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  1. I mean, technically we don't even need a specific mode (But a small checkbox that hides modern engrams would be convenient) as you can already hide engrams (and with that the items and structures) so all they would have to do is add the Primitive Plus content into the main game, balance some things out so it fits properly and there we go. Sounds easy, probably takes some work to do of course but it's not impossible and would solve the big elefant in the room "What do we do with this DLC". Edit: After Ced put out the Feedback thing on Twitter, I really hope people will mention Primitive Plus and Wildcard does something with it. Besides all criticism ARK is still a great game and theres always hope they do something with Primitve Plus in the future.
  2. The thing is, Prim+ players already lost their poop many times (I'm one of them) and I'll be happy to get wipes one more time if that means Prim+ gets merged into the base game with the occasional "Remove Modern Content and Tek" checkbox in the settings. Like @Aikar already said several times on this thread, from a technical point of view this option is the best we have. I'm pretty sure this would require us to wipe everything once more but once merged Prim+ is easy to update as it would become a part of the main game. I'm still waiting and hoping they will work on Prim+ at some point. I mean, we got the Dino reworks a while back. Theres still hope and besides all the criticism regarding WIldcards I would still give them a poopload of thanks and hugs and whatnot if they decide to work on Prim+.
  3. I've seen high tier weapons with atleast 2k damage and I never saw an Ascendant weapon so I guess an Ascendant Muscet might be able to two-shot a Rex
  4. Are canvas snappable to each other? A dumb question I know, but can you do so? Can you snap canvas next to each other to create a multi canvas or do you have to place every single one manually?
  5. This is not particularly an "issue" but I just wanted to mention it: Primitive+ has no translations unlike the main game and there also no strings on the translation site in order to do so. Although like I said this is not actually an issue, you should keep that in mind and work on that once the more important things are done.
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