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  1. Me and you both, joeblow said they should be looking into now that aberration is released.
  2. Fix this game!

    Thank you, that's all I needed was for someone to recognize and update us on this issue. Been playing the game since day 1 of preview and would hate for this to make the game unplayable for me and many others. Please do not hesitate to update us! Would save you from a lot of angry gamers.
  3. Fix this game!

    Thank you but that does not work for me and many others. The issue is more of cannot retrieve address. Sometimes I can play a random official server for a little then the next day that same server says cannot retrieve address.
  4. Fix this game!

    Good to hear, does that also apply to the "cannot retrieve address" issue?
  5. Fix this game!

    I know its your job but this doesnt help anyone. Ive reported several times in that link and me and many others cannot play since September! Says "cannot retrieve address" or its on an infinite joining screen. I have tried every "fix" and nothing works. Submitting a ticket does nothing either. When it was in game preview I can unserstand, now there is no excuse. I havent heard anyone with any sort of authority recongnize this problem, instead they leave us up to our own devices to fix this issue.
  6. The games broken and dying. Good idea behind the game but they can't support it. Many hours put into this game and haven't been able to play since September. My brother who lives not even 10 miles away can play with no issues. I've factory reset my xbox blah blah blah all the supposed "fixes" and it says cannot retrieve address. Good thing I only paid 15 dollars for this game.
  7. Every server, says could not retrieve address since September. Sometimes it let's me do NA servers but then they stop working. I've already lost all my stuff. Me and many others in this thread have this problem. I've tried every "fix" mentioned and nothing works. I have proceeded to uninstall the game and I won't be playing again until it gets fixed. Too much time dedicated to a broken game. Not putting any blame on the moderators obviously, just do your best to convey the message further. Been loyal to the game since it was in preview stage. Early preview at that, I've spent too much time building for it all to decay due to this issue. Best of luck to the rest of you tho.
  8. Nope. I've Uninstalled the game. Been loyal to it since game preview but it's fully released now, no excuse on their half.
  9. Nope lol. Everyone's stuff is decayed by now anyways from my understanding so I won't be playing for awhile
  10. the help on this site is unreal. Fair enough, you got a job to do and I'm not complaining about that. Why hasn't there been anyone interested in this issue?
  11. I'll keep making threads until somebody with any sort of authority recognizes it as a problem. I submitted a ticket as you recommended, no help there. All they said was "we have no control over server issues." Since then, my base has been destroyed due to this issue. This is a full game, not game preview anymore. Stuff happens, somebody from WC can atleast acknowledge the issue.
  12. Don't matter man. All our buildings are decaying. They lost a player, I've been raided due to this
  13. Title says it all. Those of you familiar with it know when it started. Those of you that have no clue, refer to my previous threads
  14. I can only join one Ark Official Server

    You're not the only one. Many people experiencing this issue. Many threads about it.
  15. In the meantime, I've been raided due to this issue and lost all my tames because my generators ran out of gas. Wonderful..