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  1. Happens way too often. Shouldn't happen at all. "ArK tWo ThOuGh"
  2. I've lost 2 in the last year on official, just awful. So much lost & support did nothing. Incompetence beyond belief.
  3. Pray some large publisher buys this trashcan once WC runs out of money, adds a skin shop to make tons of money and incorporates competent programmers / gms.
  4. Every small tribe pvp official server. Can't move, can't do anything, for most of the day & everyone is experiencing it. In b4 merged to sever instability post so it can be not seen & forgotten like all the other servers lmao.
  5. I have lost 2 with ascension on official small tribes pvp in just a years time. The email reply from GM Athyo after reporting it was not only a complete waste of time, it was pure incompetence. The fact that this & connection issues are not their number 1 priority says a lot. Everyone i know on official pvp has lost atleast 1 character. Prepare for it by making a back up, as them *potentially* fixing it won't happen unless you have an updated picture of your implant and willing to wait a month or 2 for them to get to it. In that time you could have already leveled another and done boss fights again. With almost 0 enforcement of TOS, one wonders what they even do. With a game like this where so much time goes into it, especially if you're on pvp, it is devastating to lose that character. All tekgrams earned, the levels above 105 grinded are legit on pvp, imprints & skins & event skins ect gone. If you're solo then you're really screwed.
  6. Servers are running fine? There is thousands of posts that have been merged into one post regarding the endless server connection issues. Not to mention all the ones on steam that are even more prevalent. Nice one bud.
  7. Incorrect. I know exactly what he is referring to. It happens every event as well, it is directly related to the hardware they use. Reduce server numbers and condense them, use higher quality hardware. This is their only title and they treat it like a stray cat. Most official servers are dead & connection issues is #1 complaint.
  8. TLDR: Yes. Yeah we have always had horrific performance issues on official. Really popular unnoficial pvp servers like MTS run smooth af. I'm told that the hardware Wildcard chooses to use for official is just very poor quality. I just lost a max lvl character trying to transfer back to home server after waiting for the ping to calm down for an hour.
  9. Worst managed game with a player base of over 30k ever? Upgrade the official server hardware & delete a ton of servers. It's really that simple.
  10. Lost mine before. 3 weeks for response & they couldn't do anything.
  11. Ping on 90% of small tribes servers is 170+.....3 months now.
  12. They can but need implant proof lmao and its a huge nightmare cause of all your imprints gone. Also takes them usually weeks to answer ticket.
  13. Lost a ton of stuff on official pvp to anti mesh system that was recently implemented while not being in the mesh. 95% of the time on official pvp i lose a bunch of things its from detrimental game bugs like uploads disappearing, character lost during transfer, anti mesh system working incorrectly, countless errors that crash the game still. Good game....
  14. Almost all small tribes official pvp servers are constant 150+ ping for 3 months now, even with really good internet. Sucks man. There is a handful that we get 25 ping on and are forced to play there.
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