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  1. Maybe it's some kind of tel artillery ? Or if it's actually something that is held by a human, maybe it's a tek grenade launcher ? These are my two guesses because the transmission mentions destruction and explosive ammunition
  2. So this isn't the cruise missile after all, as the newest transmission clearly is it. But what is this then ?
  3. I kinda get the feeling they wouldn't do something like a tame getting stuck in a rock, feels like it would be really easy to bug out and end up under the mesh or something like that. I would say its more some kind of damage penalty, due to the nature of the teleport, teleporting into a rock would mean charging into it with a super high speed, so yeah i can agree with the part of killing tames because of a bad jump, i can imagine that it would do a lot of damage
  4. 1. Dying is just aids without the death beacon locator, been playing since late 2015 and man, the death locator was a really good QOL feature 2. There isn't much of a difference in terms of difficulty in my opinion
  5. For me it's gonna be the reveal of the lunar biome and the space whale, just made me realize how far this game has come, i mean the lunar biome looks like a pumped up version of aberrations surface and i love it. Also from what the devs said, the space whale is one hell of a tame, it will be hard, but rewarding: They said it will have teleport ability like the enforcer but it can transport other creatures along with itself and considering they called it "hyperdrive" we can assume it will be a level above the enforcers teleport, atleast in terms of range. In addition to its movement they said on stream that its saddle is gonna have 3 mountable turrets while the rider can drop some sort of energy bomb, which makes this tame even more interesting in my opinion, feels like its some sort of battleship
  6. What about Diana ? She is also alive with Mei Yin on Extinction since she was the first survivor brought back to life by TOWW. Her last note talks about heading off to Arrat Prime with Mei-Yin, so it does make sense, but the reason im saying that it is Diana instead of the Mei Yin, would be that Diana simply has more affinity for all of the tek stuff, thus making it more likely that it would be Diana, if we were to choose one of the two EDIT: Also if we take your reasons into account, they also would apply here, Diana is a soldier, she would probably hate Rockwell even more than the Mei Yin for killing most of the people in the TEK village, since Diana knew them since their verry arrival on Aberration. Last but not least .... Rockwell literally was the cause of Dianas Death, so im quite sure she has a good motive too.
  7. There is already something in the game that the community compared to this and its the gasbag from extinction
  8. You might wanna see the interview that one website had with one of the developers a week ago: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-08-16-how-ark-survival-evolved-fell-into-sustainable-revenue-without-skins-or-loot-boxes Near the end the co-founder of the game explains why they aren't adding new dinos: "We've gradually been adding more and more interesting creatures as we've run out of interesting dinosaurs," says Rapczak. "There are still a lot more interesting dinosaurs out there, but it starts to get diminishing returns when you add a third type of Velociraptor or something. " Apart from this we can also take a look at this situation from a view of gamedesign, because lets be honest, there are so many more cool dinos they could add to the game, but whats the point if it does the same as a creature that already exists in the game ? A new badass carnivore ? Yeah we alreay got plenty of those and most people just use rexes, gigas and spinos anyway. New underwater dino ? Basically every role that an aquatic dino could have is already fulfilled in some way or another. Why would they bother to waste manpower on developing and programming a new dino nowadays, just for it to do the same as something that already exists ? They seem to be aiming for new gameplay mechanics and saddly they don't seem to be able to implement them with dinosaurs anymore. If they got new ideas, a dinosaur won't be able to cut it, because said idea might be an idea that a dino never would be able to reasonably portray. Like yeah sure the archelon would essentially do the same as the six-eyed turtle thing but the turtle thing also is supposed to have the ability to generate a bubble of oxygen on top of its shell, how would we reasonably be able to give something real an ability like this ? And if said turtle wouldnt have the oxygen ability it would essentially just do the same as a mosasaur with a platform saddle, maybe with the addition of some plants growing on its back. Im sorry man, but it seems like there won't be any new dinosaurs in the foreseeable future, i think they even admitted on the last developer stream that, due to Genesis beeing a simulation , they now can take even more liberties than before with their creatures. My guess is that the creatures are only gonna be more fantastic than they were already before, but personally im fine with that
  9. I mean the element by itself is already kind of a virus, it grows, spreads and infects living beeings, as we can see with the corrupted creatures on extinction
  10. Nah dude, literally nothing in the explorer notes indicates something like this, they are pretty clear on the fact that the titans were born out of the element, they are a part of it, their purpose is to act as the elements actors since it cant really do anything by itself: The One who waits #13: Like me, it cannot fight directly. It acts through proxies and avatars. Some of these used to have wills of their own, but now they are slaves to the violet poison that courses through their veins. Now they are shadows of what they once were. Others were always shadows, cast by the violet poison itself. They were born within it, and rose from its depths. For the truth is, it's more than just a poison. It's alive. And it's the enemy.
  11. Gotta love myself some ark memes hahahaha , nice art btw
  12. The teaser at ark.gg/g has been updated again, the lights and the beam are red now, the displays changed and in addition to that we got two codes circling around the beam
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