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How do I pick things up with the kangaroo?

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Ive been having a similar problem for months trying to get my Sasquatch to put a monkey on his shoulder but i don't think they can. Ive tried everything with a keyboard and swipes and my Spen. 

I dont think NPC can sit on NPC in mobile. 

If you have a keyboard for your portable, you can do all kinds of neat shortcuts, WASD, spacebar is your jump and pick up. Then you use a stylus and its like super acurate. 

It also works with controllers, i wore out my trigger button playing shadowgun legends. Otherwise id use that.

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On 2/23/2019 at 7:16 AM, MidnightMooon said:

I have a procoptodon that was recently tamed, and i can't really pick things up. I have tried swiping, tapping, double tapping, but nothing seems to work. Can someone inform me of my dilemma?

I have tried on this for about half and hour, looked at the devs reddit, and found that you can’t pick things up with the procoptodon.

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