I don’t care about Chibi’s or skins.... 2x is about every weekend now. The only changes I have noticed is losing connection more often and getting locked out when transferring servers.
  8. Did they not do any fall colors,or change the trees at all?
  9. I’m on official island and see no interesting colors....no turkeys....other than the turkey splash screen on game start up,...I would have no idea that the turkey trial is currently live.
  10. True thank you....I don’t have the levels yet, but soon I hope.
  11. Legal meaning ...TOS. A few of the large tribes on the PVE official server have behemoth gated around the whole mountain where metal spawns. Is okay within the TOS? Is it acceptable? (You can still fly in and be protected by their walls) Are they being jerks? Any “bobs” without a flyer can’t get access....should they at least pin code the gates? They brush it off as people were not closing the gates allowing allos and such inside.... On the flips side....there is metal on herb island, and people gate that off all the time....just wondering Thoughts?
  12. Odd? Maybe....it just seems that the magma and the golem are both good for slightly different things. I was mostly interested in farming stone walls for a new base. The golem...more weight....good for building stone PVE structures on the move....as is the magma, but the magma isn’t as strong (hp) or weight and takes up a lot of space (I have a small base). I have ankys, and an argy and I’m not close to crystal or metal and no cryopod yet..... Thanks
  13. I was going off of Dododex, And I got to test it in single player after seeing your resp9nse....the golem gets no crystal...and the magmasaur does get crystal....dodorex has it backwards a bit, you are totally correct. Thanks. if you could only choose one....?
  14. Magmasaur gets metal, no crystal.....Golem gets crystal, not metal.... The golem levels up weight faster, and not much aggression on it.....walking on the ocean bottom, it was ignored by even sharks. Magmasaur gets attacked by sharks.... I have doed’s but it would be nice to grind stone without raptors mugging me before my theriz cuts it up.... I can trade for one or the other in my server.....so any opinions? Thanks!
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