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  1. Ohhhh thank you so much! Now I can make all walls in my base with paintings ^~^
  2. I noticed this myself just today and I know for fact I am gonna go way over the 150. If it's hardcoded I hope Wildcard changes this some time in the future and let us change the amount with a setting or command line.
  3. I think you can find a bunch on Monkey Island if I remember the name correctly. Otherwise check the big ruins area in the middle of the desert, there you find Jerboas too
  4. Localization Strings for translating Ragnarok Hi there! As the title of this thread already says I wanted to ask if the Ragnarok devs can provide the necessary strings for things like area names or boss encounters to the crowdin site so Ragnarok can be translated. Theres a bunch of stuff this map still needs in my opinion like the missing localization strings or finishing the visual map ingame and possibly a few minor things here and there but I think the translation is the most needed one to properly finish the map. I mean technically this is not gameplay relevant but it still feels odd
  5. I recently got back into ARK again and because I play on Ragnarok I noticed that both Ragnarok, Primitive+ as well as Valguero are not translated into German. I haven't tried The Center yet but it looks like the "mod dlcs" never have been translated. I thought I could ask here because some of you guys have experience with translating ARK. I tested the localisation manager myself which you can find in the ARK directory and modified one string to see if it works and it does work. Sadly tho, I don't seem to find any strings regarding mentioned dlcs and I don't know if I am supposed to add th
  6. Posts old but hey: Yeah the lower right part of the map is visually not updated. I hope they do that at some point as well as including localization strings in the translation files so I can translate Ragnarok
  7. No 100 XP from Explorer Notes? I recently started playing ARK again and because of it I decided to start all over again. New world, new survivor. To level up faster I decided to grab some Explorer Notes and I noticed I didn't recieved the 100XP, only the Double XP Bonus. Did the 100XP per Explorer Note get changed or is my game bugged?
  8. I mean, technically we don't even need a specific mode (But a small checkbox that hides modern engrams would be convenient) as you can already hide engrams (and with that the items and structures) so all they would have to do is add the Primitive Plus content into the main game, balance some things out so it fits properly and there we go. Sounds easy, probably takes some work to do of course but it's not impossible and would solve the big elefant in the room "What do we do with this DLC". Edit: After Ced put out the Feedback thing on Twitter, I really hope people will mention Primitive Pl
  9. The thing is, Prim+ players already lost their poop many times (I'm one of them) and I'll be happy to get wipes one more time if that means Prim+ gets merged into the base game with the occasional "Remove Modern Content and Tek" checkbox in the settings. Like @Aikar already said several times on this thread, from a technical point of view this option is the best we have. I'm pretty sure this would require us to wipe everything once more but once merged Prim+ is easy to update as it would become a part of the main game. I'm still waiting and hoping they will work on Prim+ at some point. I
  10. This is not particularly an "issue" but I just wanted to mention it: Primitive+ has no translations unlike the main game and there also no strings on the translation site in order to do so. Although like I said this is not actually an issue, you should keep that in mind and work on that once the more important things are done.
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