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Known Issues: Primitive Plus


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9 hours ago, pagewizards said:


We still cannot put Carbon in Industrial Forge therefore, no steel.  No beeswax in hives either with only 8 slots now.  

Several other p+ servers I've contacted have the same issues. We continue to submit tickets and post in forums but no fix.  We are all ps4.

Hmm then the Forge/Beeswax must be specific to PS4. We also have 8 slots on hives for Xbox, and beeswax occasionally bugs and you have to empty the hive and reput the flowers in to reset it, but it does produce wax.

But forge is working 100% on xbox, so I guess worth noting PS4 specific issue.

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Good morning Cedric, We really need some help on Xbox primitive plus please. The drops have not been working for a long time it’s really starting to effect all tribes on the Xbox primitive plus servers. All the obs are being blocked by the alpha tribes who are the only ones on the server with any blueprints and are the only ones allowed to xfer servers. There are no artifacts no desert crates no deep sea crates no cave drops or normal drops. On top of all that the kibble does not work it actually does the opposite of what it’s supposed to do leaving you eulogy three options mutton crops or just don’t tame it. There are several other issues as well but those are the ones currently making the game extremely toxic to all players except the alpha tribes who are capitalizing and controlling everything cause they have all The loot and bps. Please help.

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One other question are gigas completely nerfed for prim plus?? I havnt been able to tame a giga with over 145 melee. I’ve been taming gigas for awhile and my high lvl gigas are taming with this low lvl melee. I’m used to them taming out at around 200 melee. Also my bee hives destroyed and disappeared yesterday. I’ve had bee hives destroy before when they ran out of flowers but they usually turn back to queen bees and you go pick them back up and put them back down and place flowers in them again. This time they completely disappeared also are they only supposed to have 8 slots?? I’m used to them having a lot more slots then this it’s kinda crazy?

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I was under the impression that we were able to make canteens on prim+ is that not a thing? The only engrams I have are for water skin and water jar no canteens engram can be found. also I was wondering why cluster 3 on Xbox does not have a scorched earth and cluster 5 does?? I’m starting to feel like prim+ has been sidelined. I see new updates and stuff being added and fixed all the time to other servers and modes but prim plus never seems to get any form of acknowledgment.

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I have a very popular p+ pvp role play cluster center SE and ab (soon to add val)  we have been up and running for 2 years. Ive experienced and am still experiencing every issue listed here just about. Like some others had mentioned here, my team has had to alter certaint recipes as well in order to get the game to function as intended. Our biggest issues i would say would be since apirl 2019 loot drops cave drops sea drops and artifacts for all unoffical p+ maps are not spawning. All abb and extinction saddles despawn when not in use. Adult dinos sometimes die at random despite nothing causing death.  Our most recent bug and most heart breaking bug which lead to our oldest map needing to be wiped was center blue ob area crashing the server anytime anyone rendered in on that particular area. That bug started after june 2019 the rest have been around for years. Despite these issues 1000s of people still play P+

I know personally that Primitive+ on xbox has a passionate and thriving community with intensely dedicated players. Any attention to this game mode would be outstanding! 

Keep up the great work! Long live Ark!

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I just moved my server to prim plus from standard on xbox hosted through nitrado on The Center.

Can confirm after 3 days of play the canteen absolutely doesn't work, can't even pull it from the ob. (I had to spawn them in so we could leave our safe beach)

We have had no supply drops or cave drops. (I wasn't even upset about the air drops but the cave drops missing makes progression almost impossible with a small tribe)

Door frame heights are very off, especially when using brick floors and lumber doors you can't walk through.

Dino consumption rates are off when taming as far as i can tell. Tested today on a pteranodon, kibble, spare ribs, poultry all gave almost nothing compared to prime meat. 

When attempting to pull extinction saddles (gacha) from the OB, you get a reloading inventory screen than an error message.  

Not sure if intended or not but there are no tek dinos spawning. 

The well isn't collecting water. 

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@CedricAlso how do we get the cryopods to work on Primitive + PS4? Is there a ini file code we need to put in or do we need to learn the engram on a clustered Extinction map? I can craft them and use them while I’m on but when I get off and come back on the next day they disappear from cryofridge  or become stuck in inventory (can’t even drop it). It would be very handy for us server owners and players to be able to actually use the cryopods.

Also I have noticed that with the last update some of the metal finally now works in creative mode, will the rest of the metal eventually get fixed as well?

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15 hours ago, Iriamachina said:

We did not get summer bash on prim+ I'm not sure if this was be design or not

Prim + doesn't usually get events. If you run your own server you can activate the event through your host portal, but it won't include crafting - just dino colours, or at least that's how it is on my rag server. 

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On 4/9/2019 at 5:45 PM, StarryLiite said:

Hi, I am the owner of a hugely popular P+ Medieval Roleplay Server Cluster for PS4, hosted by Nitrado. We have collected our own list of issues that need to be addressed.
I spend a lot of time fixing the ini codes to add in fixes to recipes and missing engrams.

Thank you, Ced for creating and editing this list of bugs! Although, I think the bugs need to be sorted by platform.

