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  1. Question about Argy glitch! I knocked out a lvl fifteen male as a breeding partner for my female Argy. I looked in its inventory to distribute some prime to it, but to my surprise, I find some items in it! A metal curved battlement, as well as a normal metal battlement. Is this a feature, or simply a glitch/bug? Side note: the only items that are found in an unconscious creatures inventory is it's implant. There is never any loot.
  2. I have a procoptodon that was recently tamed, and i can't really pick things up. I have tried swiping, tapping, double tapping, but nothing seems to work. Can someone inform me of my dilemma?
  3. I actually found a species x plant Thanks guys
  4. Thanks! I’m definitely going to go around the map
  5. where can I find plant species x on mobile? I’ve seen bases with em and I’m trying to get one for myself...
  6. This information is very helpful
  7. I am on normal (30 lvl and under because I started before the update lol) and my bary os level nine. Thank you for responding
  8. I tamed a baryonyx and I don’t know how to use its tail stun maneuver. Also, what should I pump into it’s stats? I’m planning on doing the south cave soon and what level should I get it to before doing that?
  9. I finally got to the redwoods! (Took forever lol) and I’m making headway! Thank you guys.
  10. Thank you, very helpful. I’m currently taming a ptera because I didn’t tame a flier earlier when I should have.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make sure to do that
  12. What’s the safest way to get to the redwoods? I don’t want to go through a swamp. I live on the island in crater lake, thanks
  13. I hate compys, piranhas, dimorphs, chnidras, well... almost every small, common carnivore.. the pegos are the worst though
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