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  1. Pretty sure if your server was legacy it'd say legacy-whatever server name
  2. The more I experience this the more I'm confident it's not a hardware issue or inadvertently hitting some new auto run key. Rather it feels like a server client interaction desyncing issue. It's like the rubber banding but without the snap back. One of the last times it happened my guy spawned in a near ocean base and booked it into the ocean, kept waiting for the server to wake up and snap him up onto the platform and then a meg was on me, and I died, but I'd just fast traveled there so I was like gear less and didn't need to worry about the body - so thankful for that.... Yet lol - Just waiting for this to cause me to lose some gear now.
  3. Conversely would I use more data zipping around the map? (Assuming there's like a ton of giant pve official bases and dinos out and such)
  4. you can verify decay timer by holding h down while looking at the pillar
  5. Yea I tamed several of those when it first came out and then never again cause something broke. If that's still broken (like since gen pretty much came out omg wc) I had a theory about how they broke it. I thought maybe it was at the same time as one of the nerfs to the swamp biome, I think maybe the fish swarm is a implementation of the same base dino that is the flying insects in the swamp that everyone was like make these stop agroing me so hard so I can survive this biome for like TWO SECONDS, nd if they tweaked some #s that affected both = making megacheleon (sp?) harder to tame inadvertently.
  6. As to the original question, I'm fairly sure you keep your boss engrams through a mind wipe. I've mind wiped several times over the years, and I think I'd remember if that was an issue. Like 99% sure.. I do have some memory issues though.
  7. Never heard of this, nor have I looked twice at a rockwell recipe, so heck if I know... But I thought they were just listed in dollops, dashes, and other such nonsense metrics.
  8. ...uhh I can't remember for sure but I think I remember the last time I mind wiped I had to go back to extinction to get the engram for element to convert the rest of my dust. Or maybe that was from the "free" mind wipe (a few times over the years I've logged in to a lvl 1 char and all points available to spend again, not sure why those happen.
  9. The wonkyness of building. I don't care to list anything specific right now, but I know over the years during hundreds of ark building projects I've cursed like a sailor for a variety of reasons. Oh wait, were not those mini games as well!? lol.
  10. bloody "refreshing ark inventory" message every time a transfered item is being deleted... a) why the long time out, b) please just change the message to something like: "deleting your item hope it wasn't important" lol
  11. wyvern breath attack is so hard to aim, i never learned how really when my wyvern is getting attacked i just spray and pray
  12. Melee % meaning almost nothing since there is a hidden melee stat per dino type. At least that's what I think is happening, all I see is a percentage. Percent? ..percent of what!? It kinda perplexed me when I first saw it. Then I got used to it and forgot about it.
  13. They shoulda leveld up their fortitude to bugs lol
  14. It just occured to me that the rate change would potentially be exploitable, since it's connected to the main cluster - as you could go there and if it's constantly 2x maybe do some farming you couldn't on your main. or tame somethin, but that'd require using your lvl <30 anky or what ever and also dealing with transfers. hmmmph. I'd obviously preffer to use my tek stryder on main even on one x vs 2x with derp anky. prty sure the ts would be better, yet someone with a lower lvl anky on a main and comparing that to there lower lvl anky on beginner, anyways different rates on connected cluster is prob never gonna happen.
  15. I think you're assuming a lot, but I am not sure what... I guess my motives for playing on beginner servers again, and the nature of wc keeping them around. Consider that there is in fact a interval (3months right now), and there is a rate (official rates). Since those exist it's legitimate to debate what they were set at. What if wild card set them to wipe every day, what if every year? Does trying out the game entail a entire play through is the crux of it I guess. If all you're supposed to do is build a thatch hut and then maybe a few starter dinos then move on then perhaps they should decrease the wipe interval..
  16. Good point, I mostly brought it up because this was my first real gage of the situation. Most other times I just derped out on the beach tamed one thing, built a smithy and was like yea I played ark again... lol. But now I've really tried playing there.
  17. is there some new auto run key i may be accidentally pressing or somethin? he even did it after i fast traveled, spawn in the bed then with out pressing anything he's just booking it through the base till he hit a wall...
  18. 3 months is enough time to do a loooot I've learned after restarting as a newb this last wipe cycle, yet I convinced a friend to come back to the game, had some events, had some help here and there from other tribes. I honestly don't think I could hack out a respectable play through if I were solo with the amount I'm able to commit to the game. That's why in my opinion the wipe cycle should be doubled or the rates boosted.
  19. Argy rex giga quetz-platform are all on the table: Loot tables/Fishing Generic - ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki (fandom.com) hope it's up to date..
  20. are yo looking at lvl? lvl doesn't matter i think, look for a second number, some kinda quality multipler. yea another way it's obscure and weird ty wild card XD
  21. Curious. Perhaps there used to be and they got removed during the fishing nerf? Cause I've definitely seen posts talking about them. E.g. people have said how you can only craft 3 rods per bp. Couple more questions occur: Can baryonyx stun either of the fishing pole giving alphas? Is either alpha weaker than the other? If not we should be going for the one that always drops pole, if so depends on how much weaker/ how probable the one drops poles.
  22. Checked meg saddle engram while I was online a min ago and I think it said 47? What I noted is the saddle should be available if someone on the server is willing to put in the time to lvl a chibi I think 3 times? Also megs get a pack bonus. Scratch turtles I'm gonna tame some more megs and see if I can beg for some saddles lol. A couple other dinos occurred to me, there's sarcos, not sure if they have a oxy stat? Spinos not sure what the saddle situation is there, prob very hard to find on beginner if I had to guess. Dolphins are hella fast and hella weak... saddles should be easily available... not sure about pack bonus, but I'd imagine they are very low tier as for melee output. Not for the first time I'm wishing melee was less opaque. (a low tier dino with say 200% melee vs say a giga with 200% melee do very different melee outputs = opaque)
  23. So many related questions... 1) Do you need a crafting skill speced guy to get better fishing poles from the fishing bp once you manage to find one? 2) So... the guy in that video was pulling out enormous fish, said he was using a mod, was hard to understand but I think he said something about it being relevant to official.. yet video was super old, has fishing been nerfed again since vid? how relevant is his info is the jist of what i'm getting at? 3) What about getting fishing bp from drops? I've never found one myself, perhaps that got nerfed? I've also done pretty minimal caving and I think I remember someone saying you have to get em from cave crates, so another question - if that then is the level of cave crate even openable on a beginner server? 4) Op just what dinos are in your navy? I'm still slowly building my navy so take my advice with a grain of salt cause I def have not the experince yet, but I'm thinking of using a spread of dinos, I've so far tamed some basilos and baryonys and megs, hoping to get some bigger and smaller maybe a mosa and several more megs and then some mantas though I don't really think the mantas will do much. Anyways my theory is with a spread of various sizes and speeds smaller faster elements of my navy will flank the alpha while bigger tankier elements will keep it occupied in the front. ohhh turtles... okay im of to tame some carbos.. gl.
  24. If I'm under equipped/ half naked runnin down the beach it's kinda a coin toss for me if I'll attack the dilo, so that's kinda ironic lol.
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