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  1. Yeah I checked everything. It's completely gone and my timers on so many things in the ark has ran out by now. I don't even want to play the game anymore. Too many problems, thanks for suggestions though.
  2. Character lost during transfer Completely gone, not on the old server or new. Even checked a ton that i don't even play, nothing. I just have to file a bug report and wait? Lose everything?
  3. I'm really not trying to troll. That wall of text though man......paragraphs.
  4. I would say that is the best way to play mobile considering the obscene amount of problems on official servers. I am done with mobile. I have given the ridiculous amount of stuff I had away to friends and I'm going back to PC Ark. Best of luck @nintendogamer7
  5. Some perspective on exploited dinos This is my last post on the Mobile Ark forums. I wanted to shed some light on how bad the game is because it seems many American players do not know. This is not my quetz, I do not use the glitched dinos because to me it's not fun or fair, this is on medium pvp official, not an alpha tribe, not even an experienced tribe. This quetz has 1 mutation. For comparison a 12k hp gen 0 quetz post tame, no levels added ect. is very good health for your base quetz line when done legitimately. Keep in mind this is just 1 of the many many exploits. There are 400k health quetzals on mobile medium pvp. The point I'm trying to make is that there is absolutely no reason to even tame dinos. I just seen a message from Jordan in PMs on discord stating everything in the game right now is OK with them. A 200 turret base you spent months building can get melted in 20 min. currently & it's been like this for a very long time. Good luck guys.
  6. Stop exploiting. You deserve harsher punishment. Wardrum should be banning wayyyyy more people.
  7. Will never happen. They can't even fix one exploit. Glitch dinos still everywhere.
  8. I will bet anything they were exploited. Most land dinos from what I have seen have not been fixed tho, gigas & ankys ect. But if you want to share a screenshot of your deleted dino I'll happily show you why it was removed People like you are why the game is such a mess rn. Stop looking to cheat/exploit others
  9. It's bad. No whistle button so you whistle spamming you have to keep popping open the menu. If they move even a tiny bit the mating stops. Also can only get a few of them next to each to mate at once. Purposely done to get more people to buy pheromones I'm sure.
  10. Too much pay 2 win. 350,000 hp quetzals on medium pvp official servers rn. The explanation of the stat changes is very poor, especially for something that has existed for a year now. Someone else asked about it here too and he gets no response. NA players have left mobile in masses. Exploits exist far too long and then they just throw in purchasable Element. Dinos not fixed properly today, That will be it for me. The game was not designed for what wardrum has done to it. I wonder what Wildcard would say about this trainwreck lol.
  11. You are so noob it's painful. This game is not free to play. It's free to download. Every decent sized tribe buys amber or uses the amber exploit. You legit have no idea how little they do to fix the game lol. 300,000 health quetzals o medium official pvp lol. Report and nothing happens 10s of thousands of pheromones found on pvx official na. Not mine.....But why comment when you play private server or pve? You don't have a clue @Rocketraptor
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