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  1. Stuck on v269.2?

    Restart steam. That should start the download you are missing.
  2. Inventory screen bugged?

    Tks so much. That change work perfectly. Don't know how come that happen as it was ok until a few days ago.
  3. After the update my greenhouse one quarter of it disappeared.
  4. Inventory screen bugged?

    Ok tks will try that.

    Same here. My raptor was able to feed from the through when I log off and it still died.
  6. Inventory screen bugged?

    So anybody else having the issue in the inventory screen being black not seeing myself as the character is all black?
  7. Question about the bee hive

    Did not know that. Tks a lot.
  8. I tamed for the first time a queen bee. But 3 times now since I got it everyday maybe a little more then a day I check on it and the bee hive is gone. The queen bee is there but hive is gone and if I check not too late there is a bag with honey in it. Does the bee hive destroys itself when it gets full of honey or is it something attacking it? The only think would be a flyer and also this is my server and I am alone on it. No other player.
  9. The last two days your picture in the inventory screen is black. You don't see at all what you are wearing.
  10. too many creatures tamed 61/1

    Did you check with nitrado?
  11. Shoutout to Jat

    He did mention in a topic I started that they know there are having a problem having good communication with community and they are working on it. Jat has been active in the forum in the pass few days so they are trying.
  12. Ok now this is ridiculous

    Well it's better to push them back then introduce them and have them not work properly. At least the latest patch fixed some bugs which I think takes priority. We've been asking them to concentrate on that first. Let's not start complaining now of not adding new items.
  13. I just notice on one of the ice island in the snow biome there is no penguins (sorry can't remember the actual name). There use to be some there but now nothing. It's the first ice island on the left coming from the red obelisk. I don't know if this was intended but right now it's empty. No spawns of any kind. No oil nods either.
  14. Ok now this is ridiculous

    Well I have been talking a lot about this site not up to date for many days while steam was alway more updated so I see this as a positive and hope it continues.