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  1. I was checking back here to see if it was included. Disappointed that its not been included yet. Its not just a quality of life fix, its an accessibility feature that is needed so that players with medical conditions triggered by bright / flashing lights can actually play the game. I haven't opened my game in 2 months now because every time I play I either end up with a migraine from the bloom and light shafts, or I have to use admin commands to keep everything to night time - which means I'm limited in how I can play. It seems the console codes were present at one point, at least give us those back so players like myself and others who need this as an accessibility feature can play the game we've paid for.
  2. Console players don't have that option unfortunately.
  3. It'd be nice to be able to craft decorative plant pots, smaller flower pots and maybe even large ornamental trees - like the sakura and glowing willow on Valguero.
  4. Colour blindness support is really lacking in this game, and its really a fundamental accessibility feature that should have been included from day 1 IMO. A text label could help, but a filter option would be better as it would make for a much more immersive and holistic gameplay experience for colour blind players - and it would have the benefit of allowing those players to more accurately see colours on dinos during events etc too.
  5. I've had the same on my own server, transferring from Ragnarok to Valguero. All dinos end up as level 1, standard colours etc. and it happens no matter which way I transfer them - rag to val or val to rag. I've started moving my dinos in small batches, I still have some issues like the odd dino going missing during transfer and sometimes ending up with doubles of another (no complaints there really). But for now I feel like its the safest option even if it does take forever.
  6. Stat mutations yes, but no colours.
  7. Deinonychus laying raptor eggs. PS4 single player, possibly on PvE as well but I've yet to test it. Females set to mate lay fertilised Deinonychus eggs as they should, but any females with mating switched off are laying raptor eggs instead. Has happened 3 times so far, on single player, I'll be testing later on in PvE to see if I can replicate there - will report back with results if/when it happens there.
  8. This would be great, especially if they included a few options for ornamental trees like the new glowing and pink ones on Valguero. Limit the number within a certain range to 3 or so to prevent performance issues and it'd be great.
  9. Rope bridges would be pretty great.
  10. This is a great idea, not sure how easy it would be to implement but if it can be done without too much hassle it'd be a great quality of life improvement for Valg.
  11. Ced mentioned over on twitter that Win10 is still in cert and won't be out till Monday at the earliest. The delay on that is sadly out of WC hands, so fingers crossed Microsoft clear everything early Monday.
  12. Happens with me sometimes too. If first person doesn't work try crouching when you go to place objects, that usually fixes things for me.
  13. Its not something that can happen due to console limitations. If you want to play with your friend your best bet is to find a server to play on, there's plenty of unofficial servers out there so you'll find something that suits your play style sooner or later, or you could set up your own if you really wanted to play with just your friend.
  14. Prim + doesn't usually get events. If you run your own server you can activate the event through your host portal, but it won't include crafting - just dino colours, or at least that's how it is on my rag server.
  15. Plenty of games, DLC, expansions etc are announced without having passed cert, that's what happens in the games industry. Most games are announced with an approx launch date well before they are sent for cert, usually before they even alpha. So yeah WC would announce it early because that's a pretty normal practice in the industry, especially if they're sending the update to multiple platforms with the update for one of them ready for launch. No need to be rude about it.
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