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  1. XaosRes

    Map help!

    You‘re playing mobile, there is only one map...the island.
  2. Sur ma chaine youtube, tu trouves tous les grottes, les entrées sont marqués sur la carte. https://www.youtube.com/c/XaosRes Ark Mobile Caves Playlist
  3. Violent Dance of the Amphibian
  4. The Maps and Videos of this Blitz Week...Blitz Runs will follow every day... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoGkwmBulmkROhnCaWci9LKxKzCRNmaWd
  5. You can only get an eerie griffin implant, when you are making griffin kibble in the tek kibble processor, but the chance is very low. You can‘t get an eerie griffin by breeding normal griffins.
  6. XaosRes

    Lost Quetzal

    Is your Quetzal equipped with a platform saddle? If so, you can‘t request it.
  7. Accursed Halls of the Simian
  8. There are no eerie dinos which didn‘t change the color. If you have seen other colorful dinos, than this were color mutated dinos which you can get from breeding.
  9. Only tidy saves could be saved to the icloud. Have you tidy saved your game?
  10. If you have saved it in the cloud, you could at least restore this save. To restore your purchases, start a new singleplayer game (if really all saves are deleted), go to the store, scroll down and there you will see the restore button.
  11. Bizarre Crypt of the Inebriate
  12. You can‘t get a fabricated sniper rifle blueprint, better fabricated sniper rifles are only in dungeon premium chests with lots of luck. Rocket launchers have a basic damage of 1500, but also there you couldn‘t get a blueprint. I only got a better one from the daily gift. I never used it, because it breaks very fast and is very expensive to craft. The durability is the same for all rocket launchers. List of blueprints for tributing artifacts... https://ark.gamepedia.com/Tributing_(Mobile)
  13. Frosted Den of the Wanderer
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