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  1. XaosRes


    To 1. That‘s kind of normal, cause of the size of the Quetzal. To 2. The same, cause of the Scuba Mask. Get a Tek-Scuba Mask and the problem is solved. To 3. Everybody has this problem, Ark uses many resources...Everybody has lags, crashes and so on. At some time you will get used to it, or if not, leave ark. To 4. See Jantiz answer. P.S. Your english is quite good.
  2. Arthros don‘t have to be headshooted, since an update last year, they changed the damage of the bow to them, it‘s around double to triple but only for the bow. Never take them on with a sword or a gun, because they will be shredded in no time due to their acid.
  3. It isn‘t possible to disable or delete creatures from ark. Kill the Arthros with a bow, they take more than double damage with it.
  4. Little trick to get around this...attack it constantly with the tek rifle (don‘t overheat the rifle) so it has no time to spawn minions. Since I take on the Dodobitus with the tek rifle, I never got the minions problems again.
  5. All Maps & Dungeons for the Blitz Week... https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoGkwmBulmkROhnCaWci9LKxKzCRNmaWd
  6. XaosRes


    It‘s easy doable, look at the patterns.
  7. Sorry, but I didn‘t pay attention because I don‘t have a tamed argy and I don‘t need the saddle.
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