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  1. They do nothing about teaming on small tribes official pvp. We have been gang banged by 4 different tribes at once before. Even offering to show them the footage or even the the screenshots, they declined to see them and did nothing. This has happened multiple times. Almost every small tribes server is teaming.
  2. This is just 100% factually incorrect, sorry man. There are countless gamebreaking bugs and pvp is horribly broken on genesis. You can find all of this information on your own doing proper testing or basically every ark youtuber is sharing it. It's not a matter of opinion. Edit: This can vary drastically depending if you're a more casual player and on private servers ect. I am only referring to official pvp servers, I have heard pve wise it is mostly fine. Although some missions can be severely abused for basically infinite hexagons. Hope you are enjoying the DLC regardless.
  3. I didn't. It completely broke pvp again with magmasaurs/aoe teleporting wherever you want, among many other things and it will take them months to nerf/fix. I'll wait for the first sale and when the obscene amount of problems are worked on. PvE wise I hear it is fine, other than mindwipes still not working.
  4. Rampant Teaming Small Tribes I just came back after a long break from the game and we are being gang banged by 3 different tribes at the same time at our base, not just out farming or something. Multiple tribes rocket running us on official pvp small tribes servers. I am a little confused because I thought blatant teaming was punishable on these servers. I got some footage of everything that happened and how obvious it was, but when I heard back from GM they had no interest in looking at it and just kind of dismissed it. Is teaming just basically allowed now? I am just trying to find an answer so we can start doing it as well. Also some of these bases on small tribes look obviously duped? Thousands of tek spam.
  5. Yeah just happened again to me. It just lags a little when transferring items and poof, gone. Best to not even upload stuff I guess and just keep it in inventory idk. I have also lost an ascended char on official b4 during transfer and they wouldn't do anything to fix it.
  6. PC official small tribes. No crashing. I'll be switching back to home server and notice maybe 10% of items just vanish in upload
  7. Items uploaded disappearing.... This has obviously been problem for a long time. But since Genesis release I notice it's far worse? Both downloads and uploads. Items just vanish sometimes, not all of it. Anyone else?
  8. Actually that's exactly what you did haha. Less nonsensical rambling on video game forums, more learning the definition of simple words like "assumption" & "discrimination" This isn't your safe space. If you spew toxic rhetoric out and can't handle the criticism, I'd advise somewhere else to do your incoherent ranting. You're also replying to the wrong people about something someone else said.
  9. Unbelievably incorrect. The recent steam reviews on PC are mostly negative for a reason. There is already so much content on YouTube displaying how broken genesis is. You are just too dull/uninformed to understand.
  10. @angelcannon It's fact, not opinion. All of the big ark youtubers are now releasing the genesis content and showing how broken it is, with most of the ark community noticing since day 1. Your barely coherent rambling of non sense and bias opinion is invalid. You're too dull to understand the issues and will continue on rambling thinking you made some sort of accurate assessment haha.
  11. It doesn't matter if he did or not. Read his posts and you will clearly see he does not play pvp because all of the ark YouTubers are now rollin out content on how broken genesis is. But you seem of the same IQ as him, so I doubt you will figure it out.
  12. You're definitely PVE. Or you don't play on legit pvp servers.
  13. We all expected problems. We all love Ark and wanted Genesis to do well. But this DLC is not very well done outside of looking pretty and the reviews/feedback from the vast majority of players show that clearly.
  14. This post alone explains how out of touch you are with what's actually going on with Ark. Sad times.
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