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  1. this happened to me in The Center, but I cryo'ed the exomek and traveled to gen 2 .. and could refuel it in that map
  2. I managed to complete The Island, Scorched, Extinction, Genesis 2, all guardians, but there is a bug in genesis 1 glitches(notes)
  3. ii think the mods in server are SS Structures, HG Stacking mod 1000, Grappling flare gun, Capitalism and Awesome spyglass ..
  4. unofficial server ... I was killing a summoner standing in the back of my giga (35k hp, 2100 melee, 310 armor saddle) ,... suddenly could not ride it, and I saw "noglin controlled", but the giga didn't bite me, giga was still, not moving or biting .. after a few seconds giga fall death .. it was full health .. and no log in tribe log neither kill message in red, nothing. I was able to recover the saddle from the bag. First time this happens to me, other times giga controlled by a wild noglin walks and bite me. This time giga didnt bite or move.
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