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  1. Hey! As many of you may know already and many of you may not know, I have been working on a summary of ARK lore that is easy to understand but accurate. I have partially done the project but have worked for two months and there are still many inaccuracies and things I left unfinished. I will post the document here, feel free to read, edit it, expand on it, and finish it if you wish. ARK Lore Summary.pdf ARK Lore Summary.txt
  2. Hey! A reminder to people new to this thread: We have moved the main discussion to discord! Major theories will still be dropped and discussed here but the bulk lore chatter will happen here! Be sure to join if you want to be part of the discussion!
  3. I love the focus on community based things, as I feel the COMMUNITY crunch should be like that. I still would love a teaser or something though :/. Thanks for the community content though!
  4. You realize by saying they shouldn’t put their team to work on content means they shouldn’t work on bug fixes, exploit fixes, dlcs, or anything at all. And people do care about fan art, they are finally showcasing the work that their community does.
  5. For all you idiots mad at a small crunch it isn’t because they are being lazy and just dodging it, instead it’s just wildcard doing what they should have done every other time and put 100% of their resources to work on the DLC.
  6. I wouldn’t be so fast to make those assumptions. The tek we saw resembled the extinction ascension platform more than the Gen sim console. And the orcs could be anything. I do agree with the final destination part though.
  7. Once the 4K trailers on YouTube I’ll do a frame by frame inspection like I did for the Gen 1 cutscene
  8. Beautiful, wildcard thank you, for those of us who have lost people this means so much. I’ll be sure whenever I play to visit this region and give it due respect. Thank you.
  9. With the DNA you have to remember, the events of Genesis are out of order from the other DLCs. They were talking out that when they launched Gen 1x. It could fall in the timeline anywhere
  11. I think it will be named ARK : Homeworld. Because I think Rockwell will set the destination of the ship to the element homeworld at the end of Gen 2. If also be willing to say it will be 1-3 years before release most likely about 2 years.
  12. “During the Extra Life live stream we also revealed that we'll have a special announcement for the ARK community at The Game Awards on December 10th. Be sure to tune in for a special treat from Jeremy and Jesse!” From the new ark article. I’m convinced this is ARK 2, it adresses the whole community, and it has both the owners. And it’s at the game awards
  13. Sorry to ruin your day but they said in the stream. It is the end. It’s the final DLC
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