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    Hey, I was wondering why the spinos are so bad in Ark? They used to be the largest carnivores ever and way more dangerous than a t-rex or a giga. I bet Im not the only one thinking that the Spino is way too bad. Yeah, I understand that Ark is not supposed to be 100% accurate dinosaur history game but like cmoon, Spinosaur used to be the most badass creature ever. In Ark I've seen like lvl 20 on a pvp server and wood base with like lvl 50 spinosaur. Not just easy to tame but very bad. *Note* Thats just what I think, and you are 100% allowed to disagree with me.
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    I and a lot of people feel that scorched was incomplete when it was released. We figured it would get updated as the game was technically still in Beta. This doesn't appear on any of your road maps which is really disappointing. I purchased scorched when it came out, but you are also including it in your season pass. If you are selling this DLC, then as a customer I feel that you need to take a second pass at scorched and finish the content. The unfinished feel of scorched is even more apparent with the release on aberration and the functionality of some of the dinos and objects. Scorched is currently the least popular map, but I think a lot of that is due to the incomplete feel of the map. I am going to outline a few things that stand out now having spent time on aberration. Dinos: Morellatops Health Pool - Seems to have an abnormally low health pool even at high levels. The morellatops should be at Parasaur levels in my opinion Water Stat - The purpose of these are to store and carry water, but they don't have a special stat for water capacity. This became really apparent as an oversight when light pets came out and have 3 special light stats. It would be nice to be able to increase the water capacity like light stats on light pets or breed these for that stat for people that enjoy breeding. Thorny Dragon Health Pool - VERY low given that it is a predator. I have seen these die trying to attack a Morellatops. Needs a boost to make these a bit more fearsome Torpor Attack - The spine throwing tail attack does basically no damage and no torpor. I tested this using a thorny dragon with 240% melee. It took 6 hits to a Jerboa to knock it out. In contrast a lvl 1 character can knock out a jerboa with 3 punches. Given the melee difference it looks like this attack is doing 1/5th as much torpor as a punch at a base level. It would need to be increased 5x to be as much as a punch and could safely be increased 10x so that it actually does something meaningful. Vulture The dossier says you can put raw meat in a vulture and have it spoil quickly. Currently cannot place raw meat in a vulture period. So this functionality is not realized and the dino is unfinished. Moth Produces eggs and those eggs can be made into kibble. Nothing uses that kibble. This appears to be a flaw in the kibble tree or an unfinished scorched dino tree Dossier says it produces silk. Everyone assumed this would function like the snail and cementing paste. Currently the moth produces nothing, so this functionality is broken/unfinished Worthless addition to the game given its low speed, weight, health etc. Not a good flying mount and has a very long tame time. yields silk when killed, but not enough to justify it over a Theriz collecting silk. Rock Elemental Cannot be knocked out with Rocket Launcher. I know this was broken, then supposedly fixed, but it is broken again. Kibble (Mantis) seems to be out of line in the kibble tree. Since these seem to be very effective at killing death worms, it would seem that death worm horns would be the kibble. It also fits the game lore a bit better as the elementals eat minerals and rocks and the death worms spend a lot of time in the ground with minerals the rock elementals crave. Kibble Tree: The glaring flaw here is the Moth (Lymantria). This kibble tree is also out of line with the power progression of a survivor on scorched. Starting with the vulture is ok, passive tame using spoiled meat. They are actually fairly hard to get for a beginner survivor without a mount however, but ARK isn't suppose to be easy, right? Morellatops to Thorny makes sense too... Thorny to moth makes a little less sense, but I can roll with that too. Where this breaks down for me is the Mantis. The Mantis is suppose to be a mid level farming dino that you can also equip with swords for kicks. However, to tame it you have to kill an apex creature on scorched, the death worm. This seems strange and out of place in the power climb. Moth to Mantis would make a lot more sense with the death worm horns taming a Rock Elemental. Map Flaws: Besides a lot of places in caves and the map in general where survivors can get glitched in rocks and the ground unable to free themselves, move, or for that matter die efficiently, there are issues with the wind map. The map needs a pass to fix allowing fliers and survivors to circumvent the edge of the map to access the undermesh and to fix the glitched/stuck areas. I can start documenting them for you, but am not going to put in the effort if Wildcard had deemed scorched a dead map support wise. The wind map is also buggy. With areas where the wind will drop or increase in a zone. For example....there are multiple places in the 20% wind zone where there is about a 4x4 foundation area with different wind %. I would like to think this was a feature, but given what I know of UE4, these are flaws I am sure. Given that, I would like to see actual different winds in some areas to break up the landscape. Plus some of the wind coverage (in caves, underground, etc) does not make a lot of sense. A update to the wind map would be very welcome. Ascension Cave: With the way the ascension cave plays out on the island, it really seems like there should be one on this map to move to aberration. It does not necessarily need to be tek level, but it would be cool if there was a portal of some sort and a guardian for that portal to get to Aberration. I have a number of other things, but don't want to write too much of a wall of text. Given that this is paid DLC, I truly hope you consider giving scorched the attention it needs to bring it up to the level of the other maps in ARK.
