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Official Server Phase Outs (October 2019)

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Beginning next week on Monday, October 14th, we will start phasing out some low-population servers to make room for new Official Servers and some limited-time Event Servers we have planned for the future. Server Phase Outs are not something we like to do often, but are necessary from time-to-time to maintain an adequate amount of servers for our player population.

Once the Phase Out process begins, players will have 7 days to transfer off of these servers. No new players will be able to join these servers, and all existing players will be given access to a Free Server Transfer Ticket in the in-game store. The Free Server Transfer Ticket allows for a free revival on each of your tame implants and has also been adjusted to allow your Eery Element balance to come with you (*You will not see the Eery Element listed in your Server Transfer Ticket UI, but it will come with you so long as it is in your inventory when you upload the Ticket).

Once the Phase Out process is complete, the new servers listed below will be brought online. We will be hosting a special Survival Surge event with 4x Harvesting on the weekend of October 18th to help transitioning players get established on new servers.

As a reminder, when transferring off of one of these servers, please make sure that the creature implants you decide to bring with you are from tames which are personally owned. Any implants from creatures not personally owned will revive as wild and incur the standard Amber revival cost. You must revive a personally owned creature implant on the new server to avoid the revival cost and maintain it's tame status. The entire Server Transfer Ticket FAQ can be found here.

UPDATE (10/22/19): The new servers listed below will launch at 12:00pm EDT on Wednesday, October 23rd. 

NEW SERVERS (October 23rd):
Eastern Plains (PvP - Medium - NA) *Small Tribes
Eastern Plains (PvP - Medium - EU) *Small Tribes
Grand Hills (PvXc - Brutal - NA)
Grand Hills (PvXc - Brutal - EU)
Grand Hills (PvXc - Brutal - AS)
Hidden Lake (PvE - Medium - NA)
Hidden Lake (PvE - Medium - AS)
Ice Islands (PvXc - Medium - NA)
Ice Islands (PvXc - Medium - AS)
Smuggler’s Pass (PvP - Easy - NA) *Small Tribes, Primal Pass Only
Smuggler’s Pass (PvP - Easy - EU) *Small Tribes, Primal Pass Only
Smuggler’s Pass (PvP - Easy - AS) *Small Tribes, Primal Pass Only
The Reef (PvE - Hard - NA)
Trike (PvXc - Medium - NA) *Primal Pass Only
Weathertop (PvXc - Easy - NA)
Weathertop (PvXc - Easy - EU)
Weathertop (PvXc - Easy - AS)
Woolly (PvXc - Hard - EU)
Woolly (PvXc - Hard - AS)

SERVERS BEING PHASED OUT (October 14th - 21st):
Amber (PvE - Medium - AS)
Ancient (PvE - Hard - NA)
Behemoth (PvP - Hard - NA)
Behemoth (PvP - Hard - AS)
Carno Island (PvP - Medium - NA)
Charcoal (PvP - Easy - NA)
Compy (PvP - Easy - AS)
Dead Island (PvP - Hard - NA)
Dead Island (PvP - Hard - EU)
Devourer (PvP - Easy - EU)
Enlightenment (PvP - Medium - NA)
Far’s Peak (PvE - Medium - AS)
Flak (PvP - Medium - NA)
Frozen Fang (PvP - Hard - NA)
Ghillie (PvP - Medium - AS)
Greenhouse (PvP - Medium - NA)
Gunpowder (PvP - Medium - NA)
Helena (PvE - Medium - NA)
Hive (PvP - Hard - NA)
Hive (PvP - Hard - EU)
Howling Wolves (PvP - Medium - AS)
King of the Hill (PvP - Hard - NA)
King of the Hill (PvP - Hard - EU)
King of the Hill (PvP - Hard - AS)
Knock Out (PvP - Medium - NA)
Knock Out (PvP - Medium - AS)
Mammoth (PvE - Hard - NA)
Massive (PvE - Medium - EU)
Mindwipe (PvP - Easy - AS)
Mushroom (PvP - Medium - NA)
Mushroom (PvP - Medium - AS)
New Legion (PvP - Medium - NA)
Northern Plains (PvE - Easy - NA)
Northwest Hollow (PvE - Medium - NA)
Pestle (PvP - Medium - EU)
Poison (PvP - Medium - NA)
Predator II (PvP - Medium - NA)
Raptor (PvP - Medium - NA)
Riot (PvX - Brutal - NA)
Riot (PvX - Brutal - EU)
Sabertooth (PvP - Medium - NA)
Shield (PvP - Medium - NA)
Southern Jungle (PvE - Easy - EU)
Specimen (PvE - Medium - NA)
Starvation (PvP - Medium - NA)
Substrate (PvE - Easy - NA)
Suffocate (PvP - Easy - EU)
Swamp Cave (PvP - Easy - NA)
The Maw (PvP - Medium - NA)
The Maw (PvP - Medium - AS)
Tranquilize (PvP - Medium - AS)
Tripwire (PvP - Medium - EU)
Tyrannosaur (PvP - Hard - AS)
Western Coast (PvE - Easy - NA)
Winter’s Mouth (PvE - Hard - EU)

