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  1. Question about Argy glitch! I knocked out a lvl fifteen male as a breeding partner for my female Argy. I looked in its inventory to distribute some prime to it, but to my surprise, I find some items in it! A metal curved battlement, as well as a normal metal battlement. Is this a feature, or simply a glitch/bug? Side note: the only items that are found in an unconscious creatures inventory is it's implant. There is never any loot.
  2. I have a procoptodon that was recently tamed, and i can't really pick things up. I have tried swiping, tapping, double tapping, but nothing seems to work. Can someone inform me of my dilemma?
  3. I actually found a species x plant Thanks guys
  4. Thanks! I’m definitely going to go around the map
  5. where can I find plant species x on mobile? I’ve seen bases with em and I’m trying to get one for myself...
  6. This information is very helpful
  7. I am on normal (30 lvl and under because I started before the update lol) and my bary os level nine. Thank you for responding
  8. I tamed a baryonyx and I don’t know how to use its tail stun maneuver. Also, what should I pump into it’s stats? I’m planning on doing the south cave soon and what level should I get it to before doing that?
  9. I finally got to the redwoods! (Took forever lol) and I’m making headway! Thank you guys.
  10. Thank you, very helpful. I’m currently taming a ptera because I didn’t tame a flier earlier when I should have.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make sure to do that
  12. What’s the safest way to get to the redwoods? I don’t want to go through a swamp. I live on the island in crater lake, thanks
  13. My favorite mammal is the saber. The saber is really good for transportations, and, like the argy, makes you look cool.
  14. I have a love/hate relationship with dimorphs. When you hit one, you have hell to pay. However, the tame ones are good. Shoulder pets are fun, and they can get you out of a pinch sometimes too. Onetime, I was being attacked by two raptors. The dimorph was chipping away at the second ones health, while I killed the first one. After I killed the first raptor, I was extremely low on health,but, just as I was going to get killed by the second raptor, my dimorph killed it. (What would happen if you tamed a whole flock? What could you do with it?)
  15. Tape jars, and Argys. Tapejaras can seat three peeps. Also, the argys are good mounts for getting around and make you look cool. Raptors, are pretty good early games mounts as they are very fast and easy-ish to tame. (Plus I just love blue from jurrassic world)
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