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  1. It has been a while. Time to play has been really limited. During Fear Evolved I had to prepare to defend my thesis. Which unfortunately cut my time short. Graduating was a priority, but at least I succeeded. I did fire up Ark for a bit. So, here a recap of several short session First I brought some Giga’s over to the Island. Mainly to actually see the Dodorex for the first time. Been playing for years, but never actually seen it in game 😅 Had day and night drift by, when I finally got the messages it had arrived. We went on the hunt and managed to slay the beast! Three of my Giga’s died, but they were expendable. This ordeal actually took two play sessions, but seeing the Dodorex was worth it. Hopefully, next year I’ll be on Scorched to see the Dodowyvern. But with the amount I play I’m not counting on it… Next up: A taming spree on Ragnarok. Ragnarok is and will always be my home. It also is my save where I can do and cheat whatever I want. I mainly used this to hoard Wyverns over the weekend. Either high level or just plain pretty. My home base next to the green obi has become a bit laggy though. It is still very playable, but annoying. So, I wanted to build a new base for my Wyverns and maybe a few other creatures. I also had the urge to just destroy my current base and rebuild it. But it was a real pain to actually finish, undoing all that work is kind of painful 😂. This lead up to my latest session More recent: Was home rather early after work yesterday, and having spent a couple hours outside of the office helped with my motivation to play. First I did a dino scan, to see if anything interesting was around. A 360 Tek-Anky. Well, I’m not one to pass something like that up. The scan said it should have been on one of the safer island, close to the swamp. Hopped on Shakan (my Ice Wyvern) and flew over. Passed over all of them several times, saw several Anky’s, but not the one I was looking for 😭. In the end I gave up and returned home. Went out again. This time to scout for a location for my new Wyvern Keep (name still undecided). I’d already thought of building around the castle on one of the plateau’s there. So, it was the first place a flew towards. Kept an I out for interesting creaturea, but nothing notable popped up. Did raid a beverdam for some paste. Although my Achatina’s have been breeding like crazy, even with mating turned of. I’ll have enough paste to last. Anyway, reached the castle. Killed a skeletal Bronto, who was still wandering around, and went to look for a decent location. Eventually decided on a small ‘island’, without ground access. Started laying some foundations, and decided to expand it with a bridge. It will probably turn into a full fledged base at some point, but it may be a good thing. I’ve been stuck next to green obi for years now. My initial plan turned into something different, with the way my foundation turned out. However I do like it. Now to think about the continuation into something useful and decent looking. Till next time! Which may take awhile again 😅
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