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  1. gorefangs

    Fabricated Sniper Rifle on mobile.

    havent tried fishing for bp in a while, any area in perticular?
  2. https://i.ibb.co/K0zsw1w1552654426 Nothing on foundation except walls all at 12
  3. Nothing in the middle.
  4. gorefangs

    Unofficial connection timeout

    Google your router name, brand and model number for instructions.
  5. Same mine only go up to 12 as well.
  6. gorefangs

    Server Encounter

    If its a private server, nintrado has a problem with not auto restarting your server, after the daily auto reset. Its possible the owner hasnt brought it back up.
  7. gorefangs

    Unofficial connection timeout

    It wont work on cellular data, as for not working on public wifi, some stores block some types of data. If your at home make sure your router firewall is disabled.
  8. gorefangs

    Unofficial Servers

    Are you on wifi, or mobile data. If your using mobile data give up. It will not connect consistently and nintrado will tell you to call your mobile provider.
  9. gorefangs

    Griffin Eggs

    Mu and zar as well. My best line is my zar.
  10. gorefangs

    Feeding through assistance please.

    We got a Cthulu... My fellow priest of reliegh is searching for its lover. I was amazed, im like omg my meat problems are solved!!
  11. gorefangs

    Fabricated Sniper Rifle on mobile.

    Necro bump, same issue pvx server, any info?
  12. gorefangs

    Feeding through assistance please.

    So the wiki says cooked fish lasts 2 hrs. Which is longer then meat. It says that all carnos will eat fish meat. Has anyone tried using cooked fish meat for land dwelling carnovores to see if this is true? I noticed sharks won't eat land meat from through.as well sweet veggie cakes are supposed to last the longest of the veggies.
  13. gorefangs

    Feeding through assistance please.

    I found, that if you have two baby griffins, with paddle ball toys, one regular and 6 adults... you go through a fridge of meat and a half a real life day :X Im still trying to figure out what veggies work best. i am hoping it doesnt matter, but i think the dodos like the citra whatevers. Rock carrot for horses, corn for trikes. No proof, just some thiings ive noticed. Ive had no issues since i switched to just cooked meat. And BTW. I HATE BRONTOS!!!!!!!!! They lag sooooooo badly. They need to make a smaller option that does just as well. You can get a lot of food out of a small garden with lawn gnomes. They make everythinging grow faster with less fert.
  14. gorefangs

    Constant Raptor Sounds Are Annoying

    I have nine of them shoved in a barn with sabertooths.. next to a dodo barn.. so yes. Because they dont all roar ar rhe same time. So its random intervals, every 3-5 seconds. Add that to the constant clucking sounds and its enough to make me play with mute and god mode on.
  15. gorefangs

    erye candy BP

    If the balance is judged to be accepted, then maybe just edit the description, so it tells you that you get three.