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  1. Serrated Fangs of Knowledge New Creature - Troodon
  2. https://wardrumstudios.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
  3. First, log out from your device (Tap in the system settings on your picture (Apple-ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store), scroll down on the right side til the end and tap on Log Out). Then log in again with the Apple-ID on which you bought the God Console. Start the game and tap on Restore Purchases in the Shop Screen. Left Bottom Side. But I don‘t know if you‘re changing again to your new Apple-ID, if the God Console is still active.
  4. It took me 3 month to find a Tuso, the ocean is large, and there is only one but it could be that there is none, if you log in to your game. There is also only one Alpha Mosa around Carno Island, but like the Tuso it is not always there. The Unicorn is easier to find like the Tuso or the A-Mosa. And taming a Tuso all by yourself, isn‘t easy at all, because the Tuso must have a creature in his fangs, so that you can feed the black pearls. It took 50 in one time, and you must have a bunch of them.
  5. Yes, it is. I‘m posting all Tuesdays the new dungeons, and how to beat the new boss (if there is a new boss). This Boss is a pain in the ass, no weapon is a good enough for beating it in under 2 minutes. If you don‘t go in the infight, it will wreck you because you can‘t make enough damage, and the fight lasts too long. Then better going hack it with the sword for finishing him very quick although taking up to 10 potions during the fight. l‘m trying now other methods, but the steady running away from it doesn‘t match my playing style. I‘m getting too nervous over time, making silly mistakes.
  6. Diminishing Grove of the Titan
  7. XaosRes

    Blitz Week

    Cemetary of Chaos
  8. XaosRes

    Blitz Week

    Blighted Vault of the Monster
  9. And after messing around with the file, crying and whining when the game is totally corrupted.
  10. XaosRes

    Green dye

    It‘s so hard, because they try to make more then a simple set of 5. There are colors like orange where this doesn‘t work properly.
  11. XaosRes

    Blitz Week

    Curse of the Claw
  12. XaosRes

    Blitz Week

    The Marshy Hallows
  13. XaosRes

    Blitz Week

    Silky Chapeau of the Sommelier
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