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  1. The problem isn’t the price, it’s that the phone can’t handle a dlc. If it was possible, then we would most likely have them already.
  2. Do you think there are any changes?
  3. do you buy god mode i wish they let have meat ????????????????

    1. NoahTheGoat666


      They don’t give you meat with god console, and I do have it. A try to use a translator like google translate for a clearer message to English.

    2. lixuancao62
  4. Is the re-color target command random? Or is on a cycle of premade color combinations?
  5. You can’t miss them. Go in during the day and and look for them lying on the ground.
  6. I don’t think that the benefits are very large for ark mobile. However, for other games, Battle Royales like pubg/fortnite, it would be worth it. But for only ark, no.
  7. What hp/ damage? I used a 40k hp and 2500 damage direwolf and got through just fine. Also 100 percent imprint.
  8. You swipe up on the left side of the screen.
  9. I would say Basilosaurus hunt, becuase it gives you an ascendant compound bow, depending on difficulty this will vary, but I would greatly recommend doing that. Also snow cave runs with a high level direwolf.
  10. I have heard from other users that it will not show up on the tame list.
  11. I have noticed that many other players have had that glitch(but not me personally) so I think that wildcard will address this problem soon.
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