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  1. Then get a flying tame. Seems pretty obvious.
  2. That’s kind of the point.
  3. The problem isn’t the price, it’s that the phone can’t handle a dlc. If it was possible, then we would most likely have them already.
  4. Do you think there are any changes?
  5. This is a thread from September.
  6. I just wrote a very long paragraph and my iPad died and it deleted. Not happy.
  7. I proposed this a couple months ago, keys said they wouldn’t do it
  8. Single player. Might join a server after the dungeon update.
  9. Thats an un-necessary hastle. It’s also not up to me, it’s the devs. Going to have to wait until keys sees it to get the official reason.
  10. Adding it to god console would make the purchase of the crowbar useless, and amber brings in a constant stream of revenue for the devs.
  11. Hi. Spawning in anchient amber takes away the point of anchient amber. Amber is supposed to be something you pay for if you want it in high qualities, and adding it to god console/ admin console takes away that. Also spawning in creatures is very taxing on the phone, and wouldn’t be possible if you want your phone in one piece. I don’t know why item blueprint spawning isn’t added to god console/admin console. Perhaps Keys could answer that for us?
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