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Community Crunch 376: Community Creature Winner, EVO Event, and More!


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12 hours ago, Domin15 said:

I have downloaded the save, and I have been able to enter the game in local mode, but it works at 1fps, is it okay for you?

Yes its horrible in local single player mode, but in my case with 400% more performance ... mean 4fps :-(. I have 32GB ram and it was fully used, but ram is not the only problem, i testet it with 64GB ram, was used half but also 4fps (and GPU on 0%, cpu usage also very low, good question where is the bottleneck).

But when i start the savegame as a dedicated Server (in my case with ArkServerManager, but think normal dedicated server maybe over menue works fine too) i can play the savegame backup after connect to the dedicated server with no problems and good performance (with the 64gb ram ;) ). 

Maybe same would happend harder in xbox or playstation singleplayer so it make no sense to try this with console or this is one reason why its not possible there in single player. 

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On 8/25/2023 at 8:07 PM, 8illIon said:

This time the votes didn't seem rigged. First submission vote place won first place. Nice. 👍💙

Excited to submit a creature for Extinction.

That Aberration vote still made me lose trust in these creature votes, still not sure how Maevia Eureka was in first place through round 7 and then lost in 2nd place on Rounds 8 and 9, something definitely doesn’t seem right there but I nor many of the community that feels Maevia Eureka was “cheated” out of the aberration creature vote win has the means to find out what exactly happened but I hope it never happens again, definitely seems unfair to me and many others 

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