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  1. The silent Giga nerf

    Don't know why they would do this change as they fixe the issue where when the giga would trip over a small stone it would enrage and throw the rider off. I think it is a bug and wildcard need to respond and let us know one way or the other.
  2. The necessary stats for medium bosses?

    Ah I see. Different ball game that for sure. And yes there should better reward defeating two bosses at the same time.
  3. The necessary stats for medium bosses?

    Did have a primitive saddle 23k hp but 800 melee and I cruise through the brood and the ape. The better saddle will really needed for alpha bosses. Do the ape first as he is the easier ofbthe two and see how it goes. After that you can decide if they are strong enough for the broodmother. For sure for the dragon not enough of both hp and melee. Btw I did it solo.
  4. Ok that's nice a new better turret but most of us are 100 and probably won't be able to mind wipe so we can learn that new turret. You planning on giving us at least one mind wipe so we can learn that new turret?
  5. Just keep checking all loot drops. Persistence is the key. Finally got my ascendant bp for rexes a couple days ago. I got it in the easiest of the water caves on the island.
  6. Megatheriums Vs Broodmother

    This is great. I never thought of that. It makes sens since they are made to kill insects. Great job. I think after this video you will see a lot doing it against the broodmother.
  7. Turret change discussion megathread

    The game is not dead. People been calling for the death of ark for so long it's sound like when they call for the end of the world every year and do not happen. For one thing it's not a nerf. It's the amount of turrets you can have at a certain place. They also increase the damage a turret can do to help in the removal of the tons of turrets people been putting in just one small place. There's is no server out there that can support that amount of items at the same place. Instead of calling for the deaf of ark tell them if more things that can be change to improve the servers. I know how hard is to do anything around a base that have so many objects to render in. Just multiply that with all the bases doing the same thing and there goes the performance of the server. One thing they should do is beside the number of players that can play at the same time the number of survivors that can be created on one server. You can only have 75 players playing on one time but there is no limit on the amount of survivors that can be created on one server. So that increases the amount of bases and how big the bases that can become to accommodate the number of players in the tribe.
  8. I was on my squid and the icon of two lungs appears. What does that mean and what do I have to do to get rid of that icon? Tks
  9. Update on my own search for bp ascendant Rex saddle. Just got it tonight. I found it in the easiest of the underwater cave.
  10. Knowing that people uses rexes for the bosses fight WC may have made it very rare now . So you just need to keep at it. I found the other day an ascendant rex saddle but not the blueprint. It was the underwater cave of death is where I found it.
  11. You can still solo it it just takes longer to do it.
  12. Annoying stuff about Ragnarok map

    Maybe play another map? It's not all finish so you have to wait. Why should they remove it just for you to use a specific mod. Play on another map until it's completly done. Really? Lol
  13. You missed one bug that's been there from the beginning. It's rains inside buildings even has fog also.
  14. Paid Skins Pack

    We have enough companies doing that so we don't WC to start that. When it stats it never stops. No No No!!!
  15. Mega, Boss timer clarification

    What are you complaining about? He ask a question. He has the right to ask. Are you trolling?