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  1. Lost mine before. 3 weeks for response & they couldn't do anything.
  2. Atlas was just a money grab unfortunately.
  3. I'm using expressVPN I still crash on Ark 2 or 3 times every few hours. Which doesn't seem that bad but being on official pvp it is devastating. It's their poor quality servers.
  4. People have been trying to figure this out for years man. It always goes back to the game not being optimized at all & they use terrible quality servers. Thats literally all it is. You can mess with the INI to get better FPS but you can't fix the lag even with a VPN & great internet speeds.
  5. Had this happen to me in March on official pvp & had ascension. Took them 3 weeks to reply & they couldn't restore it anyways. Was a huge setback. Community lost faith in Wilcard long ago & they know it. People pretty much just use these forums to vent about all the bugs & connection problems.
  6. They gutted and made griffins near useless around 2017 I believe. Then added a 1000000x more broken dino with extinction. Wildcard logic. Best thing to do is try to enjoy the game & not stress about the changes they make because they're beyond making any sense.
  7. Again unbelievably incorrect. There is a post with 10s of thousands of views and hundreds of replies if not more about the connection issues and how they seem directly involved.
  8. Unbelievably incorrect. Like I said I wasn't experiencing any of this prior to the last patch even though others were on the same servers. Again refer to my prior replies. Nothing you have said is factual & mods lock posts as soon as anyone starts arguing. Half the official servers (more honestly) are unplayable because of the crazy high ping. Please educate yourself thx.
  9. I'm not a programmer? Other games dont have this problem so the logical choice would be to adopt their way of saving data. Stop trying to be a contrarian on the forums. It's a problem that almost everyone wants fixed desperately. No game should freeze for 6 to 7 seconds every 15 min.
  10. Its so weird im just now experiencing it. Most others I know say what you just said.
  11. world save lag on official.... Will this ever be addressed or fixed? I searched and searched, can't find any response from WC. Huge lag every 15 min the world save is performed.
  12. Hard INI file (can see through most foilage/no z plant blind/clear water) & mana breath damage scaling are still the 2 biggest problems in pvp. Pretty much universally agreed yet it won't ever be fixed. Just accept things won't be fixed and you'll enjoy the game more.
  13. It's funny to see people try to defend manas still haha. Ahhh yes 1 dino that 99% of people use for pvp, traveling on land, traveling in water, griefing & more. Super exciting! Everyone established on official universally agrees they are broken still. The breathe damage should not scale....period.
  14. Damn thats rough. I never had this happen before this last patch though is why its so confusing. I'm on small tribes pvp official and that 5 second lag/Rubbermaid effect every 15 min. is a real problem.
  15. Everytime the 15 minute upload timer resets on official servers there is a 5 second lag spike. Just started last update....
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