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  1. *CC 302* We have decided that Easter Evo will be combined into the Summer Bash which will be combined into Spooky Evo of 2028 which will be pushed back until Turkey Trials of 2033 followed by Winter Wonderland Evo delay pending release of ARK 2 in 2051! Have a great weekend guys!
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  2. Only a week? That sucks for the people who work for a living! Come on guys
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  3. Nice… 1 week event. Lol Love how they fixed the Tek shoulder cannon bug… but not the HUGE Gen 2 mesh holes or the Tek helmet doing the exact same thing. Love how they fixed the spoil timer glitch, but not the moving implant that causes your stacks to split on Xbox. Been broken for over a year btw. Love how consumables going to Crystal Isles have an infinite spoil timer on them. I could go on forever… But we all know they don’t pay attention to their community. Would someone with half a brain please buy Wildcard already. What a joke.
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