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  1. XaosRes

    Noctis guide

    The Save-Restore Method...
  2. XaosRes

    Noctis guide

    The Noctis can only be found in the boss room of a dungeon. The chance is 1/1000, on blitz weeks like this week til tuesday the chance is 1/500. A lot of luck is the only thing you must have, taming is easy peasy, always carry rockarrots and a soothing balm with you. If you‘re playing singleplayer and can save-restore before the boss room.
  3. For all the dungeons, boss fights and maps... https://www.youtube.com/c/XaosRes
  4. There are no cave loot boxes (in the swamp cave there somehow is one...keep going straight til to the first intersection and then right). To get items you can only tribute the artifacts at the obelisks.
  5. The Shores of Contemplation
  6. Only on multiplayer.
  7. The Boreal Labyrinth The Boreal Labyrinth
  8. You can‘t delete or demolish then, because it‘s a paid item. I don‘t even know why you bought them again, restore purchases and that‘s it. Put them somewhere on the isle, if you don‘t need them.
  9. You have to buy it in the store.
  10. Den of the Withered Warlord Den of the Withered Warlord
  11. For making Dilo Kibble you need a Dilo Implant, for Theri Kibble you need a Theri Implant.
  12. No, there are no supply drops in singleplayer, and there‘s no way to get them.
  13. XaosRes

    Mods ark mobile

    Il n‘y a pas de mods pour ark mobile.
  14. The Tek-Kibble Processor is intended to make kibble from an active implant not eerie dinos. The chance to get an eerie dino implant is by 1%. One active implant (from a killed dino by yourself which kibble you want) + eerie element + an amount of any other kibble = kibble of the active implant you put in. https://ark.gamepedia.com/TEK_Kibble_Processor_(Mobile)
  15. Chasm of Suffering Chasm of Suffering
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