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Our October Update has arrived, ushering in a host of new features, new events, and new Official Servers. If you aren’t caught up on all the latest news, you can read about our upcoming Halloween Event here and the new batch of Official Servers here. Read on for what you can find in the latest update;

The Ancestry Menu can be accessed from a tamed creature’s stats page. This menu shows the patrilineal and matrilineal lines of your tames, along with mutations. Use this menu to keep track of your tame lines and better focus your breeding efforts.
Please note that as a result of implementing this new feature, all ancestry data for tames which have been previously revived will not appear in the menu. However, this information will be retained through revival moving forward.

As promised in this community poll, T.O.A.S.T. has been added in this update. The blueprints for this mysterious new item can be found in the TEK Kibble Processor. The rest is up to you.

For those who want to experience TEK items without the time or ability to run Dungeons, we have added a few items to the in-game store. These items can be purchased with Ancient Amber once you reach Level 40.

  • Element Bundle - A bundle of 100x Element can be purchased for Ancient Amber. Please note that Element sold in the store is different from Eery Element, and cannot be used to craft TEK Rifles, TEK Grenades, or as ammunition in a TEK Rifle.
  • Facility Key Bundle - A bundle of 5x Facility Keys for those who just want to get to the Boss faster.
  • TEK Blueprint Bundle - This bundle contains one each of the following TEK Blueprints: Replicator, Trough, Light, Foundation, Window, Windowframe, Trapdoor, Hatchframe, Door, Doorframe, Wall, Ceiling, Railing, Fence Foundation, Sloped Wall Left, Sloped Wall Right, Sloped Roof, Staircase, Ladder, Ramp and Pillar.
  • TEK Saddle Bundle - This bundle contains one each of the following Primitive quality TEK Saddles: Megalodon, Mosasaur, Tapejara, and Rex.

*All TEK Blueprints will continue to be available in Dungeons on a rotating schedule.

In keeping with the season, players can now find over a dozen new skins and decorations in the in-game store. This includes the full Manticore armor set alongside other items such as the Witch Hat, Batgoyle Statue, Garden Tree engram, and Wall Sconce.

This experimental new feature is exclusive to Unofficial Servers for now. Unofficial Server owners can visit their server settings page to enable PvP Dungeons when the game mode is set to PvP or PvX. When the PvP Dungeon is enabled, Eery Element rewards are doubled.

This feature is launching exclusively in Single Player, and allows you to now request your Underwater Tames when your Survivor is also underwater.


  • Players are now warned before spending Ancient Amber to revive a tame that will come back wild
  • Added more detail to Tribe Log showing who destroyed structures
  • Fix for text colors appearing incorrectly in Tribe Log
  • Fix for Torpor data not updating properly when viewed through Spyglass in Multiplayer
  • Fix for various weapon placements on Weapon Mounts
  • Fix for various exploits


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I think. Games like fortnight, path of exile several others are a good example on how to make a game successful without having things that are endgame material in their shop. 

Seeing ppl instantly be able to transfer with their wealth to the fresh new servers and now be able to easily build up a tek base seems like a April joke to me.

Hope u realize and change things before its to late. 

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Why having maximum building heights restrictions for walls and ceiling in ark mobile single player mode ? 


Can it be a great suggestion to don't have height limits when building walls and ceilings for the next upcoming patch in single player mode, ark mobile ?


If not, why not ?


Does anyone agree around here ?



Edited by seekeestees
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Bom Dia ! .. bem, você poderia de alguma forma por novo mapa e algumas criaturas que só existem em outros mapas. E poderia gentilmente atualizar e pensar por um tempo, mas na platéia jogadores seria bom ter o novo mapa e novos dinossauros para se divertir pensando em quem jogará offline na single player ... grato. Quem você apoia?

Edited by Wodhy
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I have this problem, where it won't let me watch an ad for 2x xp... It'll let me click the button in the player menu, but it wont take me to a video... Instead it silences the game and takes you to your inventory. Gift ads are fine, but ads won't usually play, maybe the gift ads are the problem???


Using a Samsung Galaxy S8 btw   

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I have played in a hired server called Vn long than I don't understand for what but today and yesterday I went to dungeons but failed to succeed even though I killed DoDo boss and killed all the minions already, but why  still can't complete, hope the publisher will find out and fix this error 4 times, all bugs have killed all the monsters, but the task is still to kill all minions

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On 10/25/2019 at 12:45 PM, AreusM said:

What would be nice are servers that you have to start from afresh. No transfers, small tribes, no alliances. You making small tribe servers is a step in the right direction, but just the no transfers thing would make it perfect. 

I have no clue why they didn't, they have a solution to broken tames and then they still allow transfers to ruin small tribes with these garbage tribes that claim but they are "alpha" but not one of them didn't soak bullets on their 35k hp tapes smh

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You know absolutely nothing about Ark lol.  Mobile wasn't half bad at the release, now it's just a greedy money grabbing circus show. If you added an unlimited ammo turret alone to PC, the community would revolt lol. Let alone the countless game breaking exploits that have existed since release (well over a year). The only reason I still play mobile is for the parts Wardrum has not butchered yet. Wildcard probably laughs their ass off looking at this trainwreck lol.

Yes 200k hp quetzals & 50k hp tapejaras on medium servers are totally legitimate haha. We report the exploiters all the time, nothing happens. You can always tell the kids that haven't played PC Ark official servers, but will say they have lol. @Rocketraptor

Edited by Usuallyafk
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Indeed it is interesting that developers are trying to push the boundaries of items which are available for purchase in exchange for real money, who knows maybe soon we will be able to buy tames and resources for Amber. However for a player who can afford to put money into the game it is deeply upsetting. The reason for it is simple, there are less and less players online. Comparing the amount of people who played ark when it came out and the number of players now the change  is radical. Small tribe servers is a great idea as it is the most popular setting on pc/ps4/Xbox but allowing the transfers from 10 man per tribe servers completely ruins the whole point. It almost seems that none of the developers in charge of the game want people to play it or know why people don’t want to play it. The best suggestion I have is that DEVELOPERS need to listen to the COMMUNITY and make decision based on what players want, otherwise we can soon end up in a situation where the number of people playing will be as low as 5% of the original. I honestly love the game and I wish that one day it will be at the better state that it is now...

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Thanks for the support ? ironically seems like you haven’t played ark on pc cause I’ve been playing single player on private servers with my friends instead of pvp and pve on random server.


plus if your criticizing wardrum for requiring money let’s not forget that ark mobile is free to play so it’s one way the developers make money. Plus if you don’t want the premium things that cost cash no one said you need to buy. @usuallyafk

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On 11/2/2019 at 4:50 PM, Rocketraptor said:

Sorry I meant @Usuallyafk

You are so noob it's painful. This game is not free to play. It's free to download. Every decent sized tribe buys amber or uses the amber exploit. You legit have no idea how little they do to fix the game lol. 300,000 health quetzals o  medium official pvp lol. Report and nothing happens

10s of thousands of pheromones found on pvx official na. Not mine.....But why comment when you play private server or pve? You don't have a clue @Rocketraptor




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the next update will be in December, because if you look at the dates of the previous updates, we can see that they have been made approximately every 2 months, first in June then August two months later, then in October another two months later and now I suppose that in December (another two months later the following update will be released)
(Big Updates) and I hope that in the next update they put thylacoleo or a new map or new things alone and some performance improvement for android devices with 3Gb of ram how the moto g6
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