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  1. This would require actual effort and work. Dont expect it.
  2. Nope. Wrong. Yes you are new, you don't even understand many basic things. These are claims many many many people have made on discord, this forum is not active. Your attempt at ass kissing has been accomplished. Your attempt at making any valid accurate evaluations.....you failed magnificently....
  3. Fix dungeons. Falling through floor with very expensive kits. Why release dungeons if they are not finished?
  4. Are you new? They have never fixed any glitch in ark mobile? I was just venting, that it's made like garbage. 5 times during blitz week we have fell through floor when being hit by a dino and lost everything. I have spoken to many people, they have all had it happen. Chamber is deleting implants, eerie dinos sometimes disappear after tamed, falling through floor in dungeon. 2.0 is a complete disaster.
  5. Dungeons work great. All that time you spent on this early 2000s esque looking dungeon......what a trash can.
  6. @WarDrumJordan Our entire server is spammed with floating structures. If an outer wall breaks, does that destroy all of it? Or is it only if the owner changes it? Cause from our experience, only the pillar inside will make it all come down.
  7. Usuallyafk

    Black Pearls

    No. 100% wrong. The conversation is over.
  8. Usuallyafk

    Black Pearls

    Naw we have done everything. We have 300+ mosas and squids on medium pvp. This is how it works.
  9. Usuallyafk

    Black Pearls

    Tusos only spawn in south. They are very rare and glitchy on mobile. By glitchy I mean they just dont spawn for weeks & the same spawn will glitch into sea wall and just disappear.
  10. American? Usuallyafk#8465 discord to talk.
  11. You need to be far more coherent and detailed if you are going to talk please. From what I could somewhat make of your comment.....no.....many glitched dinos on our server still & also still coming in. Also wardrum came and deleted many Asian dinos, most of which were legal dinos. They have no idea what is going on.
  12. How about any TLC that is original. Months and months for 1 dino TLC that has been available for years on PC, is mind boggling.
  13. Lol they haven't fixed one exploit. Hell they even added some with Tek gun. Game is a disaster.
  14. Lava cave. Asc ghillie, your best pike, use grapple on last 2 jumps over lava from ceiling. Shoot right above the artifact and to the right. Take canteen. GG.
  15. Usuallyafk

    10x Balm nerfed?

    Probably. Just like the amber store opens up all the time now when you open anything at all, like dinos char screen, inventories, vaults, forges.....anything. They said it was intended lol. Nothing says immersion in a survival game like forcing you to look at the micro transaction page constantly. Even more insulting to primal pass players. Point being, they do all kinds of shady stuff and I have noticed it's way harder to get balms from caves now. Good luck.
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