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  1. gorefangs

    Do unicorns despawn?

    This is my taming pit..
  2. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/405228-breeding-dodos/
  3. gorefangs


    Missed That, Yea bees arent on mobile. But I think they heard me, about executing them because Now they are keeping stacks of 10 at all times. Maybe it was the cage? Once i put them behind walls on wander both ways of course, it started working better.
  4. gorefangs


    Yeah im going to execute them later.
  5. gorefangs

    pvp Turokian Dinosaur Fun Land!!!

    There coming for you Barbra....
  6. gorefangs

    Parts most missing from construction kit.

    Small stone crop plots please. I want my garden to look bourgeoisie, but with small wooden crop plots it looks Amish
  7. gorefangs


    Penguins drop it when you soon them. You can buy one snake weed for 5 Amber at the store, it gives infinate seeds back as far as I can tell. Plant them wait, it will give you a seed. But it only gives a seed off the one you just planted. The flowers give one for each and that's it I think. So plant one get a seed back. I'm not explaining it right. Snake weed = infinate seeds. but only one at a time. Throw a few packs of gnomes and your garden can be small with huge dust/rare flower yeild.
  8. gorefangs


    See, thats what i dont understand either, the wiki says the polymer is supposed to last longer in the snail, then in the preserving bin. I can fill a bin with polymer and ilk still have a few stacks in the morning. But shouldnt it at least make polymer at a rate that cancels the decay? Like if it takes 10 mins to decay, shouldnt the snail make at least 1 every 10 mins? (Example dont know real numbers) Its lije you gotta camp the snail to get anything. Cakes arent too bad if you have a dust garden.
  9. gorefangs

    Free Primal Pass for EVERYONE!

    Theres the issue, its apple
  10. gorefangs


    Im ready to just kill them, and go harvest polymer on a bear.
  11. gorefangs


    So are rhese things buggy or am I using them wrong. Sometimes ill check and it will have stacks of 10 like, i forget how many exactly. But then i go check and they havent made any polymer. I thought someone was stealing it and just driving me crazy, so i took them out of wooden cages, put them behind locked walls, amd the only thing in the inv. It paste. Ive taken them off wander and back on, moved em around renamed them.. everything a player with admin could do. It reminded me of the dung beetle issue, where rhey were bugged, so i did all the tech support steps to fix the dung beeetle on the snail and nothing. Emptied inv. Picked up moved, off on wander reset server..
  12. gorefangs

    Free Primal Pass for EVERYONE!

    Are you rooted? A lil lucky patcher action you may have forgotten about?
  13. gorefangs

    Do unicorns despawn?

    If the garbled wiki info is right, at one point i read you only get one chance to tame them. I carried mine to a taming pit with a quetzel and it stayed long enough to look up tge kibble i needed.
  14. gorefangs

    pvp Turokian Dinosaur Fun Land!!!

    Maybe even an obssed fanatical player like myself to help for a few days in finding female equss, taming a male quetz, amd setting up meat procurment so i can breed rexs and gigas. Thanks. We have the rexs.