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    minecraft graphics are nowhere near as demanding as arks, i could plug a usb into a pile of dogpoop and run mineraft, while ark needs a nasa super computer to run ark at above 30, size isnt the only thing when it comes to hardware demands.
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    Alright. My boss squad is full. I have all the tribute items that I need. All that’s left is to transport my army to the green obelisk. This has gone almost too well so far. Every other time that I’ve tried to transport a large group of dinos across the map like this somebody has gotten lost. So far I’m only a few steps from the Savannah biome and once I’m there my chances of losing somebody fall drastically. Sadly I’m only able to really travel by night because there are three Megalosaurs in my army. They tend to slow things down if they don’t get their beauty rest. Right now I’m camping out on a small island in the middle of the swamp while daytim passes. This will be a boring wait but hopefully we’ll worth it in the end... MyArsenal for the Center Gamma Arena fight: Full riot gear w/backup flak gear A longneck rifle w/ 100 rounds A shotgun w/ 100 shells 50 stimulant food and water 5 Rexes 4 Allosaurs 3 Spinosaurs 3 Megalosaurs 2 Therizinosaurs 2 Yutyrannus 1 Daeodon Im only able to play Ark about 5 hours a week maximum, so this is about a real-time year and a half of work that it took to get me to this point. If I lose this fight I lose all that time as well. I’m nervous, but I feel ready... I’ll be streaming this either tomorrow or Monday. I’ll try to let y’all know at least an hour ahead of time if anybody’s Interested.
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    They came over to our Ab server and unstuck a few Drakes that had bugged under rocks. That was about 2 weeks ago, so you should still be good
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    just check steam charts,its gaining more players actually
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    Yeah it's a joke. I hate to say it to you but... Ark will never be "fixed". This game was built upon too many flaws. The game is a mess. You'd have a better chance of them creating a new game (Ark 2) on a new engine and reworking all the issues Ark has, such as the massive lag, undermeshing etc. But yeah, even if they did make an Ark 2... I am sceptical that they will learn from the mistakes of their first game.
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    Its done. The dock is finally done. Took me 3 or 4 nights of constant farming and building but got there in the end. So much longer than I thought it would take. Wasnt helped by the awful building mechanics... I surrounded the cove with an outer wall of pillars and ceilings with a behomoth gate at the entrance. Added a lighthouse type building at one of the corners in what is my first build using an octagon base rather than the standard square build. Think it came out great considering. Just need to add the final details such as lights but thats for later. Sick of the sight of stone structures now 😂 Also while farming resourses came across a 150 wild bronto so rushed back to base and grabbed the griffin to tame it up. Downed it without too much of a problem although I thought I botched it when the xbox dashboarded (for once i dont think it was an ark issues but the xbox overheating due to the warm weather over here...). Tamed it up and slapped the brachiosaur skin on it
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    Hello, this list of ARK bugs, which includes the main issues ruining the gameplay on all the maps and all the game modes, was created to inform the ARK devs who need to be aware of the problems and take serious actions. Attention: the following list is based on the information received from my personal experience of 3K+ hours on official servers only and supported by my friends’ opinions and ARK related sources on the Internet. It does not include any exploits, unintended mechanics, undermeshing problems such as holes into the underground world, server-related issues, game crash issues, and other instances that are difficult to specify on all types of the servers and game modes including single player. The current list is not complete, so it will be updated if when more bugs are discovered. A more detailed explanation of a bug and a proof in a form of a screenshot can be provided upon a request. The liiist of ARK bugs: # Bug description Proof Urgency to be resolved 1 The identical look of the Araneo and Megaloceros saddles and blueprints Everyone can check this Medium 2 Incorrect display of numbers (only 0) of moved items between you and a dino