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  1. i think i misunderstood you earlier, my bad. Yes, it's supposed to show the difficulty on which you beat the titan under the list of all the other bosses, so this definitely seems like a bug. Maybe it doesn't show because the list of defeated bosses is "full" but i can't imagine that this is working as intended
  2. if you already have a homo deus record, then there's nothing wrong. The king titan gives the homo deus record you should have regardless of difficulty, there are no different ones with special looks or anything ( and it also gives no extra levels, which makes it purely cosmetic )
  3. stuff like that has been a thing for quite the long time though ? like trees moving in the wind and such ? or am i missing a point here EDIT: Nevermind, i didn't read the post properly and thought you meant something else
  4. i feel like this could be an answer, because one of the notes on extinction, to be specific one from ascended helena, mentions his soul being long gone. On the other hand the original storywriter only wrote till extinction, so more contradictions happening between "old" and "new" lore wouldn't surprise me
  5. i'm really torn about this, one the one hand wildcard announced atlas the last time they went to the game awards, so ark 2 is something i considered and i really want this to be a thing, but on the other hand it just seems way too early, doesn't it ?
  6. what even- although now that i think about, let me guess, my comment on the gen 2 trailer ? ^^
  7. Just another quick idea as to what the announcement on the 10th might be, what if it's not anything affecting the main game, but wildcard releasing more ark related media ? While they said they're going to go beyond anything they ever did before, i kinda doubt it would be something like an ark movie ( let's be honest, a lot of people want it, but that's way too big ). But what if it's something smaller, like a short ark series or a cinematic ? Similar to these little clips they did at the beginning of the launch trailers for aberration and extinction, but maybe for the actual lore. Not to
  8. what do you mean no poglin, i do want my poglin skin for gen 2
  9. Perfect, can't wait for troodons to shred me irl ;D i would assume she just did it for the gesture, as a "hhmmm" expression ?
  10. By the way, what do you guys think about the announcement on the 10th of december ? There are people saying it's gonna be ark 2, but i honestly doubt it, considering that gen 2, once again the "end" of arks story I'm looking at you, extinction, isn't even out yet. Not to mention that when wildcard announces stuff like this, it's usually something big, but not this big. I just feel like it's gonna be something different than a whole new game or more DLC, but still important. Maybe mods on console, free to play or anything like that. Any other theories ?
  11. Guilty as charged. I only found out recently that the person who i got this from, isn't actually part of the dev team, but only a moderator (who doesn't have that kind of info), so yeah, sorry for that. Funny though that the map actually ended up being ring shaped
  12. We already know that the sanctuary and it's sourroundings are the birthing place of the arks. This was mentioned in multiple of Helenas notes as "the one who waits". The point about arat prime being the launching point of the ship sounds kinda good though, considering that arat prime probably has the same kind of relationship to the genesis simulation that the sanctuary has to the arks.
  13. yeah one of dianas notes on extinction mentions this, so arrat prime being on earth is confirmed
  14. I just remembered this post after the reveal just know, they just confirmed that you're gonna spawn with a federation tek suit and that the map is also built with that in mind ( some places might require the jetpack to get to ). Although they also said that it kinda works like a skin at the same time, so you can put on other armour too while keeping the functionality
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