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  1. Using a pump shotgun on pvp...... 1 out of 10 pellets register..... rarely any
  2. I have no clue why they didn't, they have a solution to broken tames and then they still allow transfers to ruin small tribes with these garbage tribes that claim but they are "alpha" but not one of them didn't soak bullets on their 35k hp tapes smh
  3. I didnt know wild creatures even have stamina, i know creatures on follow dont.
  4. You literally built in the most UNSAFEST spot lol.
  5. I figured you were a single player because your are positive and post things that actually help people.... not rant how unfair pvp is lol.
  6. Do you play only on single player?
  7. well last time i saw a tuso it was owned by chinese and was drowning my stego
  8. On a pvp server i've seen more than one tuso in one area so idk about that.
  9. Also, i don't see your base blocking anything if devs wanted people not to have battlements in pve they would of not allowed them.
  10. No i do not believe your base will be demolished, whoever told this to you is bluffing.
  11. 145273

    New map

    I would like a map with more places a rocket quetz/ tape cant get into
  12. Im down for a free arketype added for primal pass
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