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Request for Hardcore Server on ASA - Hardcore Community would greatly appreciate




Congratulations on launch! We are excited to replay ark again with its updated visuals! I know launch is always a supper busy time for you guys, it seems everyone is hard at work stabilizing the game. Question,  Is there any news about hosting an official hardcore server? Many of us in the hardcore community are unsure if ASA will be including one. If so is there an ETA for it?

Thanks again for all the hard work

-Hardcore community.

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Question is in the title, thank you for all you are doing to get this show on the road.

It is greatly appreciated and I'm happy to play on the Official-PvP servers and learns the ropes in the meantime.

I have been playing on the Hardcore servers for quite sometime and really enjoy the danger it adds to the game, and the changes in tribal diplomacy when your lives are on the line.

Thank you for your consideration, I hope you can make this a possibility in the future!



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I think it would be amazing to have a cross-platform Hardcore Ark cluster. I played PS4/PS5 HC for years and we had a very tight knit community. I know from friends who switched to PC that the PC HC community was also very long-lasting and committed. I'm currently playing (or rather attempting to play with all of the server updates) ASA on PC with some other long-time Playstation HC players who also have PCs and it would be really appreciated if there were at least one Hardcore server for us to play our preferred game mode on.

Thanks WC for producing a game we all love and please see about adding a Hardcore server (hopefully full cross-platform)!!

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There's nothing better with Ark than being able to build, breed, discover, and raid with a community of players who enjoy a bigger challenge.

Hardcore provided that challenge time and time again for many years!

It would be amazing if there was hardcore official servers made available for us dedicated folks!

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Late to the party, but I've been playing official hardcore since the beginning of Ark Survival Evolved, going all the way back to the beginning. There was once a thriving community of hardcore players with its own culture and history, and many of them stopped playing when the Legacy hardcore servers were shuttered. However, many of us continued on in the servers that were left, all the way up until the end of ASE. I would like to see hardcore flourish once again in Ark Survival Ascended. Please make this happen! 

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