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New bug after last update on transfer all


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10 hours ago, CervantesMor said:

personally I'm not having problems with the "distance" which does not allow to withdraw everything, I'm on XBox (which did a 1gb update yesterday), possibly it only happens on PC? otherwise it's me who hasn't done anything yet to point it out yet I often "pick up everything", from the fridge to refresh consumables, ditto for Maewing and meat racing dino, yesterday I also picked up beaver dams twice, tonight I try with the refueling crates if I remember.

It’s for sure a thing on pc-steam.  I can’t even unload my giga of meat without being mounted,  can’t unload a gen2 drop with 50 fertilizer plus other items using transfer all.  

Im not even against the limit on range for unloading,  but the radius they have applied is more punishing than is reasonable.   

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Now after this update the Transfer All on crop plots has a delay.  I am not making this up I am being totally honest here - this not being able to use Transfer All has given me carpel tunnel syndrome.  My wrist is messed up from transferring items with the mouse instead of being about to Transfer All.  

If this was an intentional development decision the nicest thing I can think right now would be inner sabotage by a rogue from a competing corp.

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