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Giga attack height


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They can definitely attack at their head height. When swams of dimos come to me they are taken out instantly.

I think they also attack 10 foundations inward of any barrier (because they clip). However on PVE official I see a giga chewing on a wood base and xplant turret and none of it took any damage. Not sure if they added some anti-giga-griefing system.??

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I read, on a forum in the past, that 4 walls high keeps them from coming over, but they can, apparently, still reach 10 foundations in. So, in my paranoia, I like to have my walls at least that high, with spikes around them and plant species x turrets x.x;

I play on a private dedicated unofficial server with only two other people (boyfriend and close friend). Haven't had a giga come close yet. But I'm still staying a little prepared :/ I'm sure the plant turrets are a bad idea, considering it enrages when taking either too much damage at once or being hit in rapid succession (?) to hard (like 7 rexes at once or something). But ehhh.

On another note, you need to remember that, even though they can't cross over a wall that high, they can still attack through it. So be cautious.

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40 minutes ago, Deadman said:

I've heard that the wall needs to be 6 high for a giga. I know for a fact they can get over 4 high walls, I've seen that happen.

And alpha rexes.. tip don't put spike walls in front they tend to bounce over them and over a 4 high wall. . Thank dodo jesus one of our tribe mates was in the base lol

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8 hours ago, Martyn said:

If you're on flat ground a 3 high will stop them.  If there's an inclination on outside of wall, it won't, because to all intents your 3 high wall is only 2 high then.   That said, i've seen gigas jump off rocks and cliffs to get into bases and i've seen them run up cliffs to kill people on quetz's overhead.

So if you wanna be sure. Go 4 high.  And as mentioned above, don't put spikes next to a 3 high well.. cos that makes your fence 2 high. And they'll roll right over it.

It you're going to use spikes, make them 2-3 fences deep and about 2 fences out from your wall, they might walk on the first 1-2 but they'll soon run from the damage they deal.   Rarely seen alphas attack spikes.. herbs will, they'll beat themselves to death on them.

Another problem with spikes is they can push a dino around them, if there's a rise or weak point or you're on the sea and maybe have a stone wall there.. then you could be in trouble.   Also if you have windows in your walls or have gone for the cheaper option of using doorways, alphas can see through them, they'll often hang around near your base and you'll get a shock when leaving to go harvesting, good practice to fly your perimeter when you log in.   Giga's also see tho windows etc and will target through them.  If you have a stone base, that's a good way to say good bye base and dinos.

Essentially, you can build a 4-5 high thatch wall and if the giga cannot see inside, it won't attack.

But if you have plant x or it hits the wall going for a wild dino maybe it might aggro dinos on neutral.. and thats all it needs to aggro in.

So if you have a weak base, no plant x unless you group them 3 together, no windows or doorways.  You should be fine.

How high do I need a roofed enclosure to be to house my gigas?

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On 4/14/2016 at 6:50 PM, IDNeon said:

I couldn't find this doing several google searches.  So apparently a 4 high barrier (wall or close pillars) will stop a Giga?  But how high can a Giga attack?  Can they attack turrets on behemoth gates?

this depends on the slope of the ground but on flat ground a 2 high pillar wall will stop all animals including gigas and brontos from walking over them. I do not think that walls work the same way, you have to have a higher wall than the pillars for some reason.

I found in personal testing that you have to make a pillar 11 or 12 high to prevent a giga from damaging a ceiling on top of them, this is waaaayy above the gigas head. The gigas aoe above their heads is huge.

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17 minutes ago, Martyn said:

I actually have a question..

Can a giga, which is higher than 4 fences btw.. bite something that is also higher than 4 fences on the other side of the wall?

ie it isn't biting down "through" the wall, but biting across the top of it?

In which case.. my boundary wall is about to go up to 8 high.  I've never actually seen a giga next to a wall higher than 4.  Usually bases in north are roofed and well protected.  Peeps in south however.. somewhat lazier.

Yes, damage in this game will go over the wall. Your wall does not extend invisibly into the air stopping the giga from biting.

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