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  1. Could you just make the valg entrances no build on Smalls PvP?
  2. Small Tribes Genesis Transfers Broken Again Can not upload items, players, or download a player to genesis servers yet again. Hoping this time its not 3 weeks to fix... down to two tribe members on server since everyone else got locked off.
  3. I don't even need to stat it because I want to know ALL officials that are transfer broken. Did my post get merged here?
  4. Genesis Broken Transfer Question? I would like to have those who are stuck on a Genesis map to post their server, I am trying to compile servers and find out if its ALL servers or only specific ones (only small tribes?). Currently confirmed servers" Small Tribes 105 Small Tribes 107
  5. Pretty sure lots have reported but no one has heard any response about the issues. I know a large chunk of Small Tribes 107 has reported transfer troubles and no one is getting a response and no announcements have been made on the matter anywhere. Guess most people would at least like to know that the problem is acknowledged.
  6. I see all our "Genesis Transfers Broken" Threads are being merged here as well...
  7. No mention of it anywhere but here and reddit from users. Tribe mate is stuck on Genesis and can't be added to tribe off Genesis. I am stuck on Genesis as well.... Small Tribes Genesis 107
  8. Stuck On Server How many of you are stuck on an Official Genesis server? Server 107 small tribes has had out going transfers broken for about 2 weeks now and no one can leave. Who else is stuck or is this server specific?
  9. My whole tribe has the same issue and no one can upload any items as well. Think its server wide. Genesis Small Tribes server 107. Been stuck there for 3 days.
  10. Maybe because they never revealed it via their actual website before only through twitch...
  11. Going to be interesting to see if anyone gets far with cavebuilding changes. Early ARK before transfers were different because you had to maintain peace on the server and make alliances with other built up tribes, but in a faster paced PvP engaging mode .... Open world base only will be interesting to see. Definitely will have to watch some video content on it when its out ( While adding more spam and turrets to my 6 small tribes cave )
  12. Edit: Also wondering what Tek Tappys new role might be or will it be obsolete if these stats go live. Looking to see how these will affect your own tribe when slowing down healing: - Players and Dino’s are immune to the snow owl freeze for 10 seconds after being frozen - Snow Owl Encapsulate/freeze wind up changed from 1.3 seconds to 2.6
  13. Who jumps to a 75% debuff on something that's been around such a long time? Just remove the saddle. With any changes that seems like a rather large amount to jump to for balancing. Reduced Tek Tapejara Saddle projectile damage to structures by 75%
  14. HLN-A the item is what you get now, new map releases in December.
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