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  1. XaosRes


    Then this must be a bug, because I didn‘t have this problem since I made this trivia 2 months ago (before the 2.0 update). I‘ve never been sent to the same note twice.
  2. XaosRes


    The knowlegde of your forebears takes you to all the notes which are on the island. When you have notes missing (when it tells you that there are no notes anymore), then the missing notes can only be found in the caves, and besides two notes, they are all very easy to find. The lava cave is a bit tricky because you must search the complete cave and it‘s not so easy because of the tricky jumps.
  3. Hey Dude, with this answer your ban was the right decision. Wish you a nice day.
  4. I have the same problem with the Cubozoa Boss, no trophy at the end of a glorious fight, also running a dozen of times. For the other bosses, I still receive a trophy after each fight.
  5. Wrong Forum...this is the mobile forum...not the PS4 Forum.
  6. The Rex Dossier can be found in the cave in the south (the cave with the artifact of the hunter)...I think it‘s the dossier hidden among bushes in the part with the lake. Sorry for the coordinates, when I found the dossiers, I didn‘t write them down.
  7. The only normal iPad, not the Pro‘s, where the game is running without lags, is the new iPad Air. It‘s upon you, if you invest money in the game or not.
  8. Start the Exploring Notes Trivia. If it tells you, that there are no notes, and you are missing notes, then the missing notes can only be found in one of the 6 caves. You have to run the caves again, and look closer. The Swamp Cave and the Southern Cave have one note which is hidden behind bushes or rocks, and very well hidden, so that at your first or second run they can easily be overseen.
  9. The Dungeons aren‘t that hard with the right strategies and equipment. Only the amount of Eerie Elements at the end of each run is leaving a lot to be desired.
  10. This can‘t be right, because the daeodon dossier on mobile isn‘t at the same place as for the PC version.
  11. Perhaps this can help if the dossier is on the island and not in a cave, just start the Exploring Notes Trivia, and it will show you all the notes missing one after another. If it shows no coordinates or tells there is no note, than this dossier can be found in a cave, but I‘m sure that I haven‘t found it in the Southern Cave, or the Snow Cave, or the Middle Cave.
  12. I play only on mobile, but for the coordinates, sorry, I can‘t remember where, since I found it when the Daeodons are being released in the first Dungeon. I have all the dossiers, and I apologize that I can‘t help you on this dossier. Look, I will roam around the island a bit, perhaps it would come in mind where I have found it.
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