Primitive Plus for PS4

Remember, this is the list of things that server owners cannot fix directly.


Advanced Workbench

Bug: Sometimes, BPs disappear from Adv workbenches after a server restart.



Bug: The smithy on P+ has been accidentally merged with it's vanilla counterpart, I think, in part due to the fact that P+ "fixes" are never their own update and always applied alongside vanilla updates. No P+ items can be crafted in the smithy. The only way to craft an Adv. Workbench is if you already have an Adv. Workbench.



Bug: Brick, Glass, and Steel cannot be crafted because you cannot put Clay, Silica Pearls, Carbon, or Coal into a Refining Forge or Industrial Forge.


Spinning Mule

Bug: The engram for Fabric can be learned but the item Spinning Mule is not in the game, because WildCard did not finish adding it.



Bug: The Windmill will do the same things as a Handmill, but if you try to combine the stacks of a crafted resource from each, they do not stack together.

NOTE: Created resources from handmill WILL stack with crafted resources from Morter&Pestal and Alchemy Table.


Door Height

Bug: Lumber and Brick walls/doorways snap a tad too low to their Ceiling counterparts and so Humans and Elves must duck through doorways.


Lumber Gateway

Bug: Lumber Dinosaur Gate/Gateway

1. It snaps to the ground half a wall shorter than all other Dino Gates.

2. Demolishing it may cause your game to blue screen.


Can't Paint It

Bug: All P+ furniture (chair, table, shelves, cabinets, barrel, etc, etc) cannot be painted on or color changed.


New Kibbles Not Working

Bug: Dodicurous and Equus cannot currently be tamed using their preferred kibble.


Preferred Veggies

Bug: Very few of the P+ “preferred veggie” for Herbivores actually will work. Only ones proven to work:

-Sorghum works like a charm on Mammoth.

-Fresh Rice is a fast tame for Dodo, but I cannot guarantee maximum effectiveness.


Falling Awake

Bug: Sometimes, when you log in, you will fall from the sky. Even if you logged out inside a building. If you have enough health, you might survive the fall. If not, well, RIP your body, it’s now glitched until you (and anyone else around you) goes out of render distance of your body and then comeback and hope for the best.



Bug: Coal cannot be harvested anymore. Although it can only be put in Industrial Grill right now-- not Industrial Forge nor Industrial Cooker.


Options Menu Blue screen

Bug: Blue screen while trying to access the options menu on both Ragnarok and Center.


        Wooden Table
Bug: Wooden Table can no longer be used in P+? It seems that, instead of the Lumber Table being an additional table option, it now replaces the Wooden Table. Even when added into the ini files.

        Delivery Crate
Bug: The Delivery Crate is an amazing addition to the game for all kinds of reasons. It seems to function in all aspect perfectly as planned… except that it does not land. Visually, it falls through the mesh. Actually, it become invisible, untargetable, and immune to damage-- until after a server restart-- then it shows visually but only provides the "unlock" option and cannot be opened at all.

        Ghillie Boots
Bug: Ghillie Boots are currently requiring Polymer instead of Leather + Feathers.
Bug: Mailbox has been broken for so long, I forgot to add it. It will blue screen your game if you attempt to use it.

And some items I had to edit/add to the engrams list manually:
•Fixed ALL Adobe Structures to be crafted with the correct P+ clay
•Added the new S+ Homestead Wooden Stairs
•Added the new S+ Homestead Adobe Double Doorframe
•Added the new S+ Homestead Greenhouse Double Doors and Doorframe
•Added the new S+ Homestead Large Wooden Walls

Is it possible could you share your .ini fixes? 

It would be very much appreciated! Regardless thanks for noting what can be done manually.

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On 7/13/2019 at 9:30 AM, IanGames2020 said:

Is it possible could you share your .ini fixes? 

It would be very much appreciated! Regardless thanks for noting what can be done manually.

Unfortunately, every time they push out an update that adds new engrams, the Engram ID # changes for all P+ engrams.. so even if I posted them, they might be out of date by the time anyone used the codes! The only sure way to have the right number is to go to the Single Player menu in game and count the engrams starting with 0.
This code to remove Sticky Bomb may help as a guide for the actual codes to add/remove/adjust though:

I also highly recommend using this website (even though it's half in German) to edit recipes manually!

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On 4/9/2019 at 10:51 AM, Cedric said:

Better confirmation on existing bugs in Primitive + will help prioritize and make sure these bugs are getting addressed.  Please let me know if there's anything I'm missing!  

