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  1. Thanks for answering my question! also, I know there were going to be mutations to creatures on aberration but dang what happened to ???????????'s face?
  2. can you play with steam ark players on console? Or just people who own console too who also has it for pc?
  3. starts with a T and ends with an O, gotta be a torpedo. just as well since it seems battle rafts are becoming more popular now
  4. just a question about boss arenas, what can you bring to the fight when you enter them? just personal equipment? small-med dinos? i'm an xbox player so idk anything about the arenas just yet
  5. wait... mods for xbox? man i though this wouldn't even be considered till near release, that's awesome!
  6. nah, most likely those lvl 90 guys in the server's alpha tribe messing around with the mindwipe and specing all carry weight
  7. DiloFodder

    Dossier: Leech

    day after this is implemented: just a typical walk though the swamp and... *sees leeches all over his legs* oh this sucks...
  8. i know what it is: it is something everyone's going to be shooting with tranqs the moment it is released
  9. sign in with the first player, load your world, then hit start on the second controller, this will bring up a prompt to select a profile. select the profile then wait about 10s (you must have a second account on your xbox , if you don't make a new silver one as it will by default have all the benefits of your other one)
  10. if you're looking for cave specific creatures (like dung beetles) the upper south cave has the highest spawn rate by far of all the caves for me (xbox, singleplayer)
  11. went though several caves in search of the relics on single player splitscreen with my younger brother recently, i have regretfully killed about 3-4 dung beetles due to jumpiness/panic while wielding a ramshackle shotty (admittedly caves freak me out lol)
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