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  1. Well transfers fixed... one day before open transfers... GG
  2. Have you tried joining another server to make sure you dont have a character copy stuck in upload?
  3. Seems like 104-107 are out, not sure if anyone on a lower numbered server has this issue.
  4. Dang, i've done that already as well. Posted in game bugs and even filled out the server issue report the last time the transfers broke. Sucks running a 6 man base with 2 players because the others can't get back on server. Best of luck to the both of us I guess!
  5. Best place to report broken transfers? Been trying in the bugs list but maybe there is somewhere else? Small Tribes genesis servers (104, 107 for sure) are not letting items or characters transfer off or characters in. Been down about 2 weeks and this is the second 2 week break down we have had. Not sure if its with these specific servers or the transfer system. Would server outage form be the way to go here?
  6. Small Tribes Transfers STILL Disconected Almost another week or so into broken transfers out of the server, how ever i can not even see items in upload from other servers this time. This leads me to think the servers are completely disconected to the upload/download system this time around.
  7. New patch May 1, did NOT fix transfers at least on small tribes
  8. I lost one 4/28/2020 to this very thing.
  9. Small Tribes Genesis Transfers Broken Again Can not upload items, players, or download a player to genesis servers yet again. Hoping this time its not 3 weeks to fix... down to two tribe members on server since everyone else got locked off.
  10. I don't even need to stat it because I want to know ALL officials that are transfer broken. Did my post get merged here?
  11. Genesis Broken Transfer Question? I would like to have those who are stuck on a Genesis map to post their server, I am trying to compile servers and find out if its ALL servers or only specific ones (only small tribes?). Currently confirmed servers" Small Tribes 105 Small Tribes 107
  12. Pretty sure lots have reported but no one has heard any response about the issues. I know a large chunk of Small Tribes 107 has reported transfer troubles and no one is getting a response and no announcements have been made on the matter anywhere. Guess most people would at least like to know that the problem is acknowledged.
  13. I see all our "Genesis Transfers Broken" Threads are being merged here as well...
  14. No mention of it anywhere but here and reddit from users. Tribe mate is stuck on Genesis and can't be added to tribe off Genesis. I am stuck on Genesis as well.... Small Tribes Genesis 107
  15. Stuck On Server How many of you are stuck on an Official Genesis server? Server 107 small tribes has had out going transfers broken for about 2 weeks now and no one can leave. Who else is stuck or is this server specific?
  16. My whole tribe has the same issue and no one can upload any items as well. Think its server wide. Genesis Small Tribes server 107. Been stuck there for 3 days.
  17. Magmasaur Eggs Vanishing Off Server [Small Tribes] Eggs being incubated on Ragnarok in a Vacuum Cube base vanished in 15-20 mins. Not sure if it has to do with the vacuum cubes or the server/map but all 5 eggs incubating disappeared and no longer exist.
  18. Wow last night we couldn't farm from the Bloodstalker, Procopt, or anything! Hopefully that means it got reverted? (Official Servers btw)
  19. Mining Drills and Tames With the last patched the fixed the unlimited weight ability for Bloodstalkers... so why do you think they disabled the use of mining drills while mounted to any creature? I can not find one balance issue this causes only extra steps of having to dismount,mine, turn, mount.... wasted time and effort. This a glitch or currently intended mechanic? (no farming while mounted)
  20. Yeah if they allow Manas I feel bloodstalkers should be allowed as well. But you would never need a zip line then....
  21. Will small tribes receive any of the breeding bonuses?
  22. Vacuum Cube Retrieval While I understand that duping is a huge problem on official servers I feel rather jipped off having my stack of 80+ Cubes turn into just five. Thought they would split into individual stacks of five limiting the gross amount of duped ones.... but didn't know I only had a 15 min warning to place my remaining cubes. Is it even worth filing a report?
  23. Maybe because they never revealed it via their actual website before only through twitch...
  24. Rancor

    Big Turtle: Can It?

    @TypicalArkGamer Extinction is the only exception because the corrupt dinos damage bases but only if you are being silly and think you can build in the wastelands ( Bob move) as well as the supply drops/ele veins. On other maps the Giga is the only creature that can damage a base. Between level 50-60, which an easy island note run can get you to you can outrun any creature on the ark and get away. Probably the biggest threat is the raptor with their crazy pouce ability or getting hit by a thylo from a tree. If you cryo or put your tames in a boxed pen nothing with aggro on your base. One decent level tamed rex can kill all but Gigas and Titanosaurs. You will never need to use metal tier on PvE and stone tier is god like. So I don't see the threats lasting very long, few hours at most on boosted rates maybe a little more on official rates due to taming times.
  25. Makes sense, but living in a smaller base we usually toss the breeders out early morning and breed them when un torpored. Manas are laggy af.
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