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  1. Maybe logging out of your Microsoft store account and logging back it might fix it?
  2. That's happening to tons on people on console. I'd try reinstalling.
  3. windows 10 create custom character Sliders don't display corresponding body animation skin. Hair, skin and eye color work. Custom body part modification female/male don't carry into game.
  4. Wildcard is business they stay in business because people buy their product. People didn't buy this product to be yoyo'd around. Wildcard owns its content. The servers run because of investers and revenue. Anyone who plays this game for a year understands what goes on.
  5. They pushed an update last min but released it on windows 10 by accident. You probably wont be able to play until the 11th.
  6. Update to fix June 4ths update? Whats the point of having another update for windows 10 if it cant fix anything. Wildcard you need to test your updates on a player level, NOT on the dev kit.
  7. I know If there's a titanosaur on the map it will block the giga spawn there can only be 1 of those types on at a time I'm pretty sure. If you want them to spawn somewhere else just change the spawn entrie
  8. It happens to us on unofficial. I think I've lost 3chars in the past 30days. It's just a wildcard bug. I've lost items when repairing them too.
  9. I know you need to move out of render distance. Come join us unofficial players less problems more fun times.
  10. "No solution yet, but there is a work around. Go to your network settings, hit advanced settings go to DNS and make your primary and secondary DNS" This was about people not being able to retrieve address. But it might work for you
  11. I think it'll be the 11th. Based on my experience when wildcard releases updates it always messes other things up...sometimes badly. I've never seen them retract an update. I feel bad for you official players. Maybe check out the unofficial list after this blows over.
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