while being mounted Everyone can check this Medium 3 Impossibility to hit and harvest some rock/gem/metal nodes using dinos (ankylo/doedicurus) on Aberration Everyone can check this High 4 Improper textures collision on Aberration that makes possible falling through the ground A rock drake got suck after 2 hours of playing on this map High 5 An instance of a higher risk to lose a character during transfer after any ARK update 2 characters were lost within 10 days during transfer on update days Very High 6 The inaccuracy of weapon hit registration; especially, with all bows and pump-action shotguns Everyone can check this High 7 An instance of a thylacoleo jumping out of the water and looking like a superman It was claimed to be patched in summer of 2017, but the bug is still here. Everyone can check this Medium/Low 8 Immediate disappearing of the water out of a canteen filled in a water tap and placed into your hot bar on Scorched Earth A manual transfer of filled canteens from a water tap to a player’s inventory and then to the bar should help. Everyone can check this Medium 9 Improper work of a mirror that stops reflecting everything after a while Everyone can check this Medium 10 Incorrect work of a transmitter/obelisk that in some cases can make anything you are uploading disappear 2 valuable blueprints just vanished during uploading Very High 11 Improper structure loading sequence right after joining a server that allows walking under foundations or ceilings before they are loaded and that causes getting stuck in these structures. Everyone can check this High 12 Incorrect areas of wild dino spawns that happen inside or behind textures in caves, inside enclosed bases, and structures Everyone can check this. For instance, at least 5 pegomastaxes were found spawned inside metal foundations for the last half a year. High 13 Incorrect display of tree leaves in the desert areas on SE and Ragnarok that disappear in close distances Everyone can check this Medium 14 Improper behavior of a wyvern set to follow that was ordered to land but flies away instead Everyone can check this Medium 15 Improper unequipping of armour off a character in some cases when pressing E that causes dropping this armour to the ground instead of staying in the inventory Everyone can check this Medium 16 An instance of a mosasaurus stuck above water level that usually happens when it swims above a structure (ceiling) placed slightly below the water level Everyone can check this, but whipping a stuck mosa from above (ex. using a griffin) solves the issue Medium 17 An infrequent occasion of a player (you) displayed as another character (as your tribemate) if you have mounted on any creature Everyone can check this, but the bug is very uncommon that happened twice in 3000+ in-game hours Medium/Low 18 Improper textures collision of large creatures such as an alpha squid that makes you stuck inside even if you are on a basilosaurus Everyone can check this. This also happens in some cases when you tame a normal squid with a turtle High P.S. I apologize for the grammar mistakes that could occur because I am not a native English speaker. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this list/suggestions/other bugs and point out any mistakes.
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    Yeah you’re exactly the type I’m talking about. Killing a whole taming pen of 50 Dinos that were passive just because you can. You are the guy that the whole server hunts down because you have no respect for anything. Take down probably hundreds of hours worth of someone’s time because you want to. Like you said, “in your view, anyways”. There’s a way to do things. Take what you need and get out. Don’t completely decimate everything back to the Stone Age. That’s way overboard and is considered extremely d!ckish behavior. These rules are NOT non-existent, only to you and your pirate kind. It’s courtesy but of course you always have the ones who take advantage. Don’t bomb the barracks. Why do you think in WW1 the Germans and English agreed not to shell the barracks or latrines? I’m not responding anymore. All I will say is that I hope you are caged and cuffed, constantly fed narcs and food. Then again, parasites like you will just leave and find somewhere else to infect.
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    IDK what you did with it WC, but the support section for PC was a lifesaver for me and perhaps many others. Please put it back, or at the very least put back the 'try these first' forum post (its listed in the support part of the site but unlisted and 'you don't have permission to see this'). The bug report system is great, but it shouldn't replace the community support pages!!!
