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Introducing the Kentrosaurus & A Message to the ARK Community!


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On 9/28/2016 at 11:48 PM, Ked said:

I know that this is for everyone to vent their frustrations and anger, I don't want to get flamed or get peoples heckles up.

This is my opinion of the updates the paid DLC and everything that goes with Ark..I'm honestly sick and tired of seeing people whine and complain about a game that is still in Alpha. Yes I'm using the Alpha card here, there are going to be bugs there are going to be things implemented into the game or DLC content that someone or many don't like and are mad about. But look at the bigger picture here. This game is amazing and WC is the only reason we're able to play it. Everyone that is complaining about the price and it being pay-to-win, have you thought about the people that are not American as Steam uses American currency, and the pay to win is a low blow really. It is the owner of the Server that decides if you can upload a Dino from Scorched Earth... If you don't want to pay don't buy simple. I don't have SC on PC simply because I can't afford it atm, but I would gladly pay $30 for it in my Country just to play and keep the game going.

They could have charged for the other 2 DLC's if they really wanted to regardless of whether it was created by Modders or not. As for future DLC I have seen on a few comments from WC that there will be future DLC that are to be bought and that was always their intention, just do some research and actually read the posts.

In saying all this I am neither with or against WildCard on what they do, I am however asking people to look at the bigger picture and appreciate what they have so far. 

@RedNeonNinja30 I did see a post from WildCard about that while I was looking at updates and suck, and they did say that down the track they are hoping to remove the Tether completely but there isn't really a time frame on it. 

Here's the problem with your 'theory' , In order for them to "Charge " for the other 2 'dlc' They would have first had to restrict the mod from pc users for use. Second, purchase them "legally" ( I know something around here done legally, am i right, lol) from the modders, assuming ownership of said 'mods' . Then once they have coded them out of pc players being able to use them , having already downloaded them. Made them paid DLC for both pc and console users. 

Add fuel and watch both sides ( pc and xbox and now 'maybe*' PS ) of players go nuclear on wildcard. You say why ? Well the biggest is removing what was just made for all players by a mod'er that was intended to be free , being marketed. Though From the mod'er point of view, what would be a market price of said 'dlc' Well from Prim plus , I would recommend that ced get 50% of all gross sales from it. and that is more then fair since he did primitive plus add on's from the ground up. I would also say 50% of all gross sales from the Center also. 

Now you do the math, do you see that even being able to happen ? Logically no , you could not. between what it would cost them , also , once they own them all future work done on them is now on wildcard . Since they don't have very much on them already should be a breeze right ? 

Ark core island  on pc xbox and now soon ps
SotF on pc xbox and now soon ps
SE on pc xbox and now soon ps
Oh with their own primitive vrs. 

Sure I bet they couldn't wait to buy up primitive plus and the center to put under their belt for paid dlc. 
Since they have no problems keeping up with where they are at now. 

I'm not taking anything away from wildcard , Personally I feel with everything they have weighting on them that they do now, they are doing an amazing job.
And I love the time I have spent on and played ark.
All I'm saying is you could add some practical approach to your theories before running with them .

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3 hours ago, GamerPerfection said:

That's PC only actually.

you know , I'm starting to think this new side of you is only to win me over .... again ... YOU ARE RIGHT .... sorry , I was carried away by that point . but yes . in fairness they are going to " be coming" or at least still on the  proverbial stove. albeit , the burner is turned off LOL. 

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