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19 minutes ago, Gastoneke said:


is there gonna be any new servers that u cant transfer to? So it makes it more fun for people without strong tames and a fresh start to give everyone the oportunity to become the “alpha”?

This is a great idea! I would play at one of these even though it means starting over. 

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We moved to Carno 4 days ago, revived a ton of tames, retamed most,  bought all new saddles, refilled our factories and metal shops to get a base up and running..packs and packs of amber..and now we have to move again?  There should be some kinda of back reimbursement of amber purchased within a time frame of your "phasing out" a server.

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Could we please get another EU Medium PVE Server, I am from Massive PVE EU and this Server is quite active I think, if you need proof please Check the Server Stat, and we dont have a Server to go since all the other PVE Medium EU Servers dont have tames or structures to place left and Many cant play in other regions and keep crashing there.

So I hereby ask you to please give us a new PVE Medium EU Server for US to Play

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It’s quite good decision for all using to breed dinos on unpopular server to bring them on popular one without any risk, making the game really unfair for other...

lvl 200 and more tamed dinos on popular easy pvp server are a real joke.

but you should focus on people that meshing too, there is one tribe meshing 14 10 on dodo easy server....

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So after paying for a Primal Pass, spending real money in-between I get a whole 4 days notice that I HAVE to move or be wiped?! DILO?????? Maybe I had plans for the weekend??? You guys need to do a better job of notification and progressively close servers. This is absolute BU!!SH!T!!!! I have a bunch of resources, items and armor all GONE!!!!

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u are closing my hard pve EU server wintersmouth  and there is only one other that  I can transfer too . there is  hardly any building left , not good at all . At least make a  new hard pve EU server  . you can’t just have the one it will get full very quick as I can imagine a lot are gona transfer there . 😞

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Please don’t get rid of northern plains I have a lot of friends on that server and I fear if that server gets removed we will never talk again so please don’t remove northern plains 


and besides that I can think of at least 15 people that play on this server and that’s only the people that I’ve gotten to know there are way more than that


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Lol so servers will be wiped like a  clock ticking? That means no server is truly safe also it’s ark, people get bored of it especially people who don’t like to grind on pvp. instead of phasing out server after server you should Fix Bugs, Exploits, And improve overall game quality. That is what will improve player base, Not adding new servers.

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Why Wildcard (creators of the game) sold the rights of Ark to Wardrum who have no experience running a game this big, I will never understand. Minimal effort by Wildcard and this port would have been a goldmine. Wardrum has failed to fix any of the game breaking exploits in over a year since release. While at the same time destroying the core mechanics of Ark pvp everyone loves with a pay 2 win turret. Guess wildcard wanted a quick buck. Ark mobile is a disaster @WarDrumJordan

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hy all.

Im really disappointed by this server's closing situation.

I spent money , i worked hard and now all is gone !

I dont think this is accettable at all and  so i invite Game Masters to reconsider a valid payback for this situation, as money,resources ambras etc

If you keep on with this, you will loose players and incoming.

Best regards

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Salut avec tristesse,

J'ai mis 4h pour comprendre pourquoi je ne pouvais plus accéder au serveur raptor ... supprimé .... genial .... abusé. 

En gros, je ne peux plus jouer sur un petit serveur sans avoir peur que l'on le supprime. 

Bref, autre choix, le frangin est créé depuis un serveur non officiel ce midi, le lundi 14/10/19, payé 20 €, visible sur nitrado, mais introuvable sur le jeu ark. Svp, for the coup j'aimerai bien savoir pourquoi, ou aide pour le trouver, car je ne trouve aucun autre endroit où ça parle de ce jeu sur mobile. 

Merci d'avance, et Svp arrêter de supprimer, je pense qu'il y a d'autres solutions. 

Edited by GhostKorpsPirate
Petite erreur et frappe et besoin d'aide

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