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  1. 145273


    Wrong forum bro..... also dont expect item compensation for any dev
  2. 145273


    you mean the thing where you cant connect to any server and its left on connecting....
  3. Investing in ark mobile is like waiting for your stocks to crash when trump gets out of office.
  4. i can take down a titan with one giga this is on medium though and the line hatches at 380 melee, in your case i would not try this especially with super low melee and no saddle
  5. 145273

    Ipad cheats?

    I think they are referring to the god console commands on xbox not like a mod menu.
  6. 145273

    Golden Chain Collar

    Every single version of death,unclaiming, erasing, and even transferring the golden chain will always return to your inventory and it CANNOT be taken off by anyone but you.
  7. I wasn't paying attention, the hundreds upon hundreds of times i have logged onto servers.
  8. Yes, i really quit,and i'm still here to see how the game changes.
  9. pachy charge attack is not implemented into the mobile port yet, sorry lol
  10. I believe the max structures on multiplayer is 20k on single player i think it is the same as a tribes maximum structures.
  11. I quit ark and now playing last day rules, you should try it out
  12. Not completely true..... he might of never known he had a glitched tame in his line. that being said i guarantee you every alpha has exploited tames.
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