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  1. Like most things in pvp, it was poorly thought out and used specifically just for hype. Wildcard has no idea how to balance pvp, or make some more dinos relevant, even with tons of suggestions from players. PvP is still just 1. Mana 2. Giga 3. Fab sniper.
  2. This. This is how most of the official pvp community feels. Very on point.
  3. You're still missing it. Cheating happens in all games. Enforcement is necessary. It is non existent on Ark official servers, even with absolute proof (which you have to go above and beyond to get yourself...) you just get automated response from WC and nothing happens.
  4. It's truly amazing so many have no idea how bad official actually is......I miss when I didn't know. The cheating is vast, complex, and completely unchecked. Almost none of it has to do with the engine, but with one of the worst, if not the worst in game rule enforcement/reporting cheating/customer service of any game this scale. Aimbot, ESP, Haxbot, Duping (STILL), Meshing (STILL), endless teaming on small tribes, all day sales for everything & anything (including team wiping servers) with real $ through 3rd party sites. All of this circles back to no enforcement and negligence
  5. The vast majority of problems on official are related to enforcement of rules and customer service. The cheating is so bad now that duping/bugs are the least of the problems. You literally have no idea what you are talking about.
  6. Official pvp is a cheating/no enforcement mess. People use ESP on the reg and battleeye does not stop it. Nor does it stop aimbot which is also rampant.
  7. Happens way too often. Shouldn't happen at all. "ArK tWo ThOuGh"
  8. Many issues. Rampant unchecked exploiting/cheating on a mass scale, Literally no enforcement of any kind & you are expected to provide the equivalent of crime scene DNA, just for an automated email response and continuation of cheating. Server quality on official is extremely poor and unstable as well. Many things added to the game that completely broke the game(things no one wanted), even to this day. IE: Manas, Titans, Skiffs among others. A quick example is how insanely popular MTS servers are because they disabled Titans and changed many broken pvp items/added cd to manas breath e
  9. Everyone on pvp now uses an illegal hard ini file that wildcard does literally nothing about. It removes most visuals that effect pvp in anyway.
  10. Everyone knows WoW is MMORPG. This wasn't what was asked. Ark is very similar to modern MMORPGs. When you chime in, know what you're even trying to say a "little". It has no relevance to the first comment.
  11. Every single official pvp server is a mess, they gave up on it long ago. Duping & meshing are as prevalent as ever. Aimbot, HAXbot, ESP is widely used and almost no one ever gets in trouble for it even with proof. Not to mention the teaming on Small tribes LOL, it's horrid. The game isn't a mess because of UE4 modifications, it is a mess because of literally no enforcement of TOS. Just to clarify, this isn't just a few tribes, it is every single server. TLDR: The same as they are doing now, nothing.
  12. If you're talking about small tribes pvp? You are in for quite a show lol. Wildcard does absolutely nothing to enforce rules on small tribes. It's a prime example of incompetence for people trying to say ark 2 will be better cause of the "engine". Most of the issues on small tribes pvp (all official pvp servers really) are enforcement/cheating related on a mass scale. 100% wildcard incompetence.
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