Gameplay Bugs

  • Loot Drops - Some are reporting loot is not dropping while some seem unaffected [Confirmation Needed]
  • Canteen Crafting - Unable to craft the canteen
  • Kibble Consumption - Some are reporting the new kibble isn't working as intended [Confirmation Needed]
  • Kibble Crafting - Cauldron  is unable to craft the new kibble
  • Coal Harvesting - Some are reporting the inability to harvest coal 
  • Forge Crafting - Unable to craft Primitive+ specific resources in the forge
  • Mailbox - The mailbox isn't working on specific platforms (console)
  • Aberration Hazard Suit - Invalid crafting materials
  • Explorer Notes - Some are reporting the inability to see explorer notes  [Confirmation Needed]
  • Bee Hives - Some are reporting the inability to harvest beeswax and problems with beehive functionality.
  • Aberration Saddles - Some aberration saddles appear to be missing
  • S+ Green House Glass - Unable to be crafted in crafting tables
  • Harpoon / Tanq Spear Bolt - Unable to craft
  • Lumber Glass Ceiling - Placement issues on XBOX

Quality of Life Bugs

  • Snap Points - Revision on the snap points for Primitive+ structures
  • Collision Boxes - Revision on collision for Primitive+ structures
  • Damage Balance (Weapons, Plant X) - To accommodate for a primitive experience
  • Lumber Texture/Mesh Changes - Structure changes mesh/textures after leaving render distance

Loot drops aren’t working at all in my official ark 5 server on Xbox prim+ ragnorak and other maps on that server making none in caves nothing Most Dinos won’t eat the kibble for taming only a few. Also poison wyverns do explosive damage which can destroy rafts so kind of destroys the purpose of prim + getting away from rockets and tek. 2 more mesh bases on abberation ark 5 if you wanna delete them tribe owner PAYNE. Mainly concerned about loots would fix a lot of toxicity in ark which I’ve played for a month or so and already want to stop because of bugs please fix supply drops on this server if not alphas will continue blocking obs and making the game honestly not playable we’ve tried messaging admin gamer tags but still no response so ima post this thank you 

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Can we just have some news on Prim Plus please. You know all of the issues. You may not have a fix for them. Let us know this. Please do not reply, we are working on it. Just say that no one is working on it. That would be a better response. Valguero drops tomorrow. We want to know if Prim Plus is getting fixed at all. I am going to venture and say no. If I am right, just be honest. Quit lying to us. Again, quit lying to us. Will it be fixed? The sad reality is that no one at Wild Card is a big enough of an adult to answer without lying. Ark is an awesome game when it works. I have asked for a refund because of the bugs and lack of info on the mode that I bought the game for and will be reporting to the BBB in the near future if replies are not received. I am a business owner and I would never leave my customers in the dark. Start Valguero on Survival Evolved guys as Prim Plus is probably not getting fixed. There, at Least I am man enough to say it if Wild Card isn't.

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On 9/4/2019 at 18:51, Cedric said:

Una mejor confirmación de los errores existentes en Primitive + ayudará a establecer prioridades y garantizará que se solucionen estos errores. Por favor, hágamelo saber si hay algo que me falta!  

Errores de juego

  • Loot Drops - Algunos están informando que el botín no se está cayendo mientras que otros no parecen afectados [se necesita confirmación]
  • Elaboración de cantina - No se puede elaborar la cantina
  • Consumo de Kibble : algunos están informando que el nuevo Kibble no está funcionando como se esperaba [Se necesita confirmación]
  • Elaboración de croquetas : Cauldron no puede elaborar la nueva croqueta
  • Recolección de carbón : algunos informan que no pueden cosechar carbón 
  • Elaboración de forjas : no se pueden crear recursos específicos de Primitive + en la forja
  • Buzón : el buzón no funciona en plataformas específicas (consola)
  • Traje de peligro de aberración - materiales de elaboración no válidos
  • Notas del explorador : algunos informan que no pueden ver las notas del explorador  [se necesita confirmación]
  • Colmenas de abejas : algunos informan que no pueden cosechar cera de abejas y tienen problemas con la funcionalidad de la colmena.
  • Sillines de aberración - Parece que faltan algunos sillones de aberración
  • S + Green House Glass - No se puede hacer a mano en las mesas de elaboración
  • Perno de lanza de arpón / Tanq - No se puede fabricar
  • Lumber Glass Ceiling - Problemas de colocación en XBOX

Bichos de calidad de vida

  • Puntos de ajuste : revisión de los puntos de ajuste para estructuras + primitivas
  • Cajas de colisión - Revisión de colisión para estructuras primitivas +
  • Balance de Daño (Armas, Planta X) - Para acomodar una experiencia primitiva
  • Textura de madera / Cambios de malla : la estructura cambia las mallas / texturas después de dejar la distancia de renderizado

So valguero just drop on consoles but...

Primitive + dont have deinonychus saddles, how is this possible?

Im running my private server with prim+ and the only way to get saddles is spawning them and equipe it to the dino, so it will not dissapear of the server

Hope it gonna fix it soon 

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  • 2 weeks later...

I just tried to tame a 145 male castoroids with superior kibble and the first kibble tamed it by 0.4%. I was praying it was just an initial glitch and the next kibble would work. It didn't. I spent a good portion of that 4x taming getting moschops for superior kibble and it appears it was a complete waste of time. Is it worth it to try superior kibble on an argent or should I just go back to the old ways of mutton farming? I really don't feel like ovis hunting on the center.... 

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This is not particularly an "issue" but I just wanted to mention it: Primitive+ has no translations unlike the main game and there also no strings on the translation site in order to do so. Although like I said this is not actually an issue, you should keep that in mind and work on that once the more important things are done.

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