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  1. Had an epic one. Still pretty early game for me, setting up small bases at resource hubs. Only have one flyer, LVL 50 odd Ptera. Loaded myself with a small insta base and set off for North West tip. Inland west of volcano, I was stung off the bird and died. I had a raft on the west coast, so spawned there. Proceeded to run inland, heart pounding, sitting on the edge of the seat all the way. Never thought I would make it, but made it back to body with 2mins to spare. Couldn't believe I made it through the forest. Grabbed my gear, whistled the bird, and went on my way. Stoked!
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  2. Tamed a Fem Qeuetz and went wyv egg hunting
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  3. @Aushegun Lol! Yep, exactly like that! Had a bit of a weird day today. Logged in with three minds of what to do, build a Wyvern trap, attempt to kill an Alpha Wyvern, or explore the Carnivorous Caverns and look for the Artifact in there. Umming and ahhing and staring at my armour BP's I thought right, first of all I'm going to craft up these Riot BP's. Need Polymer for that so I head off to the volcano to slaughter Mantis' Whilst doing this I thought, hmmm, I haven't got a Mantis, maybe I should get one... Back at base, crafted up the Riot gear, and checked the strorage to see what the Deathworm horn situation was like, and I didn't have any. Weird, I should have quite a few, I don't collect them religiously but I've done a lot of runs of the Ice Dungeon and normally get a couple at least, couldn't find a single one though. D was online so talked her into doing a run with me, I tanked with my shield and she took care of business with her pump action. Not much in the way of decent loot, a nice MC Fur Boots BP and an Ascendant Paracer saddle were the pick of it really. That done and with plenty of Horns, headed to the Volcano with the Quetz. Didn't have to search too long before I nabbed a 140 Male, and trekked back to base with him. Decided to use my small inside base pen, but I missed the drop, he bounced off the wall, and before I could grab him he was attacking my Argents. That didn't end well for him, one of the Rex's took two steps forward and chomped him. Crap. That was worth the bloody long flight back to base. Did a quick rebuild of the pen to make it a 4x4 instead of 2x3, and back to the Volcano I went. 130's, 135's, finally after maybe an hour of combing the mountain sides including having to stop every night time thanks to the janky new lighting bug making it impossible to see anything between 12 and 4am, a 150 Male. Praise the Sun! Up he comes and back to base. Made sure to whistle passive this time before dropping him, and got him in on the second attempt. Made up the bug spray, donned the Ghillie, and 25 minutes later he was mine. Grabbed a nice JM saddle out of storage and took him on a testing trip. Things didn't go well. Straight away leapt at a low level bear, which aggro'd a much higher level bear that I hadn't seen that I had to do some deft maneuvering to kill with a decent chunk of health lost. Had a sword on me as loot from all the Mantises I'd been killing earlier, so decided it might be prudent to arm him up. 300 odd damage with a leap, not bad, except a leap didn't kill a Troodon and then all his mates were on me, sucked my stamina and were playing merry hell until I managed to get atop a rock and out of bite range. Sod that I thought, and when I could move again I jumped away from them. Headed to another area of the forest and did some leaps at some easier targets, a few deer, a diplo, then trying to hit a Galli and I just couldn't get the bloody thing. Leap, miss, leap, miss. Grrrr. Then all of a sudden I'm attacked from behind and it's a bloody Alpha Raptor. A 135 at that. I try to jump away but not enough stamina, I attack and my sword breaks. All I can do is a limping leap back to base with it unrelentingly chewing on my arse. Hopefully I can make it and some of my other dinos will come to my rescue. I make it though the gates watching my health drop dramatically with every bite, come on guys, come and help! None of them move an inch. I head towards the Allos and Rex's, any second now guys, come on, come help. Do you remember what I said above? 'Made sure to whistle passive this time before dropping him...' Cos I hadn't, I thought everyone was still on Neutral. Damn rookie error that I finally realised just as my Mantis died beneath me. Disgusted with myself I whistled Neutral and watched with some satisfaction as every dino not tethered to a hitching post came and attacked the Raptor. Awwwww, crap! Why did I do that for?!? Every bloody dino has come and attacked it! Why the hell didn't I just jump on a Rex? What the hell is wrong with me? These questions and more along with very many curses in elvish, entish and the tongues of men were exclaimed very loudly over voice chat as I started the clean up of putting everyone back where they're supposed to be. To her credit, D did very well not to laugh too much. Finally got everyone tidied away and D asked 'Where do you want this?' 'Want what?' 'Look up.' I looked up and she's hovering above my base on her Quetz with a 150 female Mantis dangling from its claws. Bless her little cotton socks. I asked her to put it in the outside taming pen
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