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  1. You gotta understand that all creatures wont be equal at every task.... these dinos are here for early game or to make the game more challenging.
  2. Megalosaurus amazing for caving during the night Arthropleura will not be attacked passively by many creatures (use in caves, slither right by!) Titanosaur amazing for leveling you and your dinos up! Onyc they have no use in pvp as well, they are put in the game to make getting delicious cave loot a little bit more challenging Diplodocus amazing for carrying things and easy to tame! Brontosaurus stellar for gathering berries Procoptodon very fast traveler and great weight(knock back is useful as well!) Stegosaurus also good for gathering berries early on when
  3. just be aware of your surroundings....
  4. On an unrelated note my primal pass has been going since ark released and i four dollars....... should i feel guilty XD
  5. Also you could buy a carnivore pheromone to make the kibble super! I believe you can also get pheromones from the premium chests in dungeons, i have even gotten a golden collar from one of the premium chests!
  6. RIP Shadow Steak NA, my first server, and my last
  7. 145273

    Game Center

    try shutting off your phone and turning it back on. if it doesn't work delete and reinstall ark, if that doesn't work say so and i will tell you other options.
  8. Try eating eerie candy or buying the grafts in the store!
  9. try using the pc or xbox.... or ps4 forum
  10. lay off him dude hes just talking about one of the items in this dungeon
  11. That dont seem right..... are you sure it was your collar?
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