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  1. Says the guy who uses the logic of "if it dont happen to me in my very specific situation then it dont happen to no one. "Joined feb 5th." Your knowledge of ark is likely very vast and extensive. Your comments now make sense.
  2. Wait, so not only now do I have to play PVP, I also have to play on a very specific type of pvp server (conquest), in order for my game to work properly? And this is the solution in your mind? Not fix the other game modes that are official?
  3. You got all the answers, but you arent helping at all. I have played ark pvp since ark launched, you arent bs'ing me, you are just here for an argument, move along please.
  4. Yes PVE broke the game. Not as perfect as PVP with massive cross server tribes meshing and cheating and wiping entire servers. Get out of here with that b.s.
  5. I had dinos out. Re-cryo'ing dino's simply results in an egg hatching somewhere. It doesnt fix the issue.
  6. I think the answer is limiting amount of babies out. This cap is happening because tribes have 50 babies out.
  7. Fantastic event. I wish they would just turn it off so I could play normal non-event ark at least.
  8. To Whomever cares (probably not wildcard) Please institute a cap on how many babies a tribe can have out during the Valentines event. Sincerely, Shove Your Tame Cap Up Your Butt.
  9. Raising babies was balanced around 1x, so to me it seems as if they need to decrease the baby timers now too in order to keep balance.
  10. This thread needs revived. I have: Skidmark Twain (Dung Beetle) Beeves The Butler (Beaver) Ankylo Ren (Anky) Stoner (Doed) Tapa Jar Jar Binks (Tapajara)
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