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  1. Fun to watch you guys make mutation mechanics far more complicated than it actually is haha. Don't become a teacher please, you're vastly overcomplicating it.
  2. Almost all the problems are not pvp related. Failed troll attempt on your part.
  3. Destroying this game......sincerely, the entire official pvp Ark community. The list of continuously added problems is too vast to put here.
  4. I've lost 2 in the last year on official, just awful. So much lost & support did nothing. Incompetence beyond belief.
  5. I found other posts, none talking about official servers with this problem, let alone a fix for it. If i log out during the countdown, it resets. I finally get in the game after waiting 30 minutes and the game has kicked me from my tribe as well lmao. Anyone know?
  6. Skiffs are completely broken yes. Please future posts put some effort into your writing, the wall of texts and rambling turns people off from reading it. IE: answering you.
  7. Pray some large publisher buys this trashcan once WC runs out of money, adds a skin shop to make tons of money and incorporates competent programmers / gms.
  8. The GMs are the definition of incompetence.
  9. Idk if it's just official or what. But thx for letting me know, I'll test single player.
  10. They do not load up into a rocket launcher since the last patch that broke half the game again.
  11. You make these comments that are so mind numbling baffling all day long, it's pretty incredible. There is no game that is exactly like Ark and of similar scale to compare to. But there is other games, several, of the same scale that run great, look better, better customer service, less bugs. Stop looking for attention all day on here.
  12. Yeah the support is next level bad. When newsweek and other big publishers have said how poorly run ark is, then you know it's a disaster haha
  13. Just a warning for new players on official pvp small tribes, because it's shocking how many people seem to have no idea. Small tribes official pvp is an absolute disaster, has been for a while. Completely unchecked hacking/cheating like teaming, duping, haxbot, ESP, Aimbot, DDOS & more. Not some triggered dude who was wiped or something, just trying to let people on here know because most in global seem oblivious to it, even trying to defend it's not happening lol. We have tons of footage of it happening with unequivocal proof, some things like haxbot/duping you can't prove though it'
  14. They take so long to get to you, weeks even months that it's completely worthless. Most the time they do nothing and it is a huge waste of time & effort. Sad state the game is in rn, bugs that have plagued the game for years. Ark is such a fixable mess, but what other game of this size do you lose your entire character with everything you own essentially as the tribe is now gone, and people just keep on playing, because you just expect it. The biggest issue is the rampant hacking on official, duping, haxbot, esp, aimbot ect. Completely unchecked.
  15. Every small tribe pvp official server. Can't move, can't do anything, for most of the day & everyone is experiencing it. In b4 merged to sever instability post so it can be not seen & forgotten like all the other servers lmao.
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