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  1. More I hear about it more I think I won't even try to get one. Unless you want as an emblem or trophy. Making it that weak . It's not worth the hassle.
  2. Reaper king. King of what lol.
  3. Danouk

    Blocking Paths (Gates/Walls)

    What do you mean disappear? Never happen to my gas vane. Is it every vane?
  4. Danouk

    Breeding bulldogs

    Yes I did notice that. Tks for your help.
  5. Danouk

    Breeding bulldogs

    Now it's back on lol.
  6. Danouk

    Breeding bulldogs

    It starts working now it stopped lol
  7. Danouk

    Breeding bulldogs

    Must have been a glitch has it is working now.
  8. Danouk

    Breeding bulldogs

    No pulsing hearth.
  9. Danouk

    Breeding bulldogs

    Does the breeding of bulldogs work? Does not seem to be working.
  10. Danouk

    Blocking Paths (Gates/Walls)

    Even if they would not build huts over it if they put a collector on it you will still not be able to access it unless I am mistaken.
  11. Danouk

    Rock Drakes are too weak

    I have a drake server same as official and I go to the surface and take on reaper kings no problem. They are not weak.
  12. Danouk

    Were to find karkinos sadle BP

    There must be some but rare as the roll rat does have at least mastercraft ones.
  13. Danouk

    What do you press to make the ravengers gnash?

    What is that green icon at the top when you have more then one ravenger. Is that not it?
  14. Danouk

    Zipline trolls on xb

    As always griefers will find a way to annoy other players. Really need WC to take these griefers seriously and banned them .
  15. Danouk

    Whats stats for the rock drake

    I just got a 170 rock drake. I know I put points in health and melee but how much hp is enough?