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  1. Further update, several months later and OC servers are the only ones that work for me and my girlfriend.
  2. No luck with any of the workarounds, please check newer posts in this thread because I have given very detailed information about my issues regarding this.
  3. Good luck. I've tried, they dont seem to care.
  4. Thank you, please read my most recent post within this topic if you havent already and tell me if you are experiencing the same issues as me with the same circumstances. Maybe we can narrow it down some and do a bit of their job for them.
  5. RStrumsworth

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    I think you need to also acknowledge that many people are not only crashing, but can't even connect to official servers. I have only been able to play on OC servers since September 2017, at times I can't even play on those. It always stops at prinalgamedata_bp then says cannot retrieve address. When I can finally play, its constant crashing. I have tried to contact everyone about this and nothing. At least acknowledge the issue, I recommend checking out the "any fix in sight for cannot retrieve address" post. Me and many others have given many details of our issues to try to help you guys solve the problem.
  6. RStrumsworth

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    You were on my cannot retrieve address thread, correct?
  7. RStrumsworth

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    I have had this issue as well when I can play, but I haven't been able to play ark since September. I started a thread back in September that my no OFFICIAL servers at all will load. They all say "cannot retrieve address". Every couple of weeks I'll be able to log into a server, then a day or two later it gives me this error. I have tried every fix I can find, every one suggested, and nothing. Once septmber came and there was an evolution event, i could play on only EU servers even though I could play on all servers up to this point since game preview. It gave me the cannot retrieve address error for about 2 months then finally I could only play on NA servers. Then it gave me the error again a day or two later and that lasted up until 5 days ago or so. Then I was able to play on ANY server again, until the evolution event happened. Now I'm limited to playing only a few OC official servers because all other say "cannot retrieve address". Many other people experiencing this in the same time frames as me. I have family and friends who have this game, with the same Internet providers, living very close to me who do not have this issue. Long winded but I hope someone can help.
  8. This^. My issue is the exact same. Me and my gf were finally able to play again after 5 minths, we got on again only EU and OC would work. I never had a console update or anything. Now after 2 days, none of the servers for work again. When this issue first occurred back in September it was the opposite, NA would work and EU wouldn't. Wanted to add that now only a few OC official servers work, no EU and no NA. All player dedicated work for me. Last 2 days I could play only EU and OC, now only OC as of today. The 4-5 months prior to this I couldnt play on any servers because of the cannot retrieve address, and all of the 1.5-2 years prior to that since I got the game, I could play ANY server I wanted. Hope that makes sense. Also, I'm on the east coast of the USA and using AT&T. My brother lives not even 20 minutes away can play with no issues, also using AT&T. Every time This happens it coincides with the evolution event weekends. Update: One weekend later, I can play only OC and NA servers. One week ago I could play any servers, then none, then only OC, now only OC and NA. Been going on for months, was unable to play at all for at least 2 months straight. Update 2: At the end of the Evolution weekend now only OC works. Seems to have something to do with evolution weekends but theres no pattern as to which servers will work or not work. I should also add this is happening for me and my girlfriend at the same times. We live together with the same connection(we have tried seperate connections) and we game share. We've tried resetting the game share and nothing. Update 3: nearly 2 weeks later and I'm still able to play only OC official servers. All player dedicated work for me. NA and EU Legacy and official servers do not work, only OC official works for me. Update 4: Nearly 2 weeks later, I am able to play OC servers and NA servers, not EU still. The evolution event starts tomorrow. Somebody please help me gst some more attention to this thread. I am trying to give as much detail as possible.
  9. My ark finally started working Thursday night. Played it for 2 days and tamed a high level bear and built a base. Now it says cannot retrieve address. No one cares about dlcs, just fix the game.
  10. Had to make a thread to get some much needed attention on this issue. Ive been having the cannot retrieve address message since September 2017, 2 days ago I was finally able to play again. I tamed my bear(its a level 215), built a base, gathered metal etc., and now it says cannot retrieve address again! Pay attention to your customers wildcard. Give us some information on when this will be fixed or if you even care about it. Just acknowledge the issue. I believe in the game but you guys arent doing your jobs. I will no longer waste any time on this game. I dedicated half my weekend to this game only for it to not work again. Dont even suggest any of the "fixes" because they do not work. Somebody atleast acknowledge the issue.
  11. This post sums up exactly what I wanted to say. I have done all that as well and it still wont help. Ive had the issue since September 2017!
  12. Its ridiculous. They won't even acknowledge the issue, and when they do they just suggest some "fixes" that don't work. I guess the few that are having this issue aren't as important as the many not experiencing it. Haven't been able to play since September.
  13. I know this thread will get merged with another but this needs more attention. Me and many other unable to play this game since September 2017 and even farther back than that because of the "cannot retrieve address" message. None of the "fixes" or troubleshooting changes this issue. Been playing since early access, now me and my gf unable to play online. Yet my brother can play and he only lives a few miles away from me.
  14. Me and you both, joeblow said they should be looking into now that aberration is released.
  15. RStrumsworth

    Fix this game!

    Thank you, that's all I needed was for someone to recognize and update us on this issue. Been playing the game since day 1 of preview and would hate for this to make the game unplayable for me and many others. Please do not hesitate to update us! Would save you from a lot of angry gamers.