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  1. Figured I'd stop in to say that this sorry excuse for a game was working for me for the past 3 weeks (first time in months) then after the update that just deployed today it is no longer working. Cannot retrieve address again. Sad when people like myself have been so committed to this game and all we get back is a nothing burger. It has to be wildcards problem to fix because I do not have this issue with similar games like conan or dayz. Both of those games I can load up and play just fine.
  2. Hey when are they gonna fix this game? Do the devs even know this is an issue that's now several years old effecting a large number of people?
  3. Maybe so but it doesn't excuse the fact that people have had this problem for 3 years now. Half the people that started this thread have moved on I assume. I only come to check to see if anybody with any sort of authority in Wildcard will acknowledge this problem but they still dont. Conan Exiles I can log onto any server I wish, so it's for sure a Wildcard server problem. ARK I have only been able to play OC servers the past 3 years(despite being in the US) and they screwed that up when they took the OC rag servers down a few weeks ago. I could play any server I wanted before the Halloween ev
  4. Good luck. I helped start this thread almost 3 years ago about this issue and they still havent helped me. Changing dns doesn't work for a lot of people. This is the only game I have this issue with so its definitely wildcard servers. I've only been able to play OC servers since the start of this problem(despite being on the east coast of the US) and then the turkey trial update made those inaccessible to me as well.
  5. Want to add that ever since the OC server maintenance last night, now my OC servers dont work for me. OC are the only servers I have been able to play for 2 years because you guys are bad at your jobs and now i cant even do that. Good thing this games slowly dying.
  6. I'm one of the people that started this thread originally. Several years later I am STILL experiencing this problem. Only OC servers work despite me being in the eastern US. All DayZ servers work fine for me, all Conan Exiles servers work for me. It's an ark issue.
  7. The "workaround that never fails" has failed a lot of people lol I appreciate you trying to help but it's not a fix for everyone
  8. I'm one of the original posters about this and I figured your comment suited my issue the best. Having the same thing for years now, randomly works and then stops working. I've stopped playing ark entirely because I can only connect to OC servers despite living in North America. They wont do anything if you submit a ticket. Suprising to see this thread still active. Wildcard still has no comment about this? Shame
  9. Hello all, just an update. I'm now well over a year or two into this issue. Still can only play OC servers despite being on the East Coast of the USA. All of you having the same issue please look back in this post and I made a detailed statement as to my exact problem. Maybe it'll give you an idea as to what the problem is. Mind you, I have new Internet now too and it's still not working.
  10. Maybe this time, but not most of the time. I started this thread with a few other a while back. I suggest looking back in the thread several months back. I believe it goes all the way to October of last year.
  11. Many months later, still having the same problem. Refer to my previous posts about this if you want to see my situation
  12. Further update, several months later and OC servers are the only ones that work for me and my girlfriend.
  13. No luck with any of the workarounds, please check newer posts in this thread because I have given very detailed information about my issues regarding this.
  14. Thank you, please read my most recent post within this topic if you havent already and tell me if you are experiencing the same issues as me with the same circumstances. Maybe we can narrow it down some and do a bit of their job for them.
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