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  1. Unfortunately, every time they push out an update that adds new engrams, the Engram ID # changes for all P+ engrams.. so even if I posted them, they might be out of date by the time anyone used the codes! The only sure way to have the right number is to go to the Single Player menu in game and count the engrams starting with 0. This code to remove Sticky Bomb may help as a guide for the actual codes to add/remove/adjust though: OverrideEngramEntries=(EngramIndex=738,EngramHidden=TRUE,EngramPointsCost=0,EngramLevelRequirement=0,RemoveEngramPreReq=FALSE) I also highly recommend using this w
  2. Hi, I am the owner of a hugely popular P+ Medieval Roleplay Server Cluster for PS4, hosted by Nitrado. We have collected our own list of issues that need to be addressed. I spend a lot of time fixing the ini codes to add in fixes to recipes and missing engrams. Thank you, Ced for creating and editing this list of bugs! Although, I think the bugs need to be sorted by platform. Primitive Plus for PS4 Remember, this is the list of things that server owners cannot fix directly. _____________________________________________________________________ Advanced Workbench Bug: Some
  3. A FORSAKEN LAND - RP Ark Primitive Plus PS4 Unofficial Dedicated PC Server Join our growing community today! PSN Community page: A Forsaken Land - Ark RP P+ Server Discord Server: A Forsaken Land - RP https://discord.gg/dembsvE Dedicated P+ Ark Server Search: Valguero: A Forsaken Land - RP 1 We have a lot of custom settings to enhance your Ark Experience! - Custom P+ ini files: some engrams added, some taken out - Custom day/night cycles - Custom PvP cycle to match day/night! - Team of Moderators committed to enhan
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