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  1. Good luck to find members for PS4 in the mobile forum.
  2. Chestpiece could drop as journeyman but the chance is very very low. The boss is easy because its attacks are very weak, pay attention though to his fire-breath, it will always push you in the lava, and that is what makes this boss a pain in the ass. Small tiny platforms, the f.... lava (instant death), no platform with a wall without lava behind you. The platform where the fight starts is the biggest, so stay there, don‘t hop around, the chance of falling into the lava is very high. If he‘s flying towards you, he always comes with a fire-breath. The Tek-Rifle will push him back, so that his breath couldn‘t reach you. If he‘s flying around you, attack with the best weapon you have (don‘t get nervous and don‘t run around, stay calm in the middle of the platform and attack). After some time he flies back to the volcano, and prepares the next fire-breath. Pay attention, dodge it, or shoot with the Tek-Rifle and so on. Using a shield or crouching down doesn‘t work against his breath.
  3. Twisted Graveyard of the Raven New Boss - Argentustus
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    dungeon Blitz Week

    Up Blitz Run 5
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    dungeon Blitz Week

    Up Blitz Run 4.
  7. Last month some servers have been phased out.
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    dungeon Blitz Week

    Up Blitz Run 3
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    Alpha Raptor

    Did you even read his post? He wrote that he plays on mobile, and he has posted in the mobile section. Why then asking him, if he plays PC.
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    dungeon Blitz Week

    Up Blitz Run 2
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    Xbox question in the mobile forum.
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