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  1. Still freaking alive. The bleach koolaid man hasn't gotten to me yet. 

  2. I will get my gdmf moomoo's with a cart weather or not y'all like it.
  3. I will once again prepare to be disappointed but I will not change my vote. Good luck to all the mammal lovers your there
  4. Yes wow so much content to take in, gosh willikers there's so much I might never Finnish reading the article. Flaking dumb. You might has well.have copy and pasted your last community crunch
  5. Alright I'll take a do over but only if it's a BA creature or a water creature
  6. Does anyone know if the lost island will have a new boss? Does anyone one on here have any knowledge of the boss that the original creator wanted to implement. Looking to get excited despite all the disappointment
  7. Anyone have an update on where we are in the Xbox apocalypse?

  8. Ya'll wanna complain about exclusivity but xbox (thanks to microcrap) was never allowed access to cool modded stuff. I drooled over the npc programs for 2 years praying we on Xbox could enjoy that level of detail. What about the style packs? Or the castle mods? No. We got "bionic triceratops" so shut the hell up about "unfair" it will come to ps at some point. In the mean time enjoy your wider scope of creativity
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