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  1. Had an epic one. Still pretty early game for me, setting up small bases at resource hubs. Only have one flyer, LVL 50 odd Ptera. Loaded myself with a small insta base and set off for North West tip. Inland west of volcano, I was stung off the bird and died. I had a raft on the west coast, so spawned there. Proceeded to run inland, heart pounding, sitting on the edge of the seat all the way. Never thought I would make it, but made it back to body with 2mins to spare. Couldn't believe I made it through the forest. Grabbed my gear, whistled the bird, and went on my way. Stoked!
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  2. Tamed a Fem Qeuetz and went wyv egg hunting
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  3. @Aushegun Lol! Yep, exactly like that! Had a bit of a weird day today. Logged in with three minds of what to do, build a Wyvern trap, attempt to kill an Alpha Wyvern, or explore the Carnivorous Caverns and look for the Artifact in there. Umming and ahhing and staring at my armour BP's I thought right, first of all I'm going to craft up these Riot BP's. Need Polymer for that so I head off to the volcano to slaughter Mantis' Whilst doing this I thought, hmmm, I haven't got a Mantis, maybe I should get one... Back at base, crafted up the Riot gear, and checked the strorage to see what t
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