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  1. And so you answered though...so it was the right place.
  2. Only me and my compound bow...it‘s only a lame Titanosaur.
  3. First, place fence foundations, they can be placed everywhere on uneven ground, underwater etc. Then place normal walls, railings or battlements on them, so you can secure every place.
  4. Simple run away, hop on your animal and run away, or let the animal follow you the closest and run away. There is no flee command. But still you have to be faster than the predator, and your animal too. The best way is to hop on your animal, and run past other animals hoping that the predator is attacking the others. Or set your animal on passive, so that it is not attacking other animals, but then it never attacks back, when it is attacked by others.
  5. Sorry, but I don‘t play on a server anymore, I‘m only playing singleplayer.
  6. XaosRes

    Desolate Falls

    I‘ve made 6 videos for the 6 caves of where to put them, the nearest to the artifact possible, the closest is indeed in the yeti cave.
  7. XaosRes

    Basilo taming

    Dodorex , wouldn‘t it eat you before you could check it. I hope, you mean Dododex.
  8. Yeah, the lava cave, if you don‘t die in the lava when failing jumps. If you have a teleporter, you can place it right from the arrtifact on the little rocky island , build a little bridge and then it‘s a piece of cake.
  9. XaosRes

    Desolate Falls

    The Tek Teleporter is by far the best Tek-Item, put them in the caves near the artifact and get blueprints like hell. Gather double Eerie Element in Blitz Week for teleporting.
  10. I only have one eerie Ovi, so, I don‘t know if more Ovis stack up all the chances. Probably not. I made my Ovi ascendant with the Ascendant Creature Unlock and its level doesn‘t affect the chance getting more often a mutation or twins or triplets. I‘m breeding like hell and til now I never got a color mutation. I don‘t know why but it can be, that my singleplayer game is somehow broken.
  11. XaosRes

    Desolate Falls

    @nintendogamer7 Easiest dungeon ever, only 3 fights, and again nothing special.
  12. No, the baby griffin must always stay very near to the mother otherwise it will starve, it don‘t eat or can‘t be fed.
  13. No, the baby must always stay very near to the mother.
  14. I meant with Ovis, the abbreviation of Oviraptor, because there are no Ovis (Mutton) in mobile.
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