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  1. NoahTheGoat666

    tame Teusotehis

    Can it grab dodos and lystros? What is the biggest creature it can grab.
  2. NoahTheGoat666

    Unlimited electricity

    If you didn’t tell, you won’t have to make gas anymore.
  3. NoahTheGoat666


    10 amber, 10 potent dust. And 10 of 1 other thing. Check the wiki
  4. NoahTheGoat666

    Search for the Elusive Megalosaurus.

    You can’t miss them. Go in during the day and and look for them lying on the ground.
  5. NoahTheGoat666

    Local multiplayer

    Ok. If Ark uses a lot of ram and is on mobile, so you think that apex legends could be on mobile eventually?
  6. NoahTheGoat666

    Local multiplayer

    What about terraria? Or fortnite creative? Those turn your devise into a mini server.
  7. NoahTheGoat666

    Keep getting stuck on random structures

    Also, the issue has been fixed by now.
  8. NoahTheGoat666

    Self-Host Dedicated Server for Ark Mobile

    You have to use nitrado to host a server.
  9. NoahTheGoat666


    It also eats vegetables when tamed
  10. NoahTheGoat666

    My view is messed up

    Using the left flow menu.
  11. NoahTheGoat666

    Mindwipe Tonic Not Working

    It says under notes to use Rockcarrot
  12. NoahTheGoat666

    Server God Console

    No advance day and speed.
  13. NoahTheGoat666


    I saw one randomly while testing out the spino tlc in the ocean.
  14. NoahTheGoat666

    wardrum pls add yutrannus

    I hope you will add it soon. It is a great creature for everything.