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    Archelon the Sea Turtle. ya, we have carbonemys but it's a tortoise not a turtle. i'd really like a faster early game mount to cross large bodies of water safely
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    Very nice write up. I also highly recommend tagging chris, jat, jen and eli so it gets some attention. Lets hope it is seen by the right people to give SE the attention it deserves. Hopefully after Extinction, the WC gravy train will slow down instead of moving on to ARK 2. Start putting in some serious man hours to fixing these aspects of the game: -Map TLC -mesh hole fixing to stop things getting stuck/falling in the ground -Dino TLC -QOL improvements (NOT NERFS) -optimization -Kibble rework -Dynamic bridges -land claim and securing improvments -global tame cap solutions Im sure about 90% of those will never happen but a guy can dream.
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    does not work. there is already more pve in our pvp servers than people would like, supported by low rates and politics. your pvp safe zone is your base. you have to build and maintain it. bored pve'ers can announce war. it's an option literally NOONE uses.
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    If you head to your Steam Community, Select Workshop, and then on the right-hand side you should see an option for Subscribed Items. Select that, and then you'll need to manually unsubscribe from all the mods, otherwise, they'll continue to patch when they receive an update.
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    Is the title a joke? This game runs like crap, because the devs are lazy and never took to optimizing it. Game is mostly dead anyway.
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    I Think this idea would help the game a lot. On pvp when you want to trade someone, you have that constant fear of being killed doing the trade, and a lot of trust issues. In pve people get bored after building and taming and building all the time. I suggest for pvp a safe zone and pve a pvp area. This area would be at 50/50 on every map. For pvp after leaving the zone you are flagged as friendly for 30 seconds and cant be branded it again for 5 mins. For pve you are flagged as hostile while in Arena and 30 seconds outside of it. I think this will bring new life to ark. Can help those on pvp build up and those on pve let go of some frustration .
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    ... ARK, although being a great game, is fundamentally bugged. And by this i don't just mean bugs that have appeared over time, but ugly player frustrating and anger inducing bugs that have been present from the very first day of early access. When wildcard first wrote that they were getting ready to release the game, i wrote a very large topic about why i thought it was a bad idea since the game was not ready. And yet here we are. Let me direct your attention to the original now archived thread posted June 16 2017: Why am i writing this in the first place? Well, because i at the time of this writing have about 1700 hours in the game. Or, what corresponds to more than 70 full days of online time to put it into perspective. Yes yes, i know a lot of people have more, this isn't a "who has played the longest" contest. However, i am writing this because i just lost 5 of my best animals in a breeding stock, since they glitched through metal foundations, into shallow water below. And drowned. You would think that such an incredibly basic and gamebreaking bug would have been fixed by now, after years of development and paid DLC releases (more snakes buried in that part, but i will leave that out of this thread). I also know that this particular bug has thousands of threads to its name, and ofcourse i am sure that wildcard has attempted to fix it. Or work around it, introduce "hacks" to prevent it from happening etc. Everything but actually fixing the bug at its core wherever that may be (most likely in the UE4 engine). Is it good enough i ask? In my opinion the answer is a clearcut NO it is NOT. Especially since the game is soon to have yet another paid (and possibly final) DLC releasing soon. Which more than likely as well will be sitting on top of the core, and very bugged, game. I had actually hoped to eventually change my negative review of ARK once all the bugs or at least the most serious ones like the one above were fixed. It would appear that is never going to happen. And after having played the game for such a long time, why did i leave a negative review you may ask? Well, to put it simply, to warn other players so that they can make an "educated" opinion on wether or not to go through the same frustrations as i have during my many hours of play. Now, just for fun, let me quickly go through all the issues i posted about a year ago, and lets see what the status is now: - 1: Nope, not fixed. Dino follow mechanics are still the same, and they can still get horribly stuck in eachother. - 2: Nope, not fixed. The building system is still glitchy as effing heck. The only comforting factor is using mods like f ex S+ and others, which fix most of the frustations players new and old will have with the building system. Sadly, S+ and other mods can't fix core game issues, like f ex dinos and players falling through structures/world. - 3: This bullet point in the original post isn't a specific one (you will have to read the original post if you want to know why i can't say fixed/not fixed). After this, i stop using numbers, but name the bugs: - Memory usage: This seems to be fixed now. - The flee mechanic: Nope, not fixed. Still as silly as it was when it was first implemented (again, you will have to read the original post where i elaborate on what is wrong with it) - The Home buff: Partly fixed. But only partly. If you have f ex a full "box" inside a much larger "box", more than likely the outer box will be treated as outdoors rather than indoors. So yeah, raining through the ceiling is still a thing... - The range-check issue: Nope, not fixed. Seems to be slightly better than it was, but the issue still exists meaning possibly one or several hacks were introduced rather than the problem being fixed at its core. - Mating distance overhaul: Seems to be better. However, mating interval upgrades can sometimes be extremely funky even on servers running almost idle. - The "falling-through" issue: Nope, not fixed. Heck, it is the main reason i am writing this post today. - better anti-stuck code: Nope, not fixed. Still as buggy as it always was. - The old physics-issue: Seems to be partly fixed. - The "what-are-you-actually-aiming-at?" issue: Not fixed. Quite often what you are aiming at on the client and what actually happens after you take an action is not the same. This goes especially for building (snap points), tearing down structures (interact zones), but is not exclusive to these. - The "why wont you land" issue: Nope, not fixed. Exactly the same to this date. - The "dismounting left, or sort-of left" issue: Nope, not fixed. Seems smother than the original implementation, but you will still occasionally see your character first go right, then left. Also the dismount "jump range" does not seem to be the same for left and right, most likely due to the same problem. - The ancestry display: Nope, not fixed. Still the same more or less useless pile of junk is being displayed, where players have made free breeding apps in their spare time which shows the ancestry (among many other things) sooooo much better. Sloppy? Yes, very. - The "uh, what?" type bugs: Still very much present. There are plenty of cases where a player (new and old) will be baffled as to what just happened or why something is not working, where the game itself will give you absolutely no clue. - The "where-to-put-this-keybinding" issue: This one i do not know if it has been fixed or not actually, as i have simply learned to use obscure bindings rather than use modifier keys like most other games interfaces allow. - The "wheres-my-loot?": Same status as it was a year ago. It has been partly fixed, but since player loot beam range is obscenely small, chances are that you'll still lose your stuff occasionally if you happened to not write down your death location or didn't get the option for whichever reason. - The "why won't it move" issue: Nope, not fixed. For some reason the collection thresholds (which were good since they allowed the player to choose rather than limit them) seem to have been taken permanently out of the game. Because reasons? Heck if i know... - The ladder issue: Not sure on this one. Haven't had issues with ladders the past 150+ hours of play. But on the other hand due to previous issues with them, i use them very little for that very same reason. - The "not-really-wandering" issue: This one appears to have been fixed. - The "huh-what-graphics?" bug: This one appears to have been fixed. - The "missing body parts" bug: Appears to have been fixed. However, with several of the revamped dinos (f ex argentavis/harpagonis) instead saddle visibility is now bugged. - The "almost-making-beer" bug: Can't answer this. Haven't made beer (yet) this time around. So, out of the above 23 listed well known issues taken from my post written over a year ago before official release, only 4 are completely fixed, 3 are partly fixed and 3 i can't answer. That leaves 13 bugs still alive and kicking with the same bad in-game manners as they were a year (and in many cases longer) ago. This leads me to the conclusion of this thread: Wildcard, you should be embarrased. Plain and simple. Shame on you. And shame on me for still playing occasionally when i am already fairly confident that you will not improve the game, but instead just produce more content for $$, grab the money and run.
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    In my case it wasn't worth it. Scorched Earth is ok but Aberration was a total bust for me. I'd only recommend them for the story/explorer notes or getting new creatures/items to The Island or the free Maps Ragnarok/The Center. There are too many restrictions and forced "waiting games" on these maps like earth quakes, sandstorms, superheat on the surface of Aberration during daytime, etc.
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    Or make only the oil generator not work during electric storms, and instead make wind 100% but windmills take damage during the storm. Also, why does longkneck rifle not work during electric storms? ITS A FLINT LOCK!!!
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    Bring some plant species x seeds over from island?
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    You can import gigas from Island, Center or Rag to Scorched you know.
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    We are working with the Support team to create a new section at Support.SurviveTheArk.com with "Common Solutions". The old support forum just didn't work. It was filled with a sea of off-topic and duplicate reports and it was very difficult for our QA team to actually go through them. The new system is a much better system as now each and every report is looked at and categorized for our team to look into, resulting in a much more efficient way for us to deal with bugs.
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    Unfortunately our previous theme won't work with the latest version of IPS, due to the large number of custom scripts and completely redesigned modules in the latest major version. I completely understand what you're saying and of course I need to make sure you guys are comfortable using our forum . I'll have it done as soon as possible.
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