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  1. what do you mean no poglin, i do want my poglin skin for gen 2
  2. Perfect, can't wait for troodons to shred me irl ;D i would assume she just did it for the gesture, as a "hhmmm" expression ?
  3. By the way, what do you guys think about the announcement on the 10th of december ? There are people saying it's gonna be ark 2, but i honestly doubt it, considering that gen 2, once again the "end" of arks story I'm looking at you, extinction, isn't even out yet. Not to mention that when wildcard announces stuff like this, it's usually something big, but not this big. I just feel like it's gonna be something different than a whole new game or more DLC, but still important. Maybe mods on console, free to play or anything like that. Any other theories ?
  4. Guilty as charged. I only found out recently that the person who i got this from, isn't actually part of the dev team, but only a moderator (who doesn't have that kind of info), so yeah, sorry for that. Funny though that the map actually ended up being ring shaped
  5. We already know that the sanctuary and it's sourroundings are the birthing place of the arks. This was mentioned in multiple of Helenas notes as "the one who waits". The point about arat prime being the launching point of the ship sounds kinda good though, considering that arat prime probably has the same kind of relationship to the genesis simulation that the sanctuary has to the arks.
  6. yeah one of dianas notes on extinction mentions this, so arrat prime being on earth is confirmed
  7. I just remembered this post after the reveal just know, they just confirmed that you're gonna spawn with a federation tek suit and that the map is also built with that in mind ( some places might require the jetpack to get to ). Although they also said that it kinda works like a skin at the same time, so you can put on other armour too while keeping the functionality
  8. Thx to the modding discord i got the locations of all the notes:
  9. I'm not sure if it's that helpful, but i thought we could analyze the trailer better with it, so i decided to write down rockwells speech from the trailer: Welcome survivor. Enjoy the view. You see before you the pinnacle of mankinds ingenuity. All of humanities hopes and dreams, carefully nestled within this lifeboat, each of its shining rings are labeled with miracles of science and nature. Paradise. Where the boundary between the biological and technological has been all but errased. And now all of it … is mine. I control this vessel now.
  10. Oh man, i can't seem to find it, you don't happen to have a screeshot of the exact location ? EDIT: Nvm, i also got it and it's also bugged for me
  11. I think they are all on the island ? I'm still not sure where though EDIT: They definitely are on the island, in the explorer notes tab they are present when reducing the notes to the island, so they gotta be there somewhere PS: Don't forget to equip the HLNA Skin since we needed it for the last chronicles too
  12. It appears in your inventory after respawning, providing you didn't turn off spawning with skins
  13. By the way everyone, the genesis chronicles are back ! We got five new notes to find ( although i'm honestly not sure where to look ) and the set of skins we're gradually unlocking this time is called "Federation exo suit". Also, for everyone who has the genesis season pass, there's a free chibi for the noglin.
  14. I kinda thought the strider materialized itself out of thin air but then i noticed glowing tracks appearing on the ground before the strider itself was visible, so my guess would be that unlike the rock drake, the creature itself can be completely invisible, but it does leave visible tracks while staying cloaked
  15. https://gyazo.com/ed20bb129eb5d306854d6d7111f6375f Ok so the Noglin can attach onto creatures ( and survivors ) with it's tongue and once it's attached it can mindcontroll them. About the taming, from what i'm getting there's sacrifice involved so it looks like it will be something similar to troodon taming
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