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  1. this still doesn't delete the dinos like its supposed to. Server is updated and restarted but they still there.
  2. Oh so it was bugged for PVE it seems, okay. Auto decay on dinos has never been a thing for me so that's all new.
  3. How long is the decay timer? It seems unreasonably long, none of the dinos on my server have been automatically deleted, they just starve which takes a long time.
  4. Oh is that something they actually changed on purpose? They should change it back to how it used to be. Now that dinos are unclaimable the server I play on has all these abandoned bases with dinos all over the place that nobody can do anything about. And they take forever to starve to death, I've had a Ptera flying two feet over my mosa's for a month now, that tribe is long since inactive.
  5. Are you buying aberation?

    Not going to be buying it myself, don't buy into most DLCs in general unless they're truly exceptional. For Ark it comes down to just a map as the rest of it will be available via mods.
  6. Otter Spawns

    Most small ponds/lakes that have fish in them have otters as well. Just kill off the fish until one spawns.
  7. The servers are really messed up right now, the one I play on has been kicking lots of people off the server randomly for the last couple days. They also can't see the server anymore when this happens and are unable to connect again. And now this evening I can't even join any server as the game crashes when I try to do so.
  8. Connecting to my (lan) dedicated server crash

    Same issue, suddenly can't join my server anymore as the game crashes. It was working fine earlier today so they broke something.
  9. Are you Satisfied with the Official Game?

    Its one of the most clumsy releases of a game I've seen. Game still runs like hot garbage too, made even worse by the patches leading up to launch day. The amount of stalls and lockups has just skyrocketed.
  10. It definitely was not handled well. I believe originally people were supposed to have 30 days notice? Well that shrunk all the way down to less than a week. Stack on top of that the technical problems that prevented you from transferring and you only end up with a few days. However I'm not surprised, the game is fun and good game but the quality of the game to the quality of the endeavors (such as this server migration) that the dev team does has never been a high priority and it shows. The mentality has always been get it out and hope it works. I mean I work in IT if I did a migration that went this poorly I'd be worried about losing my job lol.
  11. It doesn't even need to be an inside job for this to happen. You can armor your tames and turrets won't target them, and then you can proceed to glitch your way through walls to raid the base.
  12. Yeah same, its been so much worse since the supposed optimizations. Maybe they don't know what the word means or something cause everytime they "optimize" it either has no effect or it makes things worse.
  13. Most important dinos and Farming

    I have to disagree on Theri, its a nice and strong creature but not for gathering. Its weight is terrible, a few swings and you're encumbered. Its a cool creature to have but not needed as other creatures can do better.
  14. I mean if WC actually met a deadline it would be the first time lol. Delaying is their game, never believe the first date they give you on anything. Usually the 4th or 5th date is the accurate one.
  15. Looks cool, been looking for a Ragnarok server to try out, been a few months